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King Koopa's alter egos are the many aliases used by King Koopa throughout numerous episodes of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! With a few exceptions, an alter ego involves both a special costume as well as a different name. Aside from cosmetically fitting the theme of a given episode, it is unknown why King Koopa uses these alter egos.

Alter egos[edit]

"Kid Koopa" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Koopa Kid.
Picture Name Episode Description
KidKoopa.jpg Kid Koopa "Butch Mario & The Luigi Kid" Kid Koopa (otherwise known as Koopa the Kid[1]) is the cowboy-themed alter ego employed by King Koopa in the episode "Butch Mario & The Luigi Kid". It is also the first alter ego of King Koopa's to be used on the show. The name is only ever mentioned onscreen one time, by Sheriff Mouser. He sports a cowboy hat, trousers, cowboy boots, and a holster on his belt, which houses a small fireball-spitting Piranha Plant in place of a gun. King Koopa reused this same appearance in two more western-themed episodes, "The Great Gold Coin Rush" and "The Provolone Ranger", under the names of "Klaimjump Koopa" and "Billy the Koopa", respectively. Kid Koopa is a parody of Kid Curry.
CaptainKoopa.jpg Captain Koopa "Rolling Down the River" Captain Koopa is the alter ego employed by King Koopa in the episode "Rolling Down the River". As Captain Koopa, King Koopa is the undisputed master of the Sinister Star. He dons a swashbuckler hat and epaulettes and pinned to his chest are three medals of unknown symbolization. Captain Koopa also wears a belt which supports the scabbard of his rapier, which he does not use in the episode.
CeasarKoopa.jpg Emperor Augustus Septemberus Octoberus Koopa "The Great Gladiator Gig" Emperor Augustus Septemberus Octoberus Koopa is the alter ego employed by King Koopa in the episode "The Great Gladiator Gig". King Koopa had taken control over Linguini Empire Colosseum, and possibly the entire Linguini Empire. He dons a purple robe and wears a yellow wreath in place of his usual crown. He also wears a gold chain with a medallion around his neck. The name is a pun on the name of the Roman emperor Augustus and the month of August, adding subsequent months September and October.
Giant Koopa from "Mario and the Beanstalk" Giant Koopa "Mario and the Beanstalk" Giant Koopa[2] is King Koopa's alter ego in the episode "Mario and the Beanstalk". However, unlike with most of his other alter egos, King Koopa's wardrobe is unchanged, with the exception that he is much bigger and fatter than his normal state.
Moon Man Koopa from the "Stars in Their Eyes" episode of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Moon Man Koopa "Stars in Their Eyes" Moon Man Koopa is the alter ego employed by King Koopa in the episode "Stars in Their Eyes". As Moon Man Koopa, King Koopa makes his first venture into outer Space, enslaving the residents of the planet Quirk and taking over their own Quirk Factory. Moon Man Koopa wears a bubble-shaped space helmet over his head and his cuffs lacked his usual spikes.
KoopaKhan.jpg Koopa Khan "Brooklyn Bound" Koopa Khan is the alter ego employed by King Koopa in the episode "Brooklyn Bound". As Koopa Khan, King Koopa controls a small troop of Snifits throughout the Snow World. Koopa Khan rides an Ostro as his main mode of transportation, as did his Snifit underlings. He weats a thick, red winter coat with white fur trimmings, along with a matching cap. He also sports a long Fu Manchu. In the center of Koopa Khan's belt is a dagger scabbard, although he never uses it. Koopa Khan is a parody of Mongolian emperor Genghis Khan.
BikerKoopa.jpg King-of-the-Road Koopa "Toad Warriors" King-of-the-Road Koopa is the alter ego seen in "Toad Warriors". The disguise features Koopa wearing a sleeveless jacket, with a blue mohawk and a nose ring. During the events of "Toad Warriors", he steals spaghetti sauce, causing Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad to chase after him. King-of-the-Road Koopa also drives a hot rod-style car. The name is a pun on his own name and the term "king of the road."
CountKoopula.jpg Count Koopula "Count Koopula" Count Koopula is King Koopa's alter ego seen in the episode of the same name. Koopa's disguise has him wearing a cape, as well as giving him large fangs. Like traditional vampires, he can also transform into a bat and hates sunlight and garlic. However, Count Koopula sucks tomato sauce as opposed to blood and still has his crown. He also change Koopa Troopas into wereturtles at will. His name is a spoof of Count Dracula.
BlackbeardKoopa.jpg Blackbeard Koopa "Pirates of Koopa" Blackbeard Koopa (otherwise known as Long John Koopa[3]) is another of Koopa's alter egos who owns a ship in "Pirates of Koopa". Unlike other pirates such as Captain Clump, he doesn't wear an eyepatch, a hook on his hand or a peg leg. His costume consists of a blue pirate's outfit and hat with a lighter blue feather. Oddly, he has no beard. He is a spoof of Blackbeard and Long John Silver.
Baby King Koopa.jpg
King Goo Goo Ga Ga Koopa "Two Plumbers and a Baby" King Goo Goo Ga Ga Koopa is Koopa's alter ego in the episode "Two Plumbers and a Baby." As King Goo Goo Ga Ga Koopa, he dresses up like a baby and rides an Ostro rocking horse. He planned to turn everyone to babies to do his chores.
Kooparity.png Professor Koopa-arity "The Adventures of Sherlock Mario" Professor Koopa-arity is an alter ego of King Koopa's in "The Adventures of Sherlock Mario". He is dressed as a stereotypical villain, wearing a suit, cape, and gloves, a monocle, and a top hat. He also has a handlebar mustache and a cane. According to Herlock Solmes, he is a cross between a lizard and an inferior species of toad. His brain is smaller than a peanut, and holds the world record for flunking kindergarten the most times. The other Koopas nicknamed him "Lizard Lips" and never let him play with them since he was also a bully and he wet his bed until he was 12. He is a parody of a famous villain of the Sherlock Holmes book series, Professor Moriarty.
Dr.Koopenstein.jpg Dr. Koopenstein "Koopenstein" Dr. Koopenstein and the Koopenstein Monster are two of King Koopa's alter egos in "Koopenstein". Dr. Koopenstein wears a scientist coat and glasses, but after he turns into the Koopenstein Monster, his scientist coat turns dark and his horns turn into a pair of bolts, as per the Frankenstein monster stereotype. As Dr. Koopenstein, he plans to finish the robot by switching brains. However, he accidentally crashes over Mouser, and his head lands on his brain scanner. Due to this, he turns into the Koopenstein Monster, kidnaps the princess, and wrecks a nearby village in the Swiss Cheese Alps. When turned into the Koopenstein Monster, he posses great strength and defense, but becomes less intelligent and can only communicate with grunting noises which only Mouser can understand (except in the Spanish version where he speaks full sentences and grunts). As applied, his name is a parody of the character Dr. Frankenstein. "Koopenstein" is the first of two episodes where King Koopa has two alter egos.
Koopenstein Monster Koopenstein Monster
Koopfinger.jpg Koopfinger "On Her Majesty's Sewer Service" Koopfinger is an alter ego of King Koopa in "On Her Majesty's Sewer Service". After turning James Blond into stone, he robbed Fort Hard Knox. He wears a blue jacket with cyan pants. He also lacks his crown. He is a parody of the James Bond villain Auric Goldfinger, while his appearance is based on James Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld.
O'Koopa.jpg King O'Koopa "Mighty McMario and the Pot of Gold" King O' Koopa is the alter ego of King Koopa that appears in "Mighty McMario and the Pot of Gold". He steals Murphy's pot of gold and becomes lucky.
King Koopa's Koop-zilla alias from the "Mario Meets Koop-zilla" episode of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Koop-zilla "Mario Meets Koop-zilla" Koop-zilla is King Koopa's alter ego in the episode "Mario Meets Koop-zilla". However, like with Giant Koopa in "Mario and the Beanstalk", King Koopa's wardrobe is unchanged, with the exception that he's much bigger and fatter than his normal state. King Koopa becomes Koop-zilla after eating Dr. T. Garden's Super Sushi, and he uses his enlarged state to try to destroy Sayonara. However, King Koopa later ends up returned to normal size after Luigi, Toad, and Princess Toadstool injects him with the Super Sushi Shrinker. Koop-zilla is a spoof of the name, Godzilla.
Koopa Klaus Koopa Klaus "Koopa Klaus" Koopa Klaus is the titular alter ego employed by King Koopa in the episode of the same name. Koopa Klaus desires to ruin Christmas by destroying any toys he came across, and by freezing Santa's workshop, rendering Santa unable to deliver any of his presents. For his transportation, Koopa Klaus' uses a black sleigh with a green K on it, pulled around by two Albatoss that wore bicycle handles in lieu of reindeer. Koopa wears the standard Santa Claus outfit, complete with black boots and a white beard.
Bowser Red Baron Koopa "Mario and the Red Baron Koopa" The Red Baron Koopa is King Koopa's alter ego in the episode "Mario and the Red Baron Koopa". Koopa returns to Pastaland and bring his Wicked Weather Satellite and a Lakatu. The Red Baron Koopa orders the Lakatu to start the Wicked Weather Satellite to make it snow in Pastaland. The Red Baron Koopa also robbed Sam Shalam and Slammer's magic carpet store before he activated the satellite. However, the Wicked Weather Satellite was destroyed when Toad threw a bomb at it, ruining Koopa's plan. Koopa's carpet was then burned by the Mario brothers, causing him to plunge down into the deep. His name comes from Manfred von Richthofen's nickname, the "Red Baron".
Al Koopone Al Koopone "The Unzappables" Al Koopone is the alter ego employed by King Koopa in the episode "The Unzappables". Al Koopone, King Koopa and the Koopa Pack commit many crimes throughout the city of Crime Land, including robbing the First Mushroom Bank. His headquarters is situated inside his own Koopa Klub soda bar. He wears a full-body black business suit and an Unzappable Hat. Al Koopone also has a scar over his left eye, and sometimes had a cigar in his mouth. Al Koopone is a spoof of Italian-American crime lord Al Capone.
RapKoopa.jpg Rappin' Koopa "Bad Rap" Rappin' Koopa (otherwise known as Bad Rap Koopa[4]) is the alter ego King Koopa uses in "Bad Rap". King Koopa attempts to make the inhabitants of Rap Land give him their money by playing music after kidnapping King James. He wears a chain with a gold K on it and red sunglasses. He is defeated with the help of the Flab Boys.
ElKoopitan.jpg El Koopitan "The Mark of Zero" El Koopitan is the alter ego King Koopa uses in "The Mark of Zero". He wears an outfit based on a military leader. He steals all the vegetables in El Desertland along with its gold and a house. He is defeated with the help of Zero, a legendary hero and a spoof on Zorro, another fictional hero. "El Koopitan" is a spoof on "el capitan", Spanish for "captain".
KoopTut.jpg Koop-Tut "The Ten Koopmandments" Koop-Tut (otherwise known as King Tut[5]) is the alter ego that King Koopa uses in "The Ten Koopmandments". His outfit is based on that of an Egyptian pharaoh, and he utilizes a magic wand to transform the Mushroom People residents of Pyramid Land into bricks. The bricks would then be used for building his Koopsphinx. Koop-Tut is a spoof of the name, King Tut.
RedcoatKoopa.jpg Redcoat Koopa "The Koopas are Coming! The Koopas are Coming!" Redcoat Koopa is an alter ego that King Koopa uses in "The Koopas are Coming! The Koopas are Coming!". Much like his namesake, Redcoat Koopa wears a red-colored coat. He also wields an Ice Scepter, which he used to freeze George Washingtoad, along with the Revolutionary army, Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Toadstool. He is a reference to the red coats of the American Revolutionary War.
Alley Koop from Quest for Pizza Alley Koop "Quest for Pizza" Alley Koop (otherwise known as Caveman Alley Koopa[6]) is King Koopa's alter egos in "Quest for Pizza". He barely acts like a caveman (due to the fact that Alley Koop is able to speak), and wear animal skin. His staff is a red, poisonous snake, which bit Mario and put him unconscious. His name is a reference to the comic strip character Alley Oop.
KlaimjumpKoopa.jpg Klaimjump Koopa "The Great Gold Coin Rush" Klaimjump Koopa is another of King Koopa's alter egos in the episode "The Great Gold Coin Rush", which is also an episode of the same name. He is dressed like Kid Koopa, except for a few changes. He now wears a mustache, which was kept for Billy the Koopa. His fondness for gold coins leads him to turn Toad and the miners into slaves to mine them for him. The coins eventually run out and the Mario Bros. come to stop him. With Toad and the miners free, Klaimjump Koopa kidnaps Princess Toadstool in exchange for the coins.
KoolKoopa.jpg Koopa, the Kool "Elvin Lives" Koopa, the Kool (otherwise known as Kool Koopa and Greaser Koopa[7]) is another one of King Koopas alter egos, which he uses in the episode, "Elvin Lives".
KarateKoopa.jpg Karate Koopa "Karate Koopa" Karate Koopa is the alter ego employed by King Koopa in the episode of the same name. As Karate Koopa, King Koopa orders several Ninjis to attack Mario and co. and kidnap Princess Toadstool and Toad, planning to sell both of them into slavery. However, his plans where foiled by Mario, after he learnt Plumb-Fu, and Koopa fled through a Warp Zone. Karate Koopa is dressed in Kabuki make-up, with white skin and a black shell with gray spikes, along with gray claws, gray horns, and gray teeth. His crown is also replaced with a black ponytail. Karate Koopa also wears a purple, red and yellow karate suit. This is the second alter ego in which Koopa gains hair, the first being King-of-the-Road Koopa, and the only alter ego that changes his skin color. His name is a reference to The Karate Kid.
Little Red Riding Princess
Koopa as a "windbag" (as Princess Toadstool calls him).
Gramma "Little Red Riding Princess" Gramma is King Koopa's alter ego in the climax of the episode "Little Red Riding Princess". After Gramma Toadstool leaves thinking she's won a year's worth of firewood, Koopa puts on Gramma's clothes and calls himself "Gramma", waiting to trick Princess Toadstool and kidnap her. The big bad wolf was planning to do do the same, but "Gramma" orders his Koopa Troopas to kidnap him and put him far away. When the Princess arrives, she believes that Koopa is her actual Gramma, but realizes her mistake after "Gramma" tries to eat her. After escaping "Gramma", Princess Toadstool looks for her real grandmother, and prepares to across stones to get pass a river. One of the stones, however, is Koopa's oxygen tank, this time wearing scuba gear and Gramma Toadstool's gown. Princess Toadstool puts the oxygen tank's nozzle in Koopa's mouth and cranks up the oxygen, causing Koopa to inflate and rise up, with the Princess chastising him.
BillyKoopa.jpg Billy the Koopa "The Provolone Ranger" Billy the Koopa is an alter ego that Koopa uses in "The Provolone Ranger". He has the same costume that he used as Kid Koopa and Klaimjump Koopa. He is based on the notorious outlaw, Billy the Kid.
JudgeKoopa.jpg Judge Koopa "Escape from Koopatraz" Judge Koopa and Warden Koopa are two of King Koopa's alter egos in "Escape from Koopatraz". Judge Koopa is only seen before Toad, Princess Toadstool, Mario, and Luigi get shipped to Koopatraz. He dresses like a stereotypical judge, complete with a navy robe and a white wig possessing a gavel and a law book. After putting Mario on the Scales of Justice, Judge Koopa gives him and the gang a 500-year sentence after converting his weight to years. Warden Koopa, dressed in a suit and tie, is seen in the island of Koopatraz. He first removes the Koopa Surprise from Mario, Gramps, Toad, Princess Toadstool, and Luigi after they start a food fight with it. The gang tries tunneling out of Koopatraz, only to wind up in Warden Koopa's bedroom. He retaliates by extending their sentence and giving them (with the exception of Princess Toadstool) hard labor; however, the next day, the gang is able to exit Koopatraz, and the island has since been destroyed, thus foiling Warden Koopa's plan to destroy Princess Toadstool's kingdom. "Escape from Koopatraz" is the second of two episodes where King Koopa has two alter egos.
WardenKoopa.jpg Warden Koopa
Barra-Koopa.jpg Barra-Koopa "Mario of the Deep" Barra-Koopa is an alter ego that Koopa uses in "Mario of the Deep". Barra Koopa kidnaps King Neptune and enslaves the Mermushrooms. His name is a spoof of a real-life fish, the barracuda.
Kolonel Von Koop Kolonel von Koop "Raiders of the Lost Mushroom" Kolonel von Koop is an alter ego that Koopa uses in "Raiders of the Lost Mushroom", who is based upon Nazi colonel Herman Dietrich, a major antagonist from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Kolonel von Koop wears a helmet, a light blue vest, and a "K" armband that resembles the Nazi armband.
KangarooKoopa.jpg Kangaroo Koopa "Crocodile Mario" Kangaroo Koopa is a form of King Koopa that appears in "Crocodile Mario". Kangaroo Koopa is dressed like an Australian outbacker.
DarthKoopa.png Darth Koopa "Star Koopa" Darth Koopa is a form of King Koopa that appears in the episode "Star Koopa". Darth Koopa is a take on both the appearance and name of Darth Vader, a character from the Star Wars series.
Bowser / Robo Suit Robo Koopa "Robo Koopa" Robo Koopa is a powerful form of King Koopa that appears in the episode of the same name and is the last alter ego of King Koopa's to be used on the show. King Koopa assumes the alter ego after acquiring a special robo-suit—a large, automated, full-body suit that was built by Dr. Nerdnick for the king. The powerful suit contains numerous features and gadgets, and makes Robo Koopa nearly invincible while wearing it. Using the suit's power, Robo Koopa initiates a reign of terror over Robo Land and almost defeats Mario and Luigi. Robo Koopa is a parody of the character RoboCop from the film of the same name.

Other aliases[edit]

Other aliases that King Koopa went under, though not wearing a costume.

Name Episode Description
Pied Koopa "The Pied Koopa" The Pied Koopa, from the episode of the same name, is the first of King Koopa's alter egos that doesn't have a costume. Mayor Fettuccine gave Mario's group the bad news that the Pied Koopa had imprisoned all of the children as a ransom for all of Pastaland's spaghetti tree crop. He announced that he would go out and recapture the children with his magic flute, planning to put Mouser in full charge of them afterwards; however, Mouser no longer wanted to have to deal with the children, so he purposely pulled the lever that dropped the drawbridge, causing the Pied Koopa to fall into the moat. As he fell, the Pied Koopa dropped and lost his flute, and started crying. He is a parody of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.
Sheriff of Koopingham "Hooded Robin and His Mario Men" The Sheriff of Koopingham often likes money and steals it from Sharewood Village in "Hooded Robin and His Mario Men". The Sheriff of Koopingham rules from Koopingham Castle. Later on, he captures Hooded Robin when he wanted to steal his gold. Unfortunately, his plot was foiled when Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad save Hooded Robin, take all the gold back, and bring it back to Sharewood Village. King Koopa, however, ended up on the ceiling, though he manages to escape. He is a parody of the Sheriff of Nottingham.
Koopa-Nemo "20,000 Koopas Under the Sea" King Koopa goes by the alias of Koopa-Nemo in the episode, "20,000 Koopas Under the Sea". While King Koopa does not have a wardrobe change, his alias is a reference to his attempt to conquer Oceanworld with his Koopilus; a submarine that resembles a metallic sea monster. He is a parody of Captain Nemo.

Other costumes[edit]

Other costumes that King Koopa wore, though not under an alias.

Picture Episode Description
King Koopa's alter egos "Jungle Fever" King Koopa dresses up as a jungle native with a nose ring and bone necklace in "Jungle Fever".
King Koopa's alter egos "Mario of the Apes" King Koopa sports the clothes of a hunter in "Mario of the Apes".
Koopa as "Opportunity" (as Gramma Toadstool misunderstands him). "Little Red Riding Princess" Koopa dresses up as a telegram messenger at the beginning of the episode "Little Red Riding Princess" where he delivers a fake telegram to Gramma Toadstool claiming she won a year's supply of wood.


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