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Neville, the bookish father, the first portrait ghost encountered.
“They used my machine to free Boolossus from the painting...then they went and turned all my other portraits back into ghosts, too!”
Professor E. Gadd, Luigi's Mansion

The portrait ghosts (sometimes capitalized[1]) or gallery ghosts[2] are ghosts in Luigi's Mansion and its Nintendo 3DS version who were converted into paintings at one point.


Luigi's Mansion / Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS)[edit]

According to Professor E. Gadd, the first twenty one portrait ghosts and Boolossus (No. 22)[3] were released from their paintings by Boos under the command of King Boo. Luigi has to vacuum up all of the portrait ghosts (except for a few "optional ghosts" like Mr. Luggs) using the Poltergust 3000. Captured portrait ghosts are returned to their paintings via the Ghost Portrificationizer. The frame and the style of the portraits change depending on how Luigi fares against the ghost. All of the portraits were given new designs in the Nintendo 3DS remake.

Sepia tone pictures can be found in many rooms of the mansion. These pictures look similar to each ghost that inhabits the room they are in, suggesting these pictures may be depicting these ghosts when they were alive. Pictures resembling Neville, Lydia, Nana, Vincent Van Gore, Spooky, Chauncey, Mr. Whirlinda, Slim Bankshot, Henry and Orville, and Sue Pea can be seen in the Parlor, Study, Nursery, Ball Room, Billiards Room, Twins' Room, and Guest Room.

Mario Kart series[edit]

Some of the portrait ghosts reappear in the Mario Kart series in GCN Luigi's Mansion and DS Luigi's Mansion, which were replaced with generic Boo portraits in later appearances.

List of portrait ghosts[edit]

Area One[edit]

Name + gold frame Biography Location Life Heart quote Story requirement

Neville, the Bookish Father

Neville spends his afterlife reading all the books he missed while living. Study 100 Ho ho ho ho... Go ahead, try to find me. I can see you, but you cannot see me, ho ho ho ho... (GCN)/Ho ho ho ho... Go ahead, try to find me. I can see you, but you cannot see me, ho ho ho ho... Anyhoo, I'm getting very sleepy... (3DS) Yes

Lydia, the Mirror Gazing Mother (GCN)/Mother in front of the mirror (3DS)

She's stashed her secret savings away to prepare for her long afterlife. Master Bedroom 100 Isn't my hair just gorgeous? Of course, I do spend a lot of time on it. I was so bored cooped up in that painting... Now I spend all my time in front of the mirror. It seems to scare people, though, so everything is coming up roses! Yes

Chauncey, the Spoiled Baby (boss)

He cries loudly and never sleeps through the night, but since he was born a ghost, this seems natural. Nursery 100 Horsey... rocky... horsey... (while sleeping)/Stay away! (while attacking) Yes

Area Two[edit]

Name + gold frame Biography Location Life Heart quote Story requirement
The Floating Whirlindas

The Floating Whirlindas, the Dancing Couple

Once the local waltz champions, they can no longer compete since their feet don't touch the floor. Ball Room 100 Male: So, you can see me? Well, that may be, but you will never find my weakness!

Female: I don't think this gent can even see us! (GCN)/Let us show him how we dance... (3DS)


Shivers, the Wandering Butler

He wanders the house, endlessly searching for his master's will. He hopes he's included in it! Butler's Room 100 Ah, the beautiful Melody will not even give me the time of day... What must I do to win her? Passion! Yes! That's it! I will show her I burn for her! My unbridled passion will scorch her soul! (before lighting his candelabra)/The burning flames of unbridled passion! Or... wait, how about the passionate flames of unbridled burning? (after lighting his candelabra) Yes

Melody Pianissima, the Beautiful Pianist

Despite playing moving melodies, she has a surly disposition. Oddly enough, she loves video games. Conservatory 100 Hmph! This ragamuffin looks as if he couldn't play a note! (default)/Show him the power of genius, my music sheets! (while attacking) Yes
Mr. Luggs

Mr. Luggs, the Glutton

He prefers all-you-can-eat buffets to three meals a day. He ate himself to death but still wasn't satisfied. Dining Room 100 No one can see me in this darkness! No one no one no one noooooooooo-one!/It's so bright here. Everyone can see me eat! ...I don't care, I'll just keep eating! (3DS only, after lighting the candles) No

Spooky, the Hungry Guard Dog

This creepy canine will sink its chops into any seemingly edible thing in sight. Boneyard 100 Woof woof woof! Yes

Bogmire, the Cemetery Shadow (GCN)/The black shadow of the graveyard (3DS) (boss)

A product of the mansion's fear and despair, he's not sure who to fear or what to despair these days. Graveyard 100 N/A Yes

Note: Although Luigi first meets Madame Clairvoya in Area Two, he captures her after he begins Area Three.

Area Three[edit]

Name + gold frame Biography Location Life Heart quote Story requirement
Biff Atlas

Biff Atlas, the Bodybuilder

This kind body builder loves muscles and lilies. Why lilies? They symbolize purity. Rec Room 100 Look at this buffness! I'm huge! How'd you like to be my punching bag, weakling? No
Miss Petunia Frame.png

Miss Petunia, the Bathing Beauty

The Miss Ghost runner-up from six years ago, she hasn't had much modeling work lately. Bathroom (2F) 100 Ahh...a piping hot shower! Yes

Nana, the Scarf-Knitting Granny

She's still knitting the scarf she never finished in life. It now stretches to 871 feet. Nana's Room 100 Hey, it's a funny man. Should I play with him? Yes
Slim Bankshot

Slim Bankshot, the Lonely Poolshark (GCN)/The lone competitor (3DS)

Slim's a legend in the world of competitive pool. Too bad he's never played a living soul. Billiards Room 100 You want some of this? No
Yes (Hidden Mansion only)
Henry and Orville Frame.png

Henry and Orville, the Twin Brothers (GCN)/The shy twin brothers (3DS)

The twins like to play hide and seek, but since they both hide, the game never seems to end. The Twins' Room 200 (100 each) Henry: SMASH!

Orville: Guh-waaaa!

No (Hidden Mansion only)
Madame Clairvoya Frame.png

Madame Clairvoya, the Freaky Fortune-Teller

Her close connection to the spirit world lets her see nearly 49 days into the future. Fortune-teller's Room 100 Destiny chooses our paths... Yes
Boolossus Frame.png

Boolossus, Jumbo Ghost (boss)

When the shy, timid Boos get together, their body and their attitude get BIG! Balcony (3F) 15 Boos N/A Yes

Area Four[edit]

Name + gold frame Biography Location Life Heart quote Story requirement
Uncle Grimmly

Uncle Grimmly, Hermit of the Darkness (GCN)/The hermit of the darkness (3DS)

Adrift in the darkness, he tends to keep to himself, which suits the rest of the family just fine. Wardrobe Room 100 Nobody will find me because I'm old, cranky and, by gum, people are afraid of me! Yes
Clockwork Soldiers

The Clockwork Soldiers, the Toy Platoon

They once belonged to a tightly-wound toy collector, but now they march on their own without any winding. Clockwork Room 300 (100 each) Green: The valve... The valve...
Blue: Squeak squeak
Pink: Heyyyyy, stooooppp lookkkinnnggg at meeee!
Sue Pea

Sue Pea, the Dozing Girl

What was meant to be a short nap seems to have turned into eternal rest for sweet Sue Pea. Guest Room 100 I won't wet the bed... I promise. No

Jarvis, the Jar Collector (GCN)/The pot collector (3DS)

He loves his antique jars so much that he now lives in one. He can hardly contain himself! Ceramics Studio 100 Go back to the woods, boyo! (3DS only) No
Sir Weston

Sir Weston, the Chilly Climber

This strange fellow's icy abode may be the reason he hasn't warmed up to being a ghost. Cold Storage 100 Darn, I love the cold, I mean, I just plain love it! Yes
Vincent Van Gore

Vincent Van Gore, the Starving Artist (GCN)/The unsold painter (3DS)

Despite failing to sell a single painting in 30 years, this stubborn man refuses to let his art die. The Artist's Studio 100 Now does he grasp zee power of my creations? Yes
King Boo and Bowser

Bowser and King Boo, the Dastardly Duo (GCN)/King of Boos (3DS) (final boss)

Nothing is known about this mysterious entity. (GCN)/The giant Boo adorned with a crown. It's hard at work on other evil plans involving the other Boos. (3DS) Roof/Secret Altar 500 N/A Yes


Luigi's Mansion[edit]

  • Instruction booklet description: "I collected famous ghosts from all over the world and turned them into paintings, but those darn Boos went and turned them all back into ghosts again! You've got to catch those ghosts so I can turn them back into paintings."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 絵画オバケ
Kaiga obake
Painting ghost

French (NOA) Fantôme du portrait
Ghost of the portrait
French (NOE) Fantôme de portrait
Portrait ghost
German Gemäldegeister
Painting ghost
Italian Fantasma ritratto
Portrait ghost
Spanish (NOA) Espíritu de lo cuadro
Spirit of the painting
Spanish (NOE) Espíritu de cuadro
Painting spirit


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