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Koopa-Troopa (sometimes just referred to as Troopa) is a recurring Koopa Troopa that appears The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Koopa-Troopa is one of the three main members of King Koopa's Koopa Pack along with Mouser and Tryclyde and usually appears alongside them.


The Ten Koopmandments

Koopa-Troopa first appears riding in an Ostro drawn chariot with the rest of the main members of the Koopa Pack. Koopa-Troopa then arrives wielding a sword prepared to fight Luigi, Mario, Princess Toadstool only for them to accidentally get hit with pies by The Three Mushrooms. With the heroes knocked out and captured in a net, Koopa-Troopa and the Koopa Pack take them to and trap them in a pyramid. Koopa-Troopa and the rest of the main members of the Koopa Pack later appear chasing after the heroes in the Ostro drawn chariot through the newly parted Red Sauce Sea only for Mario to fill the gap with the magic staff. With the sea back to the way it was previously, Koopa-Troopa and the rest of the main members of the Koopa Pack are whisked alway by the strong flowing sauce. He appears wearing a snake headpiece and a towel wrapped around his waist throughout the episode.

Karate Koopa

Koopa-Troopa appears with the other main members of the Koopa Pack wearing black and white makeup drinking Koopa-Kola. When Mario appears to fight Karate Koopa, Koop-Troopa, Mouser, and Tryclyde all flee from the castle.

The Provolone Ranger

Troopa makes his first only appearance without Mouser and Tryclyde in this episode.Troopa first appears alerting Billy the Koopa that Mario and co. are coming near with their stagecoach with a chest of gold coins on top. He hijacks the stagecoach and kicks Mario off to then steal the chest of gold coins and take Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad prisoner at Double Cross Ranch. He later appears after being shot with the Provolone Ranger's calling card, a silver plumber's helper, warning Billy the Koopa of the masked plumber. When the Provolone Ranger and Pronto are cornered in a canyon, Troopa and several other Koopa Troopas appear riding Ostros and attempt to shoot the Provolone Ranger with Cobrats only for him to dodge them all using his new tricks that he learned from Pronto.

Pronto then runs next to Troopa and steals his two Cobrats and throws them in a pole with the other Koopa Troopa's Cobrats. After being captured by a Pokey, Pronto is hoisted onto Troopa's Ostro where he then takes him back to Double Cross Ranch. After the Pokey alerts Troopa and Billy the Koopa that the Provolone Ranger is approaching their hideout, Troopa climbs to the top and attempts to subdue him. Troopa throws Cobrats and uses one to shoot bullets at the Provolone Ranger only for him to easily dodge the projectiles.

After being shot in the foot with the Provolone Ranger's calling card, Troopa falls off the and into an Ostro's drinking trough. After the Provolone Ranger shoots the lock on an Ostro pen, the Ostro's trap Troopa under their water trough. Troopa appears wearing a cowboy hat and a buckle throughout the episode.

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