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Director’s Notes

Issue100 876.png

Written by: Yoshi876 (talk)

Welcome 'Shroom readers to this April edition of Pipe Plaza.

As I'm sure many of you are aware, Walkazo (talk) was sadly killed in a traffic accident on March 28. She will be sorely missed by all.

Section of the Month

Place Section Votes % Writer
1st Anniversary Announcements 4 40% Lakituthequick
2nd Tip of the Month 2 20% FunkyK38
3rd Poll Committee Discussion 1 10% Baby Luigi
3rd Community Report 1 10% LudwigVon
3rd Retro Feature 1 10% Yoshi876
3rd The 'Shroom Report 1 10% Henry Tucayo Clay

MarioWiki Sections

A look over the wiki's stats of the past month.
[read more]

Recent news on the Featured Articles.
[read more]

A helpful tip for wiki editors.
[read more]

Wanna know what's been going on in the Poll Committee? Find out here.
[read more]
Non-Wiki Sections

The monthly news on the forum.
[read more]

The month gone by in promotions and proposals.
[read more]

A trip back in The 'Shroom's past.
[read more]

All the latest writers and all the milestones of the current ones.
[read more]

All the news on the MarioWiki Awards.
[read more]

Monthly Report

Written by: Paper Yoshi (talk)

Hello, readers, and welcome to another issue of Monthly Report! As usual, there are no announcements regarding this section, so let's see what has changed on the wiki stats since March!

(Credit goes to Stooben Rooben (talk), Super Mario Bros. (talk), and Viper26 (talk) for the table coding (I based this on Stooben's coding, which was later modified by SMB, myself, and Viper26 when each one of us wrote this section).

April Statistics
Statistic As of 13 April 2016 (07:05)*
Content Pages 17,028
All Pages 136,844
Files 69,489
Edits 1,835,035
Edits per Page 13.41
Registered Users 21,404
Active Users 362
Bots 2
'Shroom Writers 33
Autopatrolled 40
Patrollers 3
Administrators 10
Bureaucrats 3
Proprietor 1

March — April Statistics
Statistic As of 13 March 2016 (19:15)* As of 13 April 2016 (07:05)* Percentage Change
Content Pages 16,991 17,028 +0.218%
All Pages 136,696 136,844 +0.108%
Files 69,529 69,489 -0.057%
Edits 1,822,293 1,835,035 +0.7%
Edits per Page 13.33 13.41 +0.6%
Registered Users 21,244 21,404 +0.753%
Active Users 319 362 +13.479%
Bots 2 2 0%
'Shroom Writers 33 33 0%
Autopatrolled 40 40 0%
Patrollers 3 3 0%
Administrators 10 10 0%
Bureaucrats 3 3 0%
Proprietor 1 1 0%
*All times EST.


Written by: Yoshi876 (talk)

Hello 'Shroom readers and welcome back to another edition of Featured, the only place this side of the Mario Wiki where you'll get news about the Mario Wiki Featured Articles.

Featured Articles

No new articles have been featured in the past month.

Re-Featured Articles

No new articles have become re-featured.

FA Nominations

There is one ongoing Featured Article Nomination.

  • Mario Golf: World Tour was nominated on February 7th. It currently has one oppose vote due to a lack of description on the non-playable characters, low quality images for the items, some broken links and the references haven't been properly formatted.

Failed FA Nominations

No new articles have failed the featuring process.

Unfeatured Articles

No new articles have been unfeatured in the past month.

Unfeaturing Nominations

There is one ongoing Unfeature nomination.

  • Wii was nominated on February 12th. It was nominated due to having three maintenance templates on it and missing information on the Wii Message Board.

Failed Unfeaturing Nominations

No new articles have failed the unfeaturing process in the past month.

Thanks for reading see you next month, for more Featured Articles news.

Tip of the Month

Written by: FunkyK38 (talk)

Tip of the Month: Wiki formatting is usually different than your computer's word processing engine, whether you are on Windows or Mac. The biggest thing to watch out for are apostrophes when you are trying to adjust your font appearance (bold, italics, etc.) Most often, they will appear as regular apostrophes that won't have the effect of what you're trying to do. If you have a large amount of text that you've pre-written in a word processor, make notes where you want to insert special text characteristics so you know what to look for when you're editing the actual article on the wiki.

Poll Committee Discussion

Written by: Bazooka Mario (talk) and the Poll Committee

Welcome with bibbangs! For this month, I, Bazooka Mario will not be writing a section on the analysis of our recent polls.

April Fools!

Before you load and fire your lycopene-filled ammunition at a poor plumber who has only a small white flag proclaiming "BANG!" for ammunition, however, let me shoot you a recent run-down of our poll results. Oh, don't worry, the bullets won't hurt, April Fools or not.

Recent Polls

Which Version of M&S at Rio Olympic games would you buy? (Viper26 (talk), March 13, 2016)

Which version of Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will you buy?

Wii U 28.05% (607 votes)
3DS 6.89% (149 votes)
Both 13.45% (291 votes)
I'm not buying either game. 51.62% (1,117 votes)
Total Votes: 2,164

Starlow (Stargazing (talk), March 20, 2016)

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam was recently released, and it comes to no surprise that Starlow is in the game. What do you think about Starlow?

I love Starlow! She's one of the best Mario characters, she should appear in a lot more games. 23.02% (536 votes)
She's all right, but I can live without her. 37.2% (866 votes)
I'm neutral about her. 15.46% (360 votes)
She's not a good character; she shouldn't have come into Paper Jam. 3.82% (89 votes)
She's awful! I hate her character, she shouldn't have left Bowser's Inside Story at all. 4.42% (103 votes)
Starwho? 16.07% (374 votes)
Total Votes: 2,328

Paper Mario: Color Splash (Bazooka Mario (talk), March 27, 2016)

The March 3rd 2016 Nintendo Direct announced a new Paper Mario game, Paper Mario: Color Splash. What are your impressions?

This game is great, and I can't wait for it to be released! 18.1% (441 votes)
This game is going to be good but probably not great. 8.86% (216 votes)
I'm interested, but I'd like to see more information of this game before I get some more opinions. 39.64% (966 votes)
Meh. 12.39% (302 votes)
This game sucks and should die and rot in a fire. 12.72% (310 votes)
I don't care about this game. 8.29% (202 votes)
Total Votes: 2,437

How much do you worship Poochy? (Andymii (talk), April 1, 2016)

How much do you worship Poochy?

Every day! Without my daily dose of Poochy, I cannot function. 33.81% (235 votes)
All the time! I just don't know why. 9.93% (69 votes)
Don't worship Poochy? That's just not peachy! 10.07% (70 votes)
I'M JOINING THE DARK SIDE 17.12% (119 votes)
I'LL NEVER TURN TO THE DARK SIDE 29.06% (202 votes)
Total Votes: 695

Miitomo (Andymii (talk), April 3, 2016)

Nintendo has made the decision to make a smartphone app, Miitomo, which has been very successful. What do you think?

It's a great idea! Finally people can play a Nintendo app on our smartphones; Nintendo will surely profit. 40.21% (762 votes)
It's progress, but until I can play Mario on my smartphone, I won't be satisfied. 26.07% (494 votes)
It's not a bad idea for Nintendo to make apps, but Miitomo just isn't that good. 10.4% (197 votes)
I'd love to play it, but it's not available in my region. 4.43% (84 votes)
Oh no! The fact that Nintendo is drifting away from their own consoles is a red flag. 9.92% (188 votes)
Miitomo is a fad and will die soon. I don't care. 8.97% (170 votes)
Total Votes: 1,895

Wii U (Palkia47 (talk), April 10, 2016)

With the recent rumor of and denial by Nintendo about ending the production of the Wii U, how have you felt thus far about the console?

The Wii U has been one of my, if not my all-time, favorite console(s) to play! 42.56% (1,038 votes)
The system has been fantastic, but the library has been a little lackluster. 26.497% (646 votes)
The games for the Wii U are awesome, but the console itself isn't too great! 17.34% (423 votes)
It's not bad overall, but I much prefer older Nintendo systems or other competitors' hardware. 8.77% (214 votes)
I can't stand the Wii U! It's one of the worst gaming systems ever made. 1.03% (25 votes)
Wii U?! I hardly know you! 3.81% (93 votes)
Total Votes: 2,439


  • Which Version of M&S at Rio Olympic games would you buy?: Looks like something else will also have to deal with a lot of tomatoes and people weirdly calling out the name of a Mario ghost enemy. More than half of the voters would give this game a pass, but we do have a healthy 28.05% of those who want at least the Wii U version. Why do few people want the 3DS version? Here's the catch: it restricts your favorite characters barring Mario, Sonic, and Miis to just one or two events in the entire game! Even if you are a Mario, Sonic, or a Mii fan, that's nothing to get excited about. And there might be more, but that's my biggest issue with it, and Mario's my favorite character. Unfortunately for the Mario & Sonic series, from forum posts to low article quality in this wiki (yes, we admit that the Mario & Sonic content in this wiki look pitiful) most people, including me, aren't exactly exploding with hype for these games, and Nintendo hasn't devoted much time to these two games in their Nintendo Directs either. The poll results show exactly this, so this is probably yet another Olympics for Mario and Sonic that will bomb.
  • Starlow: For the considerable amount of 16.07% of voters who chose the last option, we will direct you to Starlow's page shortly, and there, you will expand your ever-increasing powerful knowledge of Mario. Otherwise, Starlow has lukewarm reception, a little bit positive, but she doesn't seem to be quite a lasting influence on our MarioWiki visitors. Overall, though, more people like Starlow than not, even though she has received a fair few complaints in our community, most of them being that Starlow is dispensable and overstayed her welcome.
  • Paper Mario: Color Splash: Well, well, at least to those who visit MarioWiki and are wonderful enough to cast a vote in the front page, Paper Mario: Color Splash has gotten a fair amount of interest. Of course, the game is just announced, so it's understandable that people like to see more rather than write off Color Splash. Sticker Star, which Color Splash so far closely resembles, might have disappointed more than a few, and this game might be a fallout rather than a bombastic splash for them (the extremely negative option is a distant third on the poll), but overall, people are at least interested for another Mario RPG game.
  • Miitomo: It seems like Nintendo's Tomodachi-inspired smartpone-based completely-random application isn't a failure, after all. Of course, many of us are greedy and want Mario to arrive on smartphones. You never know.
  • Wii U: According to our poll, 42% of humans find the Wii U the BEST CONSOLE IN EXISTANCE. No bias at all.
  • How much do you worship Poochy?: The best for last: our April Fools poll! Yes, we've won an admirable amount of converts at gun-point with resounding love. We hope to win over more in the following years. People also show a surprising devotion to pay their electricity bill to avoid going to the Dark Side™, but alas, we have an unfortunate 119 who want to live in total darkness. We have a solution: expose them to the holy light of Poochy and listen carefully to our loving prayers. And then, maybe they'll pay their electricity bills for once.

We appreciate any sort of questions and comments on this poll. We've actually been considering improving the quality of the polls, as we've received a fair few unflattering complaints about them. If you have ideas, don't be afraid to shoot a personal message in our forums or a message in the talk pages of the Poll Committee members. Stay tuned for the next Poll Committee analysis with MrConcreteDonkey (talk) behind the wheel. Hope you have a blast!

Forum Update

Written by: MrConcreteDonkey (talk)

Hey everyone, welcome to another edition of the Forum Update, which has returned triumphantly(?) after I failed to send in a section last month. Of course, this means I'm going to cover both February and March.


I became a Global Moderator. I now have access to every board. Bow before your new rule- I mean, uh, I'm totally going to use this power for good. ban smasher


  • Mario15 was permanently banned for constantly making low quality posts, and ignoring people telling him to stop.
  • Drift (Driftmaster130 (talk)) and FireEevee's (EctoBiologist (talk)) temporary bans both ended.


In February, 167 topics were created. 7578 posts were made - 4258 posts less than January. 14 new members joined. The most users online at once was 214 - exactly the same as January's.

In March, 161 topics and 7799 posts were made. 16 new members joined, and the most online at once was 209.




(Bold means new entry and Italics mean inactive for at least the past month.)

Thread of the Month

Rest in Peace, Walkazo.


  • "you can tell it's quality because comments are disabled on youtube"' - Nabber
  • "there could be a whole set of tobawani emoticons, to express the four emotions that people feel: scared, hungry, swimming, and jumping" - 2257
    • "Shit man, that's like, my entire emotional range right there." - Mr. Edo
  • "help i am poor user with no friends" - Dr. Javelin


Currently ongoing are Stooben's 'Shroom Mafia III,, Baby Mario Bloops' Steven Universe Mafia and Nyrie's Nyrie's Meme(ish) Mafia.

Thanks for reading.

Community Report

Written by: LudwigVon (talk)

Hi readers! Welcome to the April issue of the Community Report. It shows our the latest goings-ons around the Super Mario Wiki – the promotions, the demotions, the recently passed and ongoing proposals.

(credit to YoshiKong (talk) for previously developing this coded table system, with some alterations made by Crocodile Dippy (talk))


  • None


Proposer Summary Outcome Deadline
Cheat-master30 (talk) Move Affiliate Buttons to the Wiki.

Proposal to upload icons of Super Mario Wiki's affiliates somewhere, so we know they won’t break whenever our affiliates change their file structure or move domain name. The proposer argues that the images are currently hotlinked from various other places on the internet and that when said sites update, the images often break.

5-0 (read more) April 3, 2016, 23:59
Bazooka Mario (talk) Rename instances of « Cancelled games and vaporware » to « Unreleased media ».

Proposal to rename instances of « Cancelled games and vaporware » to « Unreleased media ». The proposer argues that the current name does not cover other unreleased media of the Mario franchise such as the failed Mario Archie comic.

10-0 (read more) April 10, 2016, 23:59
3D Player 2010 (talk) Implement or Delete {{Mario Party boards}}.

Proposal to create a template for Mario Party boards. The proposer argues that this template would allow easier navigation and support its implementation for that reason.

7-0 (read more) April 12, 2016, 23:59


Proposer Summary Outcome Deadline
Mario jc (talk) Merge Wooden Block with Hard Block.

Proposal to merge the Wooden Block, a kind of block that appear in Super Mario Bros. 3 with Hard Block, arguing that they are the same block with a different name and in Super Mario Maker, the Wooden Block replaces the Hard Block in the Super Mario Bros. 3 style.

9-0 (read more) March 24, 2016, 23:59


Proposer Summary Link Deadline
Wildgoosespeeder (talk) New Additional {{image-quality}}-Like Tags.

Proposal to create additional rules and categories for image quality. The proposer argues that there isn't much of a definition to image quality and that currently, this leaves too much room for interpretation, which can lead to conflicts.

1-2 (read more) April 16, 2016, 23:59 GMT


  • None

NOTE:All stats and figures included in this section were correct as of April 11th.

That’s all for the April edition of the Community Report. Thank you for taking the time to read it and take the time to look and participate to current proposals.

Retro Feature

Written by: Yoshi876 (talk)

Used in case of images missing from a section gallery, table, bestiary box, or certain infoboxes.
First article: Faing Into Obscurity, Issue XXI
Last article: Fading Into Obscurity, Issue XXI
Sections Written: Main Team: 1
Positions held: Contributor

Hello, readers! I'm your Spotlight manager and Pipe Plaza Director, Yoshi876. Welcome to Retro Feature, a section in which I delve deep into the archives to bring you the best blasts from the past. This time I bring a section from MrYoshbert.

MrYoshter joined the Super Mario Wiki on 9 September 2009 and joined The 'Shroom in Issue XXI writing the Fading Into Obscurity section for the main team. This would sadly, however be his only contribution to The 'Shroom, which is a shame because as you can see below it is actually quite a good section. It has also become quite a popular section with several writers having written it, most recently KP (talk). However, like the section MrYoshter himself has faded into obscurity, as he doesn't feature within our own Writer History.

Fading Into Obscurity

by MrYoshbert (talk)

Welcome to the first-ever edition of Fading Into Obscurity, where I will talk about some of the lesser-known characters in the Mario games. This also includes characters that don't appear in enough games, even though they have potential to, like this month's subject.

To start things off, let's talk about Bowser's seven terrible juvenile delinquent children, the Koopalings (or Koopa Kids, if you must).

The kids made their debut working alongside their Koopa King daddy in Super Mario Bros. 3, by changing all of the rulers of the Mushroom Kingdom's seven regions into animals (or other Mario enemies in the Super Mario All-Stars and Super Mario Advance remakes). Their names... Well, this is perfect time for a roll call!

Each Koopaling would pilot one Airship, which serves as the final level in every world except World 8, where Mario (or Luigi) must make his way across the cannonball-Rocky Wrench-Bullet Bill-infested flying contraption. In battle, the Koopaling uses his or her magic wand to fire energy blasts at the Mario Brother. Once defeated, the kid flees, and leaves his wand behind. Mario will then use the wand to change that specific world's king back to his original form.

The Koopalings once again came back in Super Mario World, helping Bowser in his conquest to take over Dinosaur Land. Those hooligans kidnapped seven of Yoshi's friends, and trapped them in eggs, hiding them in a castle. The kids had different and varying types of battling here: Iggy and Larry had to be pushed off a single platform into the lava below; Morton and Roy had to defeated with a stomp to the head three times; Wendy and Lemmy pretty much had a "Wanted!" (a minigame from Super Mario 64 DS and New Super Mario Bros.) style boss battle, where Mario had to guess the real Koopa Kid in a crowd of fakes; and Ludwig... well... he had a much different approach: three stomps to the head does him in, but he breathes fire! And he jumps! Wow.

Even though Mario and Luigi always foil Bowser's plans, Bowser will always come back for more, and he will always drag his children into his schemes. The Koopalings posed as threats once more in Yoshi's Safari, where they had giant robots (!!!), and again in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, where, under Bowletta's command, tried to stop the Mario Bros. from reaching the big boss him- her- ITself.

And after that... we never saw them again...thanks to a certain little brat that was recently introduced at the time...

Super Mario Galaxy promotional artwork: Bowser Jr.

Yeah, you know who I'm talking about.

Since Bowser Jr.'s appearance, the Koopalings were not seen much anymore... It's such a shame, really. They had sooo much potential.

I mean, they could have made great playable characters in the Kart/Golf/Tennis/spin-off games! Heck, they were supposed to be bosses in Super Princess Peach, but they got scrapped at the last minute! They had some good-looking sprites, too (see the 'Beta Elements' article here if you want to take a good look for yourself.) New Super Mario Bros. would've been a great place for the seven terrible children to make an appearance, but... Yeah, Nintendo wanted to have Bowser Jr. the Koopa King's one and only son. What, did Bowser ground the Koopalings for 10 years or so just because they failed so many times in trying to beat Mario? In lieu of their long absence, that sounds like a pretty good explanation to me.

Thankfully, Nintendo didn't forget about the reptilian rugrats, because recent news of the upcoming New Super Mario Bros. Wii confirms that the Koopalings will, without a doubt, return! They'll be there are end-world bosses, too! Oh yeah, Bowser Jr. will be there as well. Yippee. I can see it now: Bowser, BJ, Iggy, Roy, Larry, Lemmy, Wendy, Morton, and Ludwig all going against Mario (and maybe Luigi and two Toads) as one big evil family! Yes... this will be the beginning of the revenge of the Koopalings...

Tune in next month, where we will be talking about everyone's favorite alien, Tatanga! Until next time!

The 'Shroom Report

Written by: Tucayo (talk)

Hello, and welcome to another issue of The 'Shroom Report. As a reminder, in the Milestones section, writers will get mentioned every 10 sub-team sections and every 50 all-time sections, teams will get mentioned every 100 sections, and The 'Shroom will get mentioned every 500 sections. All information is based off our Historical Sheets. This section will cover Issue 108.

Tables are based off the End-of-the-Year Awards tables, so credit goes out to Crocodile Dippy (talk).
First-time Writers
Writer Section

Writer/Team Milestone
Andymii (talk) 20 Fun Stuff sections
Crocodile Dippy (talk) 10 Palette Swap sections
Yoshi876 (talk) 60 Pipe Plaza sections
20 Critic Corner sections
Pipe Plaza Team 500 all-time sections

Most Sections Written
Team Writer Number of Sections
Main/Staff Super Mario Bros. (talk) 127
Fake News Ralphfan (talk) 97
Fun Stuff Henry Tucayo Clay (talk) 121
Palette Swap FunkyK38 (talk) 99
Pipe Plaza Paper Yoshi (talk) 113
Critic Corner Crocodile Dippy (talk) 73
Strategy Wing Stooben Rooben (talk) 15
Overall Henry Tucayo Clay (talk) 276

'Shroom Trivia
Out of all non-guest sections, Walkazo's The Adventures of Little Mario has the highest percentage of SOTM wins since the system was put in place, earning the recognition an astounding 89% of the times.

We will miss you, Walk. Rest in peace.

Anniversary Announcements

Written by: Lakituthequick (talk)

NSMB2's biggest secret is that it has a Game Over screen.”
NSY (Talk Page · Forum Profile)

On 27 March, our dear veteran MarioWiki staff member, Walkazo (talk), has passed away in a traffic accident. Words cannot describe the feeling we, and with us a lot of other people in the community, felt upon hearing this news.
Our condolences go out to Walkazo's family and friends. Walkazo, you will be dearly missed. Rest in Peace.

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night dear reader. You've come to the place where the (imaginary) cookies are. Oh, and the latest news about the Awards of course. But also cookies. c0oK132.png

First of, there has been a small shift in the committee. Super Mario Bros. (Talk Page · Forum Profile) has stepped down from his position as host of the 'Shroom Awards because he lacks the necessary time to properly handle the task. In his place has come our fellow RandomYoshi (Talk Page · Forum Profile). SMB hasn't left us though, and will still be present within the committee.

Then a big change in the Awards: the Userpedia Awards have been rebranded as the User Awards. Userpedia itself has become more of an archive, but the community is still bustling as ever.

The User Awards' first Award, Favorite Retired User, will not be present this year, and it's spot will instead be dedicated to Walkazo. The User Awards will also be held before the 'Shroom Awards for this.

Meetings' time. Kamek and Paper Kamek have been added to A15 Hardest Boss and Shiny RoboBowser has been added to A27 Favorite Boss Battle. After that, A1 Favorite Game Soundtrack was renamed Best Sound Design so also covers in-game sound effects that create the entire ambience. Lots of idea's for the Fail Awards have been coined, to be discussed in Meeting 4.

Refer to this document for a full list of nominees. All that is marked in yellow in this document is yet to be discussed.

Meeting 3: 18 March 2016Logs
# Name Additions Removals
Notes (if applicable)
A1 Best Sound Design (renamed) - -
This award was renamed from Favorite Game Soundtrack to also cover the in-game sound effects that create the entire ambience.
A26 Favorite 3D Level (new) Toy Time Galaxy
Good Egg Galaxy
Gusty Garden Galaxy
Whomp's Fortress/Throwback Galaxy
Grandmaster Galaxy
Cosmic Cove Galaxy
Bob-omb Battlefield
Tick Tock Clock
Pinna Park
Sirena Beach
Delfino Plaza/Airstrip
Mount Must Dash
The Great Tower of Bowser Land
Champion's Road
World 2-3 (SM3DL)
World 5-2 (SM3DL)
Special 7-3 (SM3DL)

Meeting 4 consisted mostly of filling in nominees for new awards and removing several Fail awards. Favorite Art Direction was revamped as Favorite Art Style to better suit the theme.

Meeting 4: 26 March 2016Logs
# Name Additions Removals
Notes (if applicable)
A8 Favorite Art Style (revamped) Retro sprites
Yoshi's Island series
Donkey Kong Country series
Main 3D series
Paper Mario series
Mario & Luigi series
Yoshi's Story
Yoshi's Woolly World
Wario Land: Shake It!
Super Mario Strikers
Paper Mario
Super Paper Mario
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Donkey Kong Country
Super Mario Sunshine
Super Mario Galaxy
This award was renamed and all nominees selected again to better suit the overall styles of the series, ignoring minor differences between entries in each series.
A13 Favorite Level Theme (new) Grasslands
Ghost Houses
A22 Favorite Super Mario Maker Design Element (new) Special effects
Winged enemies
Giant enemies
Koopa Clown Car
Pink Coins
Objects in Bill Blasters
Music Blocks
Spiny/Buzzy Beetle shell helmets
Level theme changes
Game theme changes
Stackable enemies
Mystery Mushrooms
A25 Favorite 2D Level (new) Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy (YI)
World 1-1 (SMB)
Poochy Ain't Stupid (YI)
Donut Plains 1 (SMW)
Forest of Illusion 3 (SMW)
Crescent Moon Village (WL4)
World 1-2 (SMB)
World 2-Pyramid (SMB3)
Donut Secret House (SMW)
Painted Swampland (NSMBU)
Arabian Night (WL4)
Bramble Scramble (DKC2)
Front Door (SMW)
Go! Go! Morphing! (YI)
World 8-7 (NSMBW)
F1 Worst Character Rosalina
F2 Worst Mario Party Board (removed)
Removed because the recent relevance of the Mario Party series, and because the results have gotten stale.
F3 Worst Item (removed)
Removed because of the usage of all items being completely different in different contexts.
F4 Worst Paper Mario Sidekick (removed)
Removed because the recent relevance of the Paper Mario series.

In the fifth meeting, the favourite game awards were finalized, and the Fail Awards were continued. Two were removed, and two were redefined.

Meeting 5: 1 April 2016Logs
# Name Additions Removals
Notes (if applicable)
A29 Favorite Classic Game - -
A30 Favorite Modern Game Super Mario Maker
Yoshi's Woolly World
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
F5 Worst Level Concept Automatic Levels (Super Mario Maker)
Restrictively Low Timers
F6 Worst Spin-off Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
Mario Kart Arcade GP games
Mario Kart Arcade GP
Mario Kart Arcade GP 2
F7 Worst Enemy - -
F8 Worst Mario Kart Course - -
F9 Worst Final Smash (removed)
This award was removed as it is not a main Mario award.
F10 Worst Game Mechanic Extra Life system -
F11 Biggest Missed Opportunity Properly Representing Trans Issues Transphobia
F12 Worst Game Objective (renamed) General White chase (PM:TTYD) -
This award was renamed from Worst Quest because a 'quest' in this sense is something from RPG's, whilst an objective can occur everywhere.
F13 Most Underwhelming Boss (removed)
This award was removed because of the results getting repetitive.
F14 Worst Location - -
F15 Most Disappointing Game (renamed) - Mario is Missing!
Mario Teaches Typing & 2
Mario's Time Machine
Mario Clash
Renamed from Worst Game to avoid memes from taking over the award.

The sixth meeting was dedicated to the Fail Awards, most notably the adding of nominees for new awards.
Also discussed was how the dedication to Walkazo will be handled. At least known is that Favorite Retired User will be absent, and that the User and 'Shroom Awards will be swapped, so User will be first.

Meeting 6: 8 April 2016Logs
# Name Additions Removals
Notes (if applicable)
F15 Most Disappointing Game Yoshi's Island DS
Super Paper Mario
Mario Party 9
Diddy Kong Racing DS
Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition
Super Mario 64 DS
Super Mario 3D Land
Mario Party: Island Tour
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Mario Party 8
Super Mario Sunshine
F3 Worst 3D Level (new) Corona Mountain (SMS)
Lily Pad Ride/The Toxic Waterfall (SMS)
Pachinko/Pinball Secret (SMS)
Stone Cyclone Galaxy (SMG2)
Wing Mario Over the Rainbow (SM64)
Sling Pod Galaxy (SMG)
Rainbow Ride (SM64)
Twisty Trials Galaxy (SMG2)
Special 8-3 (SM3DL)
Rolling Gizmo Galaxy (SMG)
Boss Blitz Galaxy (SMG2)
Gold Leaf Galaxy (SMG)
Bubble Breeze Galaxy (SMG)
World 1-1 (SM3DL)
World 8-6 (SM3DL)

Rainbow Run (SM3DW)
Broken Blue Bully Belt (SM3DW)
Fuzzy Time Mine (SM3DW)

F9 Worst Direction of Series (new) Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Paper Mario
amiibo-centric/focused games
Mario Party
Mario Tennis
New Super Mario Bros.
Mario 3D games
F13 Worst Mario Party Minigame (new) Tug o' War
Bash 'n' Cash
Flip the Chimp
Crane Game
Day at the Races
BOWSER's Big Blast
The Beat Goes On
Game Guy Room
Pipe Maze
Right Oar Left?
Hot Rope Jump
Cheep Cheep Chance
Piranha's Pursuit
Skateboard Scamper
Cast Aways
Bob-omb Combo
Cheep Cheep Check
F2 Worst 2D Level (new) The Very Loooooong Cave (YI)
Tubular (SMW)
World 8-3 (SMB)
6-Secret (YI)
World 9-7 (NSMBW)
Lakitu's Wall (YI)
Mine Cart Madness (DKC)
World 8-Castle (SMB3)
Stampede Sprint (DKC3)
World 8-1 (SMB)
World 4-2 (SMB2)
World 7-8 (SMB3)
The Big Board (WL4)
Pendulum Castle (NSMBU)
Doodle Woods (WL4)
World 7-4 (SMB)
World 3-5 (SMB3)
World 6-4 (SMB3)
U1 Favorite Retired User (removed)
This award will be absent this year, and its slot, which will not be the default 5 minutes, will be dedicated to Walkazo.
U9 Favorite Community Game (removed)
Removed due to it not being well-defined. It will be replaced with a Wiki-contributor award, of which the nominees are to be decided by the Wiki staff.

The main focus of the seventh meeting where the User and 'Shroom Awards, in addition to a few Fail Awards.

Meeting 7: 15 April 2016Logs
# Name Additions Removals
Notes (if applicable)
F14 Worst Setting (rebranded) Subcon (SMB2)
Starship Mario + galaxies (SMG2)
Mushroom Kingdom (SM3DL)
Sprixie Kingdom (SM3DW)
Flip-/Flopside + dimensions (SPM)
Mushroom Kingdom (M&L:PiT)
Pi'illo Island (M&L:DT)
Party Cube (MP4)
Star Carnival (MP8)
Shroom City (MPA)
Party Islands (MP:IT)
Egg Island (YNI)
Transformed Wario Castle (WW)
DK Island/Crocodile Isle (DK64)
The Fun Fair + surrounding areas (MPL)
Banshee Boardwalk (MK64)

Cave (DKCR)
Corona Mountain (SMS)
Flipside/Flopside (SPM)
Long Fall Falls (PM:SS)
Star Carnival (MP8)
Subcon (SMB2)
The Toxic Waterfall/Lily Pad Ride (SMS)
Twilight Trail (PM:TTYD)

Rebranded because this award overlaps a lot with the favourite 2D and 3D levels, and because locations can vary in size and scope.
F4 Worst RPG area (new) Teehee Valley (M&L:SS)

Sammer's Kingdom (SPM)
Toad Town (M&L:PiT)
Joke's End (M&L:SS)
Merlee's Mansion (SPM)
Fahr Outpost (PM:TTYD)
Shroob Castle (M&L:PiT)
Twilight Trail (PM:TTYD)
Tubba Blubba's Castle (PM)
Long Fall Falls (PM:SS)
Bowser's Keep (SMRPG)
Flower Fields (PM)
Drybake Stadium (PM:SS)
The Overthere (SPM)
Dry Dry Desert (PM)
Oho Ocean (M&L:SS)
Sandshifter Ruins (PM:SS)
Dreamy Mount Pajamaja (M&L:DT)

U2 Favorite Written Fiction The Haunted Hotel
The Super Shroomy Stories
The Bad Guy Loses
U3 Favorite Comic The totally radically amazingly amazing adventures of anti-malware man & norton gordon
MarioWiki Saga
Mario Boards Dinosaur Comics
The Tonight Show
Trolls Island
U4 Favorite User Design GBAToad (wiki boards userpedia)
NEXandGBX (wiki boards userpedia)
U5 Favorite Artist The Pyro Guy (wiki boards userpedia)
Niiue (wiki boards)
Stargatedalek (boards)
MeritC (wiki boards userpedia)
Totodile3456 (wiki userpedia)
Smiley the Hun (boards)
U6 Favorite 2015 Awards Presentation S1. Favorite Directing Staff - Dippy
S7. Best Use of Images - Anton
S3. Favorite Core Staff - MCD
S5. Favorite Veteran Writer - SMB
S2. Favorite Team - Edo
U1. Favorite Retired User - tb + tfp
U3. Favorite Comic - Neptune
U10. Outstanding Community Achievement Award - Uniju
F1. Worst Character - Walkazo
F4. Worst PM Sidekick - MCD
F14. Worst Location - Gabumon
F15. Worst Game - Glowsquid
A1. Favorite Game Soundtrack (Original) - Stooben
A4. Favorite Mario Kart Course - LTQ
A15. Hardest Boss - Banjo
A22. Favorite Koopaling - Walkazo
A23. Favorite DK Character - tfp + Stooben
A16. Favorite Item - Gamefreak75
(everything from last year)
U7 Favorite Community Event - -
Opinions about this award are varying, leaning towards removing this award. This is to be discussed.
U8 Favorite Mafia Game - -
This award is planned to only contain Mafia games of the past year from now on, with nominees for this year to be decided.
U10 Outstanding Community Achievement Award Stooben Rooben (wiki boards userpedia)
RandomYoshi (wiki boards)
Tucayo (wiki boards userpedia)
Mario4Ever (wiki boards)
S1 Favorite Directing Staff RandomYoshi (wiki boards) -
S2 Favorite Team Strategy Wing Main Team
S3 Favorite Core Staff Superchao (wiki boards userpedia)
Mr. Edo (wiki boards userpedia)
2257 (wiki boards userpedia)
Andymii (wiki boards)
Tucayo (wiki boards userpedia)
Stooben Rooben (wiki boards userpedia)
Turboo (wiki boards userpedia)
RandomYoshi (wiki boards)
Mario4Ever (wiki boards)
Paper_Yoshi (wiki)
S4 Favorite Retired Writer Anton (wiki boards userpedia)
Marshal Dan Troop (wiki boards userpedia)
Palkia47 (wiki boards userpedia)
Walkazo (wiki boards userpedia)
Stooben Rooben (wiki boards userpedia)
Tucayo (wiki boards userpedia)
MST3K (wiki boards userpedia)
Superchao (wiki boards userpedia)
S5 Favorite Veteran Writer Andymii (wiki boards)
Stooben Rooben (wiki boards userpedia)
Tucayo (wiki boards userpedia)
Superchao (wiki boards userpedia)
Marshal Dan Troop (wiki boards userpedia)
Pyro (wiki boards userpedia)
Driftmaster130 (wiki boards)

And that was Anniversary Announcements for this month. Stay tuned for a new edition next month! Adieu!

All information above was correct as of 21 April 2016.

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