Chain Chomp Racing Chains

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A Chain Chomp Racing Chains trackside banner.

Chain Chomp Racing Chains is a sponsor that appears in Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The company presumably produces racing chains from the chains on the back of Chain Chomps for the racers to use. The trackside banners feature the Mario Party 8 artwork of a Chain Chomp, alongside the word "Chain Chomp" in red and "Racing Chains" underneath it in black. The chain at the top of the trackside banner is the same one from the Chain Chomp artwork, just rotated. The company is advertised by trackside banners, appears on a varnish and is also referenced on a map.

Chain Chomp Racing Chains are advertised using trackside banners in GBA Mario Circuit. In Super Bell Subway, Chain Chomp Racing Chains is listed under Exit C of the Local Information Map, and can be found in square D2. A white version of the Chain Chomp Racing Chains logo also appears on either side of the red and blue varnish of the Sport Bike.