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"Flamethrower" redirects here. For information about the recurring obstacle also known as a flamethrower, see Burner. For Charizard's standard special move in the Super Smash Bros. series, see Charizard § Flamethrower.

A flame thrower[1] (alternatively spelled flamethrower[2][3]), also described with other generic terms such as fire jet[4] or flame spout,[5] is a mechanical, indestructible object found in Super Mario 64 and its remake. The appearance of a flame thrower varies depending on the level:

  • In all of the Bowser levels and Rainbow Ride, flame throwers are stone and diamond-shaped.
  • In Big Boo's Haunt's merry-go-round, one of the Boo portraits acts as a flame thower.
  • In Hazy Maze Cave, there are two fire plumes that come out of the pit before the Red Coin area, which act like flame throwers.
  • In the main course of Lethal Lava Land, one appears near the volcano as a Black Brick. There are also fire plumes along the path of the moving platform that takes the player to the Power Star for Red-Hot Log Rolling. Inside the volcano, they appear as holes in the walls.
  • Also in Rainbow Ride, there is a blue flame thrower under the spinning platform next to the floating ship, and a fireplace that acts as a flame thrower in The Big House in the Sky. The former is removed in the DS remake.

About every three seconds, a flame thrower shoots a stream of fire from its center. If hit by the flames, the player's character will lose three health wedges and run around in a panic, making it difficult for the player to control him. If the character jumps repeatedly while he is on fire, his movement will be limited, and he may lose only two health wedges.


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