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Cragnon 2.png
Marl SuperPaperMario.png
“Garbage into river, CRAG! Every day into river, YAG! Toss it and it gone, GRAG!”
Marl, Super Paper Mario

Marl is a Cragnon living in Downtown of Crag. He is seen tossing trash into the river, believing he is returning it to nature when, in fact, the trash is polluting the water, which is all the Floro Sapiens have to drink. It is this practice that results in the Floro Sapien attacks, as their king's mind has been poisoned by the water, driving him to insanity.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブルース
Bruce; same as a Bob-omb character from Paper Mario
Italian Petra Common name, similar to "pietra" (rock)