Greed $chool Test

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Greed $chool Test
Screenshot of Greed $chool Test
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Adobe Flash
Release date 2001[citation needed]
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Media HTML
Input Mouse

Greed $chool Test was an online Adobe Flash game published by Nintendo that could be played alongside 3 other games on the Welcome to Greedville microsite, made to promote the release of Wario Land 4 on the Game Boy Advance.


The game is a multiple-choice quiz, with each question having 4 potential answers. There are 20 questions in total, all of which have to be answered the way Wario would answer them, thus having the player think like Wario. At the end of the test, the player gains 20 Wario Bucks.


Answers formatted in bold are the correct answers.

1. Q: Wario is going to town. Jane gives him $10 to buy eggs. Eggs cost $2 a dozen. How many eggs will Wario come back with?
A. Five
B. 12
C. 60
D. None, of course
2. Q: What is the only Monopoly piece a decent person would think of using?
A. Shoe
B. Moneybag
C. Dog
D. Thimble
3. Q: What is the saddest moment in English literature?
A. James Bond foiling Goldfinger's plot to rob Fort Knox
B. Robin Hood stealing from the kindly Sheriff of Nottingham
C. Ebenezer Scrooge suddenly making nice
D. "Sniff, sob. They're all so tragic!"
4. Q: If Wario found a bag of money that had fallen from an armored car, he would
A. Call the police
B. Call the armored car company
C. "Money? What money?"
D. Call a TV station
5. Q: What is considered the most beautiful word in the English language?
A. Dollar
B. Valor
C. Kindness
D. Love
6. Q: What is the greatest moment in the history of Nintendo games?
A. Samus Aran defeating Mother Brain in Super Metroid
B. Link saving the world in Majora's Mask
C. The opening screen of Wario Land 4
D. Mario saving Princess Peach in any game
7. Q: Who is the greatest composer of all time?
A. Beethoven
B. Mozart
C. Bach
D. Whoever wrote "Theme to Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"
8. Q: If Wario were offered a bag of gold, a bag of diamonds and a bag of rubies, his response would be
A. "Thanks for the gold."
B. "Diamonds are a man's best friend."
C. "I'll treasure these rubies forever."
D. "Give me all three!"
9. Q: A stack of a million dollar-bills would reach
A. Shaq's chin
B. Not nearly high enough!
C. The top of Mt. Rushmore
D. The Moon
10. Q: When writing out a chemical formula, what symbol should be used for gold?
A. Tn
B. Sn
C. $
D. Gd
11. Q: What is your best source for honest and fair and balanced news?
A. Greedville Post Office
C. Fox News
D. MAD Magazine
12. Q: Tomorrow's Blood Pressure, Driftwood and the Island Dog and Soft Shell are all
A. New STARZ! miniseries
B. CDs collected by Wario
C. Songs for Britney Spear's rumored Gothic Rock project
D. Actual names of towns in New Mexico
13. Q: When bored, Wario...
A. Knits leggings for Peach
B. Thinks kind thoughts about Mario
C. Resolves to stop tying Luigi's shoelaces together
D. Skips rope, lifts weights
14. Q: The face of what handsome video-game star is emblazoned on the ball in Wario's Homerun Derby?
A. Toad
B. Yoshi
C. Mario
D. Wario. And those other guys can only dream about being good-looking
15. Q: Vizorman, Large Lips, and Black Dragon are all...
A. Power-ups for sale in Wario Land 4's item shops
B. Candidates for Homecoming King at Greed School
C. Chat room names of the Backstreet Boys
D. Villains in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II"
16. Q: What happens when Wario catches fire?
A. He melts
B. Matches are banned from Greed School
C. He runs around like his pants are on fire, then turns to ash
D. What's that for dessert? It's Fricasseed Wario
17. Q: Which bizarre event happens in Wario Land 4?
A. Lava turns to ice
B. Sea monsters try to eat Wario
C. Stinging insects pump Wario full of hot air
D. All of the above
18. Q: If Wario is changed into a zombie, how can he change back?
A. Stop watching stupid TV
B. Fall in water or jump into light
C. Go to "Zombies R' Us"
D. Visit paranormal researcher E. Gadd in Luigi's Mansion
19. Q: What is the world's most beautiful building?
A. Parthenon
B. Taj Mahal
C. Wario Mart
D. Buckingham Palace
20. Q: As a matter of fact, Wario is not perfect. What is his only character flaw?
A. Greedy
B. Selfish
C. Mean
D. Excessive modesty