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Tweester from Super Mario Galaxy.
Artwork of a Tweester from Super Mario Galaxy
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)

Tweesters,[1] also known as Bone Twisters,[2] are tornado-like enemies that appear in Super Mario Galaxy. They possess eyes and have debris spinning inside them, such as skulls and bones. Tweesters can be helpful at times, being used to traverse obstacles. Touching one will also cause them to spin around. If the player then spins using the Wii Remote, the Tweester will make Mario or Luigi go flying into the air and spin his arms around very quickly like a helicopter. Two Tweesters have spiked debris spinning around them, which damage Mario or Luigi if he makes contact with them. They appear only in the Dusty Dune Galaxy in the missions Blasting through the Sand and Purple Coins in the Desert.

Super Mario Galaxy Trading Card description[edit]

These tornado-like creatures can be menacing or actually helpful on occasion. Mario must watch out for the debris that flies out from their gusty wake and also be careful if he bumps into them, because they'll send him spinning. But if timed correctly, Mario can do a star spin into a Tweester and fly up higher than any jump could take him.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スナカゼクン[3] / スナカゼくん[4] / 砂風くん[5]
Sand Wind-kun; compare Wind Spirit
French Eol Same as Tweester
German Tornadino From Tornado (tornado), same as Tweester
Italian Folino From folata (gust); shared with Gusty and Tweester
Spanish (NOE) Ventisca Blizzard


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