Not to be confused with Poison Mushroom.
Shroob shroom.PNG
A basic Shroob mushroom

Shroob mushrooms are light-purple mushrooms with white dots that appear in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. The Shroobs have the ability to fire purple energy bolts that turn anything they touch into Shroob mushrooms in a process; Toadiko, Toadbert, Kylie Koopa, and Baby Bowser are all known to suffer this fate. Characters who turn into Shroob mushrooms are said to be Shroobified.[1] These victims are all reverted when Professor E. Gadd spreads the tears of babies from the Hydrogush 4000 across the Mushroom Kingdom (in a process that Stuffwell describes as being able to re-Toadify them,[2] even if not all of them are Toads). Some Shroobs are also known to turn into these purple mushrooms when defeated, such as the Elder Princess Shroob. When Princess Shroob is disguised as Princess Peach, she holds a Shroob mushroom to her face. Shroob mushrooms have been rarely able to speak, such as after the Elder Princess Shroob gets defeated. Shroob Mushrooms surround the conquered Toad Town and Shroob Castle, appearing in various shapes and sizes; it is not clear if these are all transformed Toads or simply planted by the Shroobs as part of their conquest. They are a reference to the red weeds in The War of the Worlds.



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