Fire Bro Stack

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Color Splash Enemy
Fire Bro 8-Stack
Location(s) Redpepper Volcano
Type Stack
HP 8
Attack 8
Defense 3
Strong None
Weak None
Paint Red, Yellow
Cards Type D
PMCS Fire Bro Card.png

Stack: "Fear the power of eight!" > "Our 7-stack is still pretty hot!" > "Super six, baby!" > "Still alive with five, bro!" > "Half strength is more than enough!" > "We've still got our big three!" > "We're still 2 much for you!" > "I'm going down with the stack!"

Fire Bro Stacks are a type of enemy appearing in Paper Mario: Color Splash. A stack of Fire Bros. form when multiple Fire Bros. group up, forming a stack. They only appear as an 8-Stack, and their health is represented by the number of Fire Bros. left in the stack. Fire Bro Stacks appear in Redpepper Volcano.