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The Zeekeeper fires the Wakebeam
Zeekeeper, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

The Wakebeam is a giant multi-colored beam seen in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It is only used once by the Zeekeeper to shatter the forcefield surrounding Neo Bowser Castle. After the Elite Trio see the Zeekeeper and misidentify him as a dumpling, chubby sky pig, and ugly air frog, the Zeekeeper suddenly gets peeved. He reasons to himself that the only way to calm down is to destroy the castle's barrier. He completely opens his three eyes and charges a ball of energy. He fires it at the forcefield, causing it to turn orange and stop moving. He flies through the barrier, destroying it and sending the castle crashing down to a spot just between Mushrise Park and Somnom Woods. This allows Mario and Luigi to enter it. After returning to Somnom Woods, the Zeekeeper says it has been a while since he unleashed the Wakebeam.