Luigi Circuit (GCN)

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This article is about the race course from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and retro course in Mario Kart DS. For other race tracks with the same name, see Luigi Circuit.
Luigi Circuit
MKDD Luigi Circuit Overhead Artwork.png
Overview of the track in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Appearance(s) Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (2003)
Mario Kart DS (2005)
Cup(s) it appears in Mushroom Cup (MKDD)
Shell Cup (MKDS)
Based on Luigi Raceway
Staff Ghost 01:26.277 (MKDD)
(Mario & Luigi in the Red Fire)
1:29:759 by Ninten★おつぼ (MKDS)
(Luigi in the Poltergust 4000)
Wi-Fi No longer available (DS)
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Mario Kart DS

Course map
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!LuigiCircuitMap-MKDD.png
Mario Kart DS
MKDS Luigi Circuit GCN Map.png

Luigi Circuit is the first race track of the Mushroom Cup and All-Cup Tour in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. The track is a stretched figure of eight with ramps on the curves. Because of this, racers can see other racers going up the track while they are going down. In any setting except for 50cc, the guard rail is removed, and the racers can even collide with each other. To avoid cheating in the course, the drivers must go through the Dash Panel on both ramps in order to complete a lap. A Chain Chomp is located in the entrance of the first curve that approaches to the road often to bowl the karts that are very near to it. This track shares its music with Mario Circuit and Yoshi Circuit.

The course returns in Mario Kart DS as the final course of the Shell Cup.

Course layout[edit]

The track starts off next to what looks like a building for box seats with a garage below. Players can go left on the main road, or right, where it is explained below. In the background, a rank "A" mansion from the end of Luigi's Mansion can be seen. After the turn, players once again enters the merged lane on their way back up to the start/finish line to start the cycle again on the next lap. On the right a lake can be seen, but no life is seen in it. After the last wide turn the lap is completed. The course somehow appears to be based on the layout of Luigi Raceway from Mario Kart 64.


There are no shortcuts in the 50cc version of the track. If the difficulty is above 50cc, players can go far to the right side of the merged lanes to look up an alternate route with two Double Item Boxes. Players take this shortcut behind the Chain Chomp and reach quickly the slope with dash panels of the first corner. However, sometimes the shortcut may be blocked by the Chain Chomp. There is a similar path before the final turn.

Staff ghost[edit]

To unlock the staff ghost (using Luigi/Mario in the Red Fire kart), the player must achieve a time faster than 1:29.000.

Appearance in Mario Kart DS[edit]

Luigi Circuit returns in Mario Kart DS as the final course of the Shell Cup. This rendition of Luigi Circuit is almost identical to the original, although the long straightaways are notably wider and the shortcuts were removed. The barrier that was seen in 50cc in the original version has been removed completely. The blimp as seen in the GBA version of Luigi Circuit is also visible, but only in the demo version of the game. The background has also been reduced to a flat image instead of actual models. The course was playable over the game's Wi-Fi.

Staff ghost[edit]

1:29.759 using Luigi in the Poltergust 4000.


Mario Kart: Double Dash!![edit]

  • Instruction booklet bio: "Though the Chain Chomp is a bit noisy, this is a relatively peaceful course. The front straight and back straight run parallel to each other, so you'll see your rivals coming and going. Whether you opt for the outside line and the dash panels or cut it close and stay on the inside track is up to you."
  • North American website bio: "A great beginner’s course, Luigi Circuit has long straightaways and big, loping curves on either end."
  • European website bio: "Long and lanky, like Luigi himself, Luigi Circuit is also home to a Chain Chomp that snaps at any racers who dare to come close."

Mario Kart DS[edit]

  • European website bio: "Named after the taller of the two Mario brothers, Luigi Circuit aptly features two long straights where you can really put your foot down. These are topped and tailed by two banking curves covered with Dash Panels. But watch out for the hungry Chain Chomps!"



GCN appearance[edit]

DS appearance[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ルイージサーキット
Ruīji Sākitto
Luigi Circuit
Spanish Circuito de Luigi Luigi's Circuit
French Circuit Luigi Luigi Circuit
German Luigis Piste Luigi's Circuit
Italian Circuito di Luigi Luigi's Circuit
Korean 루이지 서킷
Ruiji Seokit
Luigi Curcuit