Color Splash enemy
Super Ludsub
The Super Ludsub from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Location(s) Fort Cobalt
Type Normal
HP 30
Strong None
Weak Balloons
Moves Missile Attack (35), Missile Kill Attack (35), Missile Ground Attack (35)
Enemy class N/A
Card probability 0




Dropped items
Hammer Scraps 100
Red paint 6
Yellow paint 6
Blue paint 0
Orange paint 0
Green paint 0
Purple paint 0
“Gwehehe! It's pointless! Futile! No matter what attack you use, you can't hit my ship while it's underwater!”
Ludwig von Koopa, Paper Mario: Color Splash

The Super Ludsub is a vehicle that Ludwig von Koopa uses in Paper Mario: Color Splash. It is used during the second phase of his boss battle. After the Super Ludship is sunk, Ludwig emerges in the Super Ludsub. Mario cannot attack Ludwig in this state, due to the Ludsub being too far away. Ludwig's only attack while in the Ludsub, done on the second turn, is to launch a stream of missiles that deal 35 damage each. To lift the Ludsub out of the water, Mario must use the Balloons Thing. The Ludsub floats up and flies closer to Mario, and falls and explodes after he attacks it. Mario must deal damage to Ludwig directly until he is defeated and surrenders the blue Big Paint Star.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパー・ルドマリン
Sūpā Rudo-marin
Super Ludmarine

French (NOA) Super Sous-Lud
Super Sub-Lud
French (NOE) Superméga sous-marin
Supermega submarine
Italian Supermega sottomarino di Ludwig
Ludwig super mega submarine
Portuguese Supersubmarino do Ludwig
Ludwig's Supersubmarine
Spanish (NOA) Superludmarino
Spanish (NOE) Supersubmarino de Ludwig
Ludwig's Super-Submarine