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Fury Spikes[1] (generically referred to as falling spikes in the game's overview trailer[2]) are large, spike-shaped platforms created by Fury Bowser in the Bowser's Fury campaign of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. They have a color scheme similar to that of Fury Bowser, with a dark black top that transitions to a red-orange midsection and a sharp, bright yellow tip.

A Fury Bowser platform in Bowser's Fury

Fury Spikes rain down from the sky all throughout the islands of Lake Lapcat during Fury Bowser's rampages. Their sharp tips cause them to plunge into the ground and walls of the islands and their various structures. They appear very quickly after a rampage begins, at which point their landing spots are designated by a bright light that grows larger as they get closer to the ground or walls. Some Fury Spikes have a ? Block, coins, or a Mushroom Trampoline on them. Many Fury Spikes are placed in consecutive locations; their formations sometimes enable Mario to jump from one to another to scale the various structures of the islands in a different way.

Fury Spikes usually also appear near groups of Fury Blocks. If Mario coaxes Fury Bowser into firing a fury blast towards the Fury Blocks, he can hide behind a Fury Spike or other walls to avoid taking damage. However, shortly after the fire beam moves past a Fury Spike, it will break apart from the strength of the attack. When Fury Bowser stops rampaging, all Fury Spikes will break apart regardless.

A golden rock in Bowser's Fury

Golden, less common variants of Fury Spikes also appear alongside their normal counterparts. There are usually ? Blocks above them that have multiple coins inside. If a golden Fury Spike breaks apart, either from a fury blast or Fury Bowser's rampage ending, several coins will be released for Mario to collect, with the amount varying randomly. These coins vanish if they are not collected quickly enough.

When Fury Bowser begins rampaging, various bends, platforms, and ramps made of the same material as Fury Spikes will also rise from the waters of Lake Lapcat in areas between islands. They usually contain Dash Panels and Coin Rings. Mario, while riding Plessie, can use them to move more quickly, collect coins from the Coin Rings, or use the ramps to cross gaps of black goop.

In the later battles with Fury Bowser, he will dig into the ground to create many gigantic Fury Spikes at once as one of his attacks. The Fury Spikes will fall down from the air, with their landing spots designated by flashing red markers. Once they have landed, Giga Cat Mario can pick them up and throw them; if one makes contact with Fury Bowser while Mario is holding it, then Bowser will take damage and flip over into his shell for a short time. If Mario throws another Fury Spike at Fury Bowser while he is flipped, he will be sent a short distance and take damage, but remain flipped, leaving him vulnerable to a Ground Pound. The player can grab nearby Fury Spikes immediately after Ground Pounding, enabling them to quickly deplete large portions of Fury Bowser's health before he has a chance to attack.

Giant Bowser also uses normal-sized Fury Spikes as an attack in his battle, sending waves of them shooting across the water at Mario and Plessie. The latter can either jump over them or dive under them to avoid Mario taking damage.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フューリースパイク[1]
Fyūrī Supaiku
Fury Spike


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