Egg Missile

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Egg Missile
PaperMario Items EggMissile.png
Paper Mario Description An egg Bomb made by Tayce T. Throw it to damage 1 enemy.

An Egg Missile is a projectile weapon that can be created by Tayce T. in the game Paper Mario. It appears as a regular egg, but with a lit fuse at the top.

Tayce T. can make one by cooking an Egg with a Fire Flower. The item does six damage to one enemy. It can be sold for the most money at the shop in Bowser's Castle, which will pay thirty coins. An Egg Missile does twice as much damage as a Fire Flower, but can only hit one target. The healing factor of the Egg itself is also removed when creating this item. Its explosive power was mentioned in a postcard from Tayce T., who says that it "knocked her off [her] feet" the first time she made it. For unknown reasons, using the Double Dip ability with this item on Lava Piranha will cause the game to crash. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Super Paper Mario, this item is replaced by the Egg Bomb which functions similarly.


Recipe Result
Egg + Fire Flower Egg Missile

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たまごバクダン[1]
Tamago Bakudan
Egg Bomb
French Oeuf Missile Egg Missile


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