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Donkey Kong awakening Tim

Tim is a giant fish with barbels in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. He is found in an apparent dead end near the beginning of Amiss Abyss, where he cannot be seen initially as the area is shrouded in darkness. However, by scattering a nearby school of bioluminescent fish with a corkscrew, the area will light up and reveal Tim sleeping in a grotto in the background. Tim immediately wakes up and collapses the wall on the right, then retreats deeper into the grotto, disappearing completely. With the dead end destroyed, the Kongs can proceed through the level as normal.

A Blue Finley resides in the same area and will be killed by Tim during the motions, unless it was defeated beforehand.


  • It appears that Tim's area resets after reaching a certain point in the level, as going back to the room after reaching a certain point reveals that the wall is back. Striking a school of bioluminescent fish will reveal Tim sleeping in the same spot he was at before waking up. Unlike previously, however, Tim will not wake up.