Flint Cragley, Cragtrotter

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The star and two of his crewmembers.

Flint Cragley, Cragtrotter (known as Flint Cragley's Cragtrotter when referred to in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U) is a famous show in The Land of Cragnons during the events of Super Paper Mario. Many Cragnons (notably Gabbro) watch this show, as does a Small Sammer Guy named Micro Boomba, despite living in another dimension. Flint Cragley is the star of this show, Hornfels is the boomer, and Monzo is the camera man. The show is aired on Cragvision and is not actually seen in-game, although Mario and the other heroes are involved with the filming of an episode.

In the episode, Flint pretends to be kidnapped by the Floro Sapiens so that he can get footage of the Cragnons imprisoned by them in the Floro Caverns. However, he temporarily loses a key needed to open a door in the caverns, initially believing Hornfels and Monzo have it, only to find it in his own pocket. Too scared to open the door themselves, the Cragtrotter crew then tag along with Mario when he opens the door, and while the heroes walk through the caves, Flint entertains them with stories. When it is discovered that the Cragnons are only being kidnapped because their society is polluting the water, hurting the Floro Sapiens and driving their king insane, Flint decides to give the Cragtrotter episode an environmentalist angle. This gets the Cragnons to stop the pollution and ends the feud between them and the Floro Sapiens.