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A Pattan
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
Parent species Whomp

Pattans are miniature Whomps that appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2, being similar to Thwimps in that they are smaller versions of an already existing species that attempts to crush the player. Unlike normal Whomps, they only have one tooth, their faces are flatter, they have square, arm-less hands, and they are less rectangular. They only appear in the Throwback Galaxy mission Return of the Whomp King. They help the Whomp King in his battle against the player. In the second and third phases of the Whomp King battle, the king will stomp a foot to make three (five in the third battle phase) Pattans break off from the ground. After that, the Pattans will instantly start chasing after the player.

Three Pattans running towards Mario

Once they get close enough, they jump and land flat on their faces, attempting to crush Mario or Luigi. Unlike other Whomps, they only take a point of the player's health, instead of instantly depleting it. They are more fragile than regular Whomps; as such, they disintegrate as soon as they attack. The player can also knock back a Pattan by doing a spin or defeat it by performing a jump or Ground Pound. They disappear when the Whomp King tries to crush the player.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パタン[1]
Onomatopoeia for a light and solid material hitting the ground, and a nod to Battan; officially romanized as "Pattan"[2]
German Mini-Wummp Mini-Whomp


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