List of New Super Mario Bros. 2 pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Early ideas[edit]

  • This game was originally to be titled "New Super Mario Bros. Gold", but due to some of the over 80 stages being said to stand on their own outside the coin theme of the game, the game was renamed to New Super Mario Bros. 2.[1]

Early builds[edit]

  • As seen in the screenshot below, the number of coins would originally have an "x" next to it, as in the original, but the "x" is removed in the final version.
  • Also, the athletic theme used to be the same as the New Super Mario Bros. Wii theme, but was remixed with the added vocals in the final version.[2]
    • In that same video, the overworld theme had a different and quieter set of vocals.
  • As shown in the E3 trailer, originally only 5 coins were given for each consecutively defeated enemy under the effects of the Gold Ring. In the final version, the amount of coins rewarded is 5, 10, 15 and 20 for the first four golden enemies defeated consecutively and 50 after that.
  • The underground section of World 2-1 was designed differently than in the final version. In the final version, the pipe led into a room with Brick Blocks at the end, blocking another exit that could only be entered via a Gold Flower. This part wasn't in the early version. Also, in the same level, the area just before the Warp Pipe exit of said section was also designed differently.
  • In the E3 trailer the Gold Flower sound effect was same as Super Mushroom sound effect but in the final version it was varied.
  • Originally, the Reznor boss fight had the same music as the Koopalings Tower fight in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but this was changed to a remixed version of the Super Mario World Boss theme in the final version.
  • The warp pipes in World 4-2 were originally purple but are replaced with red. Also the Brick Blocks are brown instead of gray in the level.
  • The title screen music originally had different vocals.
  • The coin table that tallies up every coin collected originally had a sack icon with Mario's 'M' emblem on it, similar to Moneybags. This icon was changed to three different stacks of coins in the final version.
  • The names of Solo Play and Co-op Play, were originally One Player and Two Player, respectively. In most translations, other than English, the modes are still called One and Two Player mode.
  • Thwomps had a purple effect by crashing the floor. In the final version the effect is yellow.[3]
  • When Mario grabs the flagpole in the E3 trailer, the sound is the same as the Super Mario 3D Land version, but in the final version, its sounds got reversed, making it have a upward sound effect.
  • Note Blocks did not sync with the music in the early build.[3]
  • As seen in an early Co-op video, World 1-3 is a little bit redesigned in the final version.
  • World 1-Warp Cannon course iconWarp Cannon is a bit redesigned in the final version.[4]
  • Mario's progress in a level was originally indicated by a yellow bar, along with Mario's head on the bottom screen, as shown in the info video. The yellow bar was removed in the final version.

Downloadable content[edit]

Platform Panic Pack was named the seventh Coin Rush DLC pack instead of the eighth. This implies that the Coin Challenge Pack C was intended to be released as number six, and that the Gold Classics Pack was not originally supposed to exist.

Unused data[edit]

  • In The files of the game there are models for a golden Spiny and a golden Spiny Egg, despite the fact that when the Gold Ring is activated, Spinies turn into coins.
  • Also in the files, there is a model for an early version of the Gold Koopa, the only difference being a darker shell and boots.
  • Donut Blocks were originally going to be 3D models, but the final version uses 2D graphics.
  • There are three different sprites for placeholder coins. The three variants are a normal coin, a Blue Coin, and a Moon Coin.
  • Although Miis can be used as avatars in Coin Rush, graphics of a placeholder Mii appear in various layout archives.[5]
  • There is an icon for a 4th built-in course pack, depicting the Super Leaf.
  • The Seesaw texture from the original New Super Mario Bros. can be found in the files.
  • There is an unused actor called ActorBlockRouletteSwitch.[6]
  • There is also an actor that allows Bone Piranha Plants to come out of pipes, it is fully functional but still unused.[5]