Square Cloud

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A Square Cloud
A Square Cloud in World 4-5

The Square Cloud[1] is a block found exclusively in World 4-5 of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It is white and has a smiling face on its front, making it look similar to Lakitu's Cloud.

When hit, a Square Cloud turns into a Lakitu that throws coins. However, the level also features Spiny Egg-throwing Lakitus that players can easily mistake for the coin-throwing Lakitus, as the two types are not visually differentiated.

Like standard Lakitus, Lakitus spawned from Square Clouds can damage the player characters on contact. Players can eat these Lakitus with Yoshi, gain points by defeating them, and ride their clouds as usual. Unlike the standard ones, Lakitus spawned from Square Clouds only stay on-screen temporarily and do not respawn.


  • The way the Lakitu throws coins is reminiscent to Super Mario World when a cloud appears and drops coins with smiley faces on them after Yoshi has eaten two pink Berries.


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