Super Mario Galaxy 2: Original Soundtrack

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Super Mario Galaxy 2: Original Soundtrack
Super Mario Galaxy 2 OST.png
Composed by:
Koji Kondo, Mahito Yokota, Ryo Nagamatsu
Performed by the Mario Galaxy Orchestra
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date Japan July 10, 2010
Media Compact disc
Track(s) 70
Length 2:11:39
The CD case and discs

The Super Mario Galaxy 2: Original Soundtrack is a video game soundtrack for the game Super Mario Galaxy 2, and was released on July 10, 2010 exclusively to Club Nintendo members in Japan. Unlike the Super Mario Galaxy: Original Soundtrack, only a 2-disc version is available and it holds all seventy songs from the game. Fifty of the songs are original compositions by Mahito Yokota, nine by Ryo Nagamatsu, and five by Koji Kondo. The rest are arrangements of compositions from earlier games, most of them by Mahito Yokota and one by Shigetoshi Gohara.[1] The game's music is performed by the Mario Galaxy Orchestra. The soundtrack has not been released outside Japan, as of yet. It has a combined playing time of 2:11:39.

Track listing[edit]

* - Originally composed by Ryo Nagamatsu.

** - Originally composed by Koji Kondo.

1 - Arrangement by Mahito Yokota.

2 - Arrangement by Shigetoshi Gohara.