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Sammer's Kingdom
Sammer's Kingdom.png
World-Level 6-1
Game Super Paper Mario
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Sammer's Kingdom is the setting of Chapter 6 in Super Paper Mario, and is the namesake of Chapter 6-1. It is discovered after putting the sixth Pure Heart in the Heart Pillar and going through the blue door. It was destroyed by The Void in the main story, leaving nothing but an empty white space, but was restored after the story's end.

This land is ruled by King Sammer. It is most notable for being the location of the Duel of 100 tournament, in which challengers face off against 100 Sammer Guys. Only the first 25 Sammer Guys are faced in Chapter 6-1, while the rest are encountered in the three other chapters. However, in the main story, only the first twenty Sammer Guys are battled.

In addition to the Duel of 100, Tippi/Tiptron's tattles mention various other events held in the Sammer's Kingdom, such as the Sammer Guy Break Hour, the annual annual Sammer Guy BBQ, the Sammer Awards, and the annual Sammer Quiz; however, Mario and friends are unable to attend any of these in person.


Main story[edit]

Duel of 100[edit]



According to Garson of the Flipside bar, The Underwhere, 1,500 years prior to the events of Super Paper Mario, the younger sister of Merlumina was entrusted with a Pure Heart, to give to the Sammer Kingdom's ruler to protect. Upon meeting however, Merlumina's sister and the Sammer King fell in love and she stayed behind. The two eventually married and had 100 children. Ever since, the number 100 has been sacred to the Sammer Kingdom.

Chapter 6-1: Sammer Guy Showdown[edit]

Storyline text

Under the looming shadow of The Void, the world slowly drifted toward demise.

But not all hope was lost: two Pure Hearts had yet to be found.

Could our daring heroes find them? Or was the world doomed to be devoured?

Mario, Peach, and Bowser ventured through the next door to find out...
King Sammer declares Duel of 100.
Bowser is ready to duel in the Duel of 100 in the main story.

Mario and co. pass through the Blue Door and are soon after forced to battle Jade Blooper. After the short battle, King Sammer enters the scene and praises their fighting skills, eventually agreeing to let them take the Pure Heart under the condition that they defeat all 100 Sammer Guys. After Mario and co. defeat the 20th warrior, Rolling Thwomp Count Bleck appears and warns them that the kingdom will be destroyed. The Duel of 100 is canceled and the next 5 Sammer Guys allow passage to Mario and friends without a fight. After passing Sunshine Flood, they reach the Star Block, ending the chapter.


The Duel of 100[edit]

After finishing the game, the gang may start the Duel of 100 over. As before, Chapter 6-1 has Rounds 1-25. After defeating Rolling Thwomp, Mario and co. will be able to continue on to 6-2.

If the player returns to Sammer's Kingdom after finishing the Duel of 100, King Sammer will be found on Gate 1. He will say the Age of the Sammer Guys ended and that he sent the Sammer Guys on a tropical vacation. He also jokes that he will replace them by kitty robots. When Tiptron uses Tattle on him, she reveals he is planning to turn the Duel of 100 Battle Gates into a water amusement park.

Normal Enemies[edit]

Sammer Guys[edit]

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モノノフ王国
Mononofu Ōkoku
Samurai's Kingdom
Spanish Reino de Samito Samito's Kingdom
French Royaume de Sam Ouraï Royaume means "Kingdom", "Sam Ouraï" is a distorsion of Samouraï, meaning "Samurai"
German Milits Königreich Milit's (King Sammer's German name) Kingdom
Italian Regno d'Eztate Regno means "Kingdom", "Eztate" is a distortion of Estate, meaning "Summer"


  • During the battle, as the players advance to the next sub-chapter, the number of flags seen on the stage will increase by one (i.e. one flag on every stage of Chapter 6-1, two in Chapter 6-2, and so on).
  • When the player tries to go to Gate 2 after completing the Duel of 100, he or she will discover that the door leading there cannot be used, as if it has become part of the background. When Tattle is used on the door, Tiptron will say the door is sealed, which might be because the other Gates disappeared and they are currently working on the water amusement park there. Oddly, when the player uses Tattle on the very same door while in 3-D, Tiptron will say the player can open it by pressing +Control Pad up, the same as her Tattle of any door.
  • The kingdom appears to be based on Japan, with "Sammer Guy" being a pun on "samurai".