Koopa Paratroopa Stack

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Color Splash Enemy
Koopa Paratroopa 10-Stack
PMCS Koopa Paratroopa 10-Stack Idle Animated.gif
Location(s) Sunset Express
Type Flying, Stack
HP 1 (per Koopa Paratroopa)
Strong None
Weak None
Moves Attack (5 per Koopa Paratroopa), Blowback Attack (20)
Enemy Class
Card Probability 3
PMCS Koopa Paratroopa Card.png


Dropped Items
Hammer Scraps 5
Red Paint 50
Yellow Paint 33
Blue Paint 0
Orange Paint 0
Green Paint 0
Purple Paint 0

Koopa Paratroopa Stacks are a type of enemy appearing in Paper Mario: Color Splash. A stack of Koopa Paratroopas is formed when multiple Paratroopas group up, forming a stack. They appear only as a 10-Stack, and their health is represented by the number of Partroopas left in the stack. Koopa Paratroopa Stacks appear on the Sunset Express during the fight against Larry.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German 10er-Parakoopa 10-Parakoopa
Russian Пачка из 10 летучих куп
Pachka iz 10 letuchikh kup
Pack of 10 flying Koopas