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Locked Levels[1][2] are levels that require a certain amount of collectibles to access on the world map. Debuting in Super Mario 3D Land, they are represented by a large black ? Block. Star Medals are required to unlock these levels. When a level is unlocked, the ? Block gets removed and the preview of the stage appears in its place. At least one Locked Level is present in every world of the game, except World 2. Locked Levels return in Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. They are represented by a Bowser Statue, and require Green Stars to be unlocked. After a level gets unlocked, the Bowser Statue breaks. Collectibles don't get removed after a level is unlocked.


The following is a list of Locked Levels and their unlock requirements:

Super Mario 3D Land[edit]

Level Star Medals
World 1-4 3
World 3-5 15
World 4-3 30
World 5-3 40
World 5-Castle 50
World 6-5 60
World 7-3 70
World 8-3 80
World 8-Bowser: Part 1 90
World 8-Bowser: Part 2 100
Special 1-Castle 110
Special 2-Airship 120
Special 3-Airship 140
Special 4-Airship 160
Special 5-Castle 180
Special 6-Airship 200
Special 7-Castle 220
Special 8-1 230
Special 8-2 240
Special 8-3 250
Special 8-4 260
Special 8-5 270
Special 8-Bowser 290

Super Mario 3D World[edit]

Level Name Green Stars
World 1-Castle Bowser's Highway Showdown 10
World 2-2 Puffprod Peaks 15
World 3-2 Chain-Link Charge 30
World 4-Castle Lava Rock Lair 50
World 5-3 Backstreet Bustle 80
World 6-3 Hands-On Hall 100
World Castle-Castle Bowser's Lava Lake Keep 130
World Bowser-Castle The Great Tower of Bowser Land 170
World Star-9 Cosmic Cannon Cluster 210
World Mushroom-7 Broken Blue Bully Belt 240


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