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The seven Star Pieces
“No one's wishes will come true until the Star Pieces are found and the Star Road repaired. Which is why I have chosen to join these two in order to find the missing Star Pieces.”
Geno, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

The Star Pieces are a set of seven star-shaped pieces that make up the Star Road in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. The Star Pieces play a pivotal role in the game, as they are needed in order to restore the broken Star Road and restore the world to normal. When the Star Pieces are first seen falling from the sky at the beginning of the game, they are shown to be gold. However, all later appearances of the Star Pieces depict them with rainbow colors, presumably to differentiate them from each other.


Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars[edit]

The seven Star Pieces, having just been separated by Exor.

Near the beginning of the events of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Exor penetrates the Star Road prior to landing in the center of Bowser's Keep, thus shattering it into the seven Star Pieces. The Star Pieces fall from the sky and land in various spots across the world. Mario's quest, in which he is aided by Mallow, Geno, Bowser and Princess Toadstool revolves finding the seven Star Pieces to repair the Star Road, thus allowing wishes to continue coming true. At the same time, the Smithy Gang is on the hunt for them as well, hoping to prevent the power of wishes from returning, allowing them to fill the world with weapons.

Light Blue Star Piece[edit]

Mario recovers the first Star Piece inside the Mushroom Castle.

The first Star Piece lands somewhere near Mushroom Kingdom. Although its discovery is never really explained, it is most likely found by either Mack or a Shyster while Mario and Mallow are pursuing Croco through Bandit's Way. Mack's group terrorizes Mushroom Kingdom while hoarding the Star Piece in the Mushroom Castle throne room, until Mario and Mallow arrive and defeat them. Mario then claims the Star Piece, but is uncertain as to what purpose it serves.

Green Star Piece[edit]

Collecting the second Star Piece in the Forest Maze.

The second Star Piece lands somewhere in the Forest Maze. Geno is the first to learn of its whereabouts and arrives at Rose Town to begin his search, assuming the form of a doll belonging to Gaz in the process. Mario and Mallow choose to follow the doll into the Forest Maze, not knowing where the Star Piece can be. Eventually, they stumble across Bowyer, just as one of his Aero flunkies presents him with the Star Piece that he found. Mario and Mallow aided Geno in defeating Bowyer and agreed to join forces, collecting the second Star Piece in the process. However, an Aero witnesses the whole event unnoticed and goes to tell Smithy. Geno then joins Mario in his quest to find the remaining Star Pieces.

Orange Star Piece[edit]

Having beaten Punchinello, Mario collects the third Star Piece in the Coal Mines.

The third Star Piece crashes deep within the Coal Mines, triggering a cave-in. The cave-in causes Dyna & Mite, who are playing in the mines at the time, to be trapped. The citizens of Moleville attempt to rescue them, but fail. Eventually, Mario's group arrive in Moleville and are informed what happened. After venturing into the mines and receiving a Bambino Bomb for defeating Croco a second time, Mario's group is able to reach the room where the Star Piece had crashed into the rafters. It is unknowingly guarded by Punchinello, who accidentally frees the Star Piece by setting off a King Bomb, which crushes him upon summoning it. As Mario's group are covered in soot when the King Bomb detonates, the third Star Piece seemingly senses this predicament and restores the trio to their standard appearance after being collected. With the third Star Piece acquired, Mario's group soon find Dyna & Mite and are able to escape from the mines through the mine cart.

Purple Star Piece[edit]

Mario collects the unguarded fourth Star Piece upon Star Hill.

The fourth Star Piece lands atop Star Hill. After Mario's group traverses Booster Tower and Marrymore, they finally rescue Princess Toadstool from a forced marriage with Booster. Once they return Princess Toadstool to her home, Mushroom Kingdom, Mario's group is stumped, as they have no idea where the next Star Piece can be. Mallow then suggests that they should head to Tadpole Pond and ask if Frogfucius might know. Fortunately, the wise Frog hears of the next Star Piece's whereabouts and sends the group to Star Hill to search for it. They eventually find the fourth Star Piece after exploring Star Hill, where it has been left unguarded, and it is easily recovered.

Blue Star Piece[edit]

After beating Yaridovich in Seaside Town, Mario recollects the fifth Star Piece.

The fifth Star Piece plungs into the sea, where it is claimed by Jonathan Jones, if not by his Bandana Reds or Bandana Blues. The eccentric citizens of Seaside Town tells Mario's group of the Star Piece's whereabouts, and they set to Jonathan Jones's Sunken Ship to find it. After traversing the ship, Mario's group finds the Star Piece in the possession of Jonathan Jones, who made them fight him for it.

After defeating Jonathan and returning to Seaside Town, the village elder and the townspeople revealed their true identity of Yaridovich, and he demands for Mario to hand over the newly-claimed Star Piece while he threatens to torture the real elder if he refused. After giving up the Star Piece, Mario's group confronts Yaridovich before he can make his getaway. Jonathan Jones, who had taken a liking to Mario after their duel, blocks Yaridovich's escape. After defeating Yaridovich, Mario regains the Star Piece.

Red Star Piece[edit]

Mario discovers the sixth Star Piece inside Barrel Volcano, but it's not as close as it seems.

The sixth Star Piece lands inside Barrel Volcano. Although it remains untouched for a lengthy period of time, the Nimbus of Nimbus Land witness the Star Piece falling into the crater. After Mario's group rescues King and Queen Nimbus, they are informed of the Star Piece's whereabouts, and drops into Barrel Volcano to search for it. After defeating the Czar Dragon and Zombone, Mario's group finds the Star Piece. Right before Mario got a hold of the Star Piece, Axem Red of the Axem Rangers swipes it. Mario's group chases the Axem Rangers out of the volcano in their attempt to get back the Star Piece. Eventually, Mario's group defeats the Axem Rangers atop the Blade, and they are able to finally claim the sixth Star Piece.

Yellow Star Piece[edit]

After defeating Smithy within the bowels of his factory, Mario collects the seventh and final Star Piece.

The seventh Star Piece lands in Bowser's Keep, where it is quickly claimed by the Smithy Gang. After the second Star Piece is recovered by Mario's group, the surviving Aero who witnesses the event informs other members of the Smithy Gang of the Star Pieces and their true potential. Thus, the seventh Star Piece is seemingly branded to the chest of Smithy himself. Upon encountering Smithy, Mario's group demands for him to hand over his Star Piece, but he refuses, and he asked the same of their Star Pieces. Ultimately, the two sides engage in a fight, with Mario's side coming out the victor. With Smithy destroyed, the seventh Star Piece is free from his grasp, and Geno, now in possession of all seven Star Pieces, is able to repair the Star Road.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese (Traditional) 星之碎片[1]
Xīng zhī Suìpiàn
Star Fragment