Superball Flower

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Superball Flower
A monochrome Fire Flower.

First appearance

Super Mario Land (1989)

Latest appearance

Super Mario Maker 2 (2019)

Effect on player

Turns Mario into Superball Mario.

Superball Flowers, also called flowers[1] or super flower[2], are power-up flowers that were first introduced in Super Mario Land and reappear in Super Mario Maker 2 thirty years later, holding the longest gap between appearances of a power-up in the Mario franchise.

Superball Flowers turn Mario into his Superball form, giving him the ability to shoot Superballs.

Game information[edit]

Superball Flowers are very similar to Fire Flowers in appearance, as well as the abilities granted. Superballs are the game's equivalent to fireballs; only one can be fired at a time, though, and they bounce diagonally at 90° angles. Superballs will collect any coins they make contact with.

In Super Mario Land, Superball Mario looks identical to Super Mario. In Super Mario Maker 2, the character who picks them up takes on monochromatic shades of green, similar to the Game Boy graphics of Super Mario Land. The power-up is only available in the Super Mario Bros. game style as an alternate form of the Fire Flower. Superballs can also now light Bob-ombs, collect Keys and Pink Coins, and activate P Switches and POW Blocks. Superball Flowers are unlocked by hitting a ? Block that is initially covered by Hard Blocks; by clearing the job Spiny Shell Smashers, given to Mario by Purple Toad, the blocks will be removed, allowing Mario access.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フラワー[3]
Spanish Flor Superbola Superball Flower
Dutch Superbalbloem Superball Flower
German Superball-Blume Superball Flower
Italian Fiore Superball Superball Flower
Russian Супершаровой цветок
Supersharovoy tsvetok
Super ball flower
Korean 슈퍼볼플라워
Syupeobol Peullawo
Super Ball Flower


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