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So, you've come across this page. I don't really care much for this user page business, given that most of them look like Myspace for wiki contributors, but hey, it gets rid of that annoying red link in the navbar.

About Me

You really want to know?

Well, I'm not saying much. Maybe it's because I'm slightly older than a lot of people on today's gaming forums, but I kind of grew up with the rule 'don't give out personal information to people you don't know'.

As a result, I have never given out my name, location in any sense more specific than the country, my exact age or my photo. Numerous good reasons exist for this.

If you still want any information for whatever reason, I come from somewhere in the UK, and work in web development/marketing. But that's pretty vague, isn't it?

As for my gaming interests:

Favourite Game: Wario Land 4

Other Favourites:

Cheat-master30's Userbox Tower

Gaming Sites

I am involved in running Gaming Reinvented and Wario Forums. My username on both is CM30, in case you somehow didn' figure that out.

As far as being a member on gaming sites goes... I'm pretty much on every possible Nintendo and gaming related website you can think of. And every admin/webmaster related site you can think of. And Reddit. And Voat. And... well, pretty much every site in general. If I had to list all the forums I'd ever been part of, it would probably involve a list that's three whole pages or more long, with one line per site.

I used to be a writer on Waluigious, until Artemendo shut the site down. If you want to read any of my (embarassingly awful) old works, they can now be found at Super Luigi Bros:

Super Luigi Bros Articles

You'll have to click through to see if they're by me though, the guy who runs the site posts all content under his own account.

Fan Games

I am a frequent contributor to Mario Fan Games Galaxy and SMW Central. For the former, you can find my sprites and submissions here:

CM30's Submissions - MFGG

For the latter, my submissions are here:

Cheat-master30's Submissions - SMW Central

If you want to try out my actual fan games/SMW ROM hacks, the links are below:

I also review Mario fan games and ROM hacks, if you've got any that need reviewing for some reason.

Edit: Final link removed, since the new demo for Mario's Nightmare Quest is in development and will completely replace the old one. Well, that and the forum site it was hosted on was closed down a few years ago. Guess that's important too.

Pages I Created

Quite a few: