Bone Yogan Lift

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A Bone Yogan Lift in New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Bone Yogan Lifts are platforms appearing in New Super Mario Bros. 2, resembling a Spine Coaster version of a Skull Raft. They have heads resembling Dry Bones and sail across lava. Two Hone Lifts appear in World 6-2. When Mario or Luigi first land on them, their eyes glow with a vocal cue and they sail along the lava. Once a Bone Yogan Lift has reached its stop, Mario or Luigi can ground pound its head to make it spit out a large amount of coins, or even a 1-Up Mushroom. Three Bone Yogan Lifts are also featured on the Third Course of the Platform Panic Pack, with the latter having one body segment and remaining in place. Two Bone Yogan Lifts also appear in the Third Course of the Coin Challenge Pack C DLC, where they were noticeably missing the head and move along the descending and ascending lava flow.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Lift Yogan Bone[1]
Hone Rifuto
Bone Lava Lift

Bone Lift; alternate spelling shared with Hone Lift


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