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“This place looks sophisticated. A little TOO-phisticated for me. I'll keep quiet.”
Olivia, Paper Mario: The Origami King

Cafes[1] are areas in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Each one is marked by a Not-Bottomless Hole which, when filled, reveals a brown, mushroom-shaped door with a coffee cup on it. Each one features a different barista and customers who interact with Mario after he buys a drink. While the drinks have different names, they share the same cost of 100 coins and effect of healing all of Mario's HP. Visiting the cafes is not necessary for 100% completion.


Water Vellumental Shrine[edit]

A cafe can be found in a cavernous room of the Water Vellumental Shrine. It is run by a Koopa Troopa, with a Goomba and red Shy Guy as customers. When Mario orders a drink, the Koopa Troopa describes the cafe as a secret place for minions to relax, while the Goomba and Shy Guy argue over who is stronger.

Scorching Sandpaper Desert[edit]

The cafe in the Scorching Sandpaper Desert is located at the far right, past some ruins. Its barista is a Sledge Bro, while a Mini Goomba sits at the counter. The Sledge Bro serves Mario a small cup of coffee, and a giant cup to the Mini Goomba, who is then followed by a group of other Mini Goombas that begin drinking from it.

Shroom City[edit]

The cafe in Shroom City is found on the left side of the area, and is only accessible after destroying the yellow streamer. It is run by a Sombrero Guy who speaks in rhyme. After Mario buys some coffee, he begins playing a guitar song, while a nearby Ptooie and Dino Rhino join the performance.

Bonehead Island[edit]

On Bonehead Island, the cafe is found to the right of the skull structure. It is run by a Dry Bones, and its patrons include a Bone Goomba and another Dry Bones who has collapsed from exhaustion. Mario is served a bone to use as a spoon, with the Bone Goomba chewing on his own spoon.


A floating platform in Shangri-Spa takes Mario to a cafe door. It is run by Shangri-Spa Toads, who discuss and admire the cleaning services provided by the Koopa Troop. One Toad knocks over his cup of coffee, which is quickly cleaned and replaced by a red Shy Guy.

Spring of Rainbows[edit]

Next to the Spring of Rainbows is another cafe. The lighting is dimmer, and inside are three pink Snifits. They sell Mario a cup of ordinary black coffee, and remain silent while he drinks it. This drink does not restore Mario's HP. If Mario first declines to buy the coffee, they ask if he wants the "special." Buying it results in pink spotlights turning on, then Birdo appearing as her theme plays. She blows a heart into Mario's coffee cup, while the Snifits blow whistles in excitement.


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