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A flower road

A flower road[1][page number needed] (also known as a vine road[2][page number needed]) is a floral walking path appearing in Super Mario Odyssey. It can only be activated by pressing certain P Switches near ledges, and slowly form a path for Mario to follow. After a while, the path's flowers will wilt and the intertwining stems will turn brown, and the path will slowly de-materialize from its starting point; after all of the path disappears, Mario can activate the P Switch to make the flower road form again.

Several flower roads are found in the game, the vast majority of which are found in the Wooded Kingdom, though one also appears in the Darker Side. In the Wooded Kingdom, the first group of flower roads appears after Mario obtains the "Road to Sky Garden" Power Moon and transports Mario between the Iron Road: Entrance and the Sky Garden Tower; they also allow Mario to collect the "Nut Planted in the Tower" Power Moon if Mario breaks the nut along the path inside the Sky Garden Tower. There are some additional flower roads in the titular bonus area which allow Mario to collect the "Flower Road Run" and "Flower Road Reach" Power Moons, as well as on the backside of the Secret Flower Field, which allow Mario to collect the "Swing Around Secret Flower Field" Power Moon. In the Darker Side, Mario uses a flower road to traverse through an area with Rock Blocks and Pulse Beams.


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