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Species Lilligant
Age and Birthday 14
April 7th, 2001
Occupations Interviewing Mario characters, ruining fun, being a tsundere
Has Style? Grace?
A funny face?
Get out of my house.
NEXandGBX's Userbox Tower
SMW Fire Flower.jpg
Pikachu SSBM.png

Hey, uh, I'm NEXandGBX, but you can call me Nex. I don't edit this wiki all that often, but you can hit me up on my talk page, shoot me a PM on the forums, or get in contact anywhere else you can find me if you need to talk to me about something.

Subpages and other places you can find me around

User:NEXandGBX/sig - Should be fairly obvious.

Super Mario Boards - The place I'm generally most active around.

MarioWiki IRC - In most cases, I'm under the name NEXandGBX. I use NEXaway when I'm away, NEXasleep when my computer is on while I'm sleeping, and NEXandGBXandKnuckles when I get disconnected.

Userpedia - When I'm around, I'm usually just editing my own page. Feel free to click there if you want to know more about me as a user.

Userpedia Forums - I'm about as dead as the forums themselves are.

Reddit - You'll usually see me hanging around /r/smashbros.

Inkipedia - Where I am a squid but also in fact a kid.

Steam - I should get to playing more of the games I have on here.

Owned games

Virtual Console games are counted as their usual selves. Games I've lost or don't own anymore are not counted.

Mario series

i'll get to listing other games i own sometime but there's a lot of them so i won't bother with it right now