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Talking Flower
Artwork of a Talking Flower in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Artwork of an orange Talking Flower
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)
Portrayed by Mick Wingert[1] (English; see Portrayals section for other languages)
Subject origin Flower
“Talking Flowers love to talk. They often spend their days waiting for someone to visit them.”
Loading screen tip, Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Talking Flowers (also written in lowercase)[2] are characters that appear in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.[3] They are small flowers that talk to the player when approached; the messages they say are small reactions to what is currently ongoing in the level, which may serve as hints. They typically come in orange, but red and blue varieties also exist. The red variety appears in the Badge Challenges, in The Desert Mystery's Wonder Effect, and also in Color-Switch Dungeon, which appears red when the ON/OFF Switches are set to "ON" and blue when they are set to "OFF". In The Final Battle! Bowser's Rage Stage, they have a light-green aura around them and their speech is distorted and higher-pitched so as to fit the level's theme.

Unlike the other characters, their dialogue is fully voiced, and they have separate voice actors in each of the game’s languages. Players have the option to turn either the speech bubbles or spoken dialogue on and off, and can change the language they can talk in. Their design is reminiscent of the angel's trumpet flower.

According to an interview for Nintendo's Ask the Developer series, the Talking Flowers were a reconfigured version of a concept proposed by producer Takashi Tezuka where the game would provide live commentary on the player's actions. The original idea was scrapped due to it being too much work to implement, with the Talking Flowers being seen as a more practical alternative that better fit the Super Mario franchise.[4]


  • Trading card bio: These flowers will chat with Mario and friends to liven up their adventure or give hints.


Main article: List of Talking Flower quotes
  • "Onward and upward!"
  • "Love that sound!"
  • "Well, that was something."
  • "Oh! Was it something I said?" (if the flowers' voice is disabled in the options menu)



  • Mick Wingert (English)
  • Ma Bo Qiang (Mandarin Chinese)
  • Ewout Eggink (Dutch)
  • Jérémy Prévost (European French and Canadian French)1
  • Jan Uplegger (German)
  • Paolo De Santis (Italian)
  • Junji Kitajima (Japanese)
  • Nakyoon Choi (Korean)
  • Luís Barros2 (European Portuguese)
  • Leandro Hainis (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Anton Kobylko (Russian)
  • Rafael Parra (European Spanish)
  • Alan Fernando Velázquez (Latin American Spanish)

1 - The European French and Canadian French translations both share the same voice actor for the Talking Flowers, despite most dubs and translations of foreign entertainment usually having different dubs for both. The reason for this is unknown, as the European Spanish and Latin American translations, as well as the European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese translations, have different voice actors for all of their translations, which is traditionally done for those languages as well.
2 - Barros also voiced Mario in the European Portuguese dub of The Super Mario Bros. Movie.[5]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おしゃべりフラワー[6]
Oshaberi Furawā
Chatty Flower
Chinese (Simplified) 闲聊花花
Xiánliáo Huāhuā
Gossip Flowers
Chinese (Traditional) 閒聊花花[7]
Xiánliáo Huāhuā
Gossip Flowers
Dutch Babbelbloem Chatter Flower
French Fleur cancan Gossip Flower
German Plauderblume Chat Flower
Italian Fiore parlante Talking flower
Korean 수다쟁이 꽃[8]
Sudajaeng'i Kkot
Talkative Flower
Portuguese Flor Tagarela Chatty Flower
Russian Цветочек-болтун
(Little) chatterbox flower
Spanish Flor parlante Talking Flower