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Toad is cool. That’s all I’ll ever have to say. ValiantComics-Toad.jpg ToadDICCartoons.png Toad New 3DS Plate Cover.png Toad2.jpg ToadSMB2ArtOld.jpg Toad kicking Wario Woods artwork.jpg KinopioPose.PNG ToadG&W2Chef.JPG MP6 Toad.jpg MKDS Toad Artwork.png Toad MPIT.png Toad Running Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World.png MK8-Line-Toad-Safety.gif Builder Toad.png Toad render.gif ToadSMA.gif Toadwin.gif Toadlose.gif Toadangry.png ToadWWDWin.gif PsycBike Toad.png BSMB Toad Icon.png ToadModelSM64.png Redinthefacetoad.PNG MKDSToadModel.png SMBSSToad.jpg ToadWarrior.jpg Toad helemet.jpg