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Yoshi's Crafted World
Yoshi Craft World - Box NA.png
Developer(s) Good-Feel
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release date Japan March 29, 2019
USA March 29, 2019
Europe March 29, 2019
Australia March 29, 2019
South Korea March 29, 2019
HK March 29, 2019
ROC March 29, 2019
Genre Platformer
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 3.svg - Three years and older
CERO:CERO A.png - All ages
USK:USK 6.svg - Six years and older
RARS:RARS 0+.svg - All ages
GSRR:GSRR P.svg - Six years and older
Mode(s) Single player
Nintendo Switch:
Media NS icon.png Cartridge
Media DL icon.svg Digital download
Nintendo Switch:

Yoshi's Crafted World is a title in the Yoshi franchise, the sixth main platform game starring Yoshi, and the follow-up to the Wii U title Yoshi's Woolly World, released for the Nintendo Switch on March 29, 2019. It was developed by Good-Feel, the developer behind Yoshi's Woolly World and its Nintendo 3DS port Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World. The game places a great emphasis on its 3D environments; Yoshi is able to aim eggs into objects that appear in the foreground and background and can travel through a psuedo-3D environment along yellow tape trails.

Unlike the previous game, the game adopts a hand-crafted art style, with every level being made to have a "theme of things crafted in kindergarten."[1] The Yoshis in particular are made out of a material called "flocky".[2] A variety of cardboard costumes are available to unlock within the game, including some based off of Nintendo Labo. The game also features amiibo support, with certain amiibo granting the player exclusive themed costumes.


The Sundream Stone

The Yoshis are seen resting on their island, gathered around the Sundream Stone, an artifact said to possess the power to make dreams come true. Suddenly, Kamek and Baby Bowser, who have heard the legend of the Sundream Stone, arrive at the island to take it for themselves. The Yoshis attempt to save the artifact from being stolen, which leads to its gems becoming detached. These gems are flung across multiple worlds, as are the Yoshis, Kamek, and Baby Bowser.

Multiple times over the course of the game, the Yoshis meet up with Kamek and Baby Bowser, in search of the gems. After a short conversation, Kamek creates a creature out of the surrounding landscape and pits it against the Yoshis. After defeating the boss, the Yoshis find one of the gems nearby and put it back into Sundream Stone.

After the Yoshis collect all the gems, Kamek steals them and grants Baby Bowser’s wish, creating a robot and then transforms Baby Bowser into a giant. After he is defeated, the Yoshis restore the Sundream Stone and wish to go home. The stone then creates a large ship that carries them back to their home island, which they continue to use as their base of operations.


Similar to previous Yoshi games, Yoshi can run, jump, lick up enemies, Flutter Jump, Ground Pound, and throw Yoshi Eggs/Poochy Pups. Conversely, Yoshi does not need to crouch anymore in order to turn an enemy into an egg, as this action is now performed automatically upon grabbing an enemy with the tongue. The mechanics of Yoshi's egg throwing have likewise changed considerably. Instead of an autonomously-moving cursor, Yoshi can freely aim the cursor anywhere on the screen, so that they can aim at objects in the foreground and background. When an object on a different plane is highlighted, the player can throw an egg at it, but eggs are otherwise restricted to a 2D plane. Yoshi can often travel between planes by following paths that connect them. While on one of these paths, Yoshi cannot ground pound, due to the down command being assigned to moving towards the player.

Like Yoshi's Woolly World, Yoshi has a health meter that can be replenished by Hearts, up to 20. These can be obtained by hitting certain Winged Clouds, reaching Checkpoint Bells, or hitting Roulette Blocks at the right time. Costumes can also be applied to Yoshi which allow him to take extra hits based on the costume's rarity (three for Common, four for Rare, and five for Super Rare/amiibo). These extra hits are replenished upon reaching a checkpoint, but if enough hits are taken, the costume is irreversibly destroyed for the rest of the level (though the costume can be reapplied from the World Map).

Each level contains a unique level style and features, such as spotlights that summon enemies if they spot Yoshi and ropes that he can swing off of. Generally, these features are only used in one level, though a few of them do make reappearances in Hidden Hills.

A number of levels in the game include alternative gameplay styles and challenges, often involving vehicles on auto-scrolling planes. In these, up to three Smiley Flowers can be collected based off how many points players get, with the exception of Solar Zoom, where it is instead based off how they place in the race.

Flip side

Each level (aside from boss fights and the levels in Hidden Hills) provide access to both the "front side" and the "flip side." The flip side gives a look at levels from the backside, often showing off how certain contraptions within the levels work, emphasizing the hand-crafted feel. The flip side can only be accessed upon beating the corresponding front side, and only after Poochy's Tape Trail has been completed.

In each flip side, the only collectibles remaining are Hearts, which are the only items available in Winged Clouds. Some souvenirs can also be found on the flip side.

Instead, three Poochy Pups can be found scattered throughout the level. They can be found in a variety of situations: jumping between bushes, hanging onto rotating blocks, or even riding on solar cars. Once touched, licked, or hit with an egg, the Poochy Pup will follow closely behind Yoshi. They can be used as projectiles that can return to Yoshi, effectively giving an infinite supply of eggs.

For each pup brought to the end goal, a Smiley Flower will be obtained. Additionally, if all three pups are brought to the goal under a certain time limit, Poochy will appear holding a fourth Smiley Flower in his mouth.


Each level has a variety of collectibles to obtain, each requiring different conditions to find. In addition to the Smiley Flowers strewn about each level, obtaining all of the collectibles of another type will give the player another Smiley Flower. Players do not need to collect all the collectibles in one run; previously-obtained Smiley Flowers and Red Coins will remain translucent upon replays.

Smiley Flowers are used to unlock new subworlds by paying a "toll" to the Blockafeller resting in front of it. Once all of them are collected, they can be paid to the big Blockafeller in Hidden Hills to unlock the Sundream Stone costume. Getting all the Smiley Flowers in a subworld will adorn the diorama with festive pinwheel flowers.

Blockafellers appear in each subworld to provide the Yoshis with missions to find souvenirs in the form of crafts, themed decorations that appear in the foreground or background. One at a time, Yoshi will be requested to find a certain number of the souvenir in a certain level. Once Yoshi finds and throws eggs at each of them, he can leave the level immediately, or continue to play through. Either way, after returning to the world map, the Blockafeller will give Yoshi a Smiley Flower as a reward and, if the are still uncollected souvenirs in the subworld, request another type of souvenir.

Similarly, a small Blockafeller named Sprout can be found hiding in ever level, on the ground, once Baby Bowser is defeated. Although he does not give Smiley Flowers for being found, finding him in every level will award a costume based off himself.



Two players are able to play the entire game together, each one being a differently-colored Yoshi. Each player can also choose their own costume and control options from the menu.

While playing, both players share the same screen, with a camera that dominantly follows Player 1. Each Yoshi has all of the abilities they can use in single-player, plus they are able to eat and spit out each other. Additionally, one Yoshi can ride on the other, losing control of movement, but in turn having an unlimited supply of Eggs to throw.

Only one Yoshi needs to have 20 Hearts at the end of a level to obtain the level's corresponding Smiley Flower.

Mellow Mode

Brought back from Yoshi's Woolly World, Mellow Mode is an option in available at any time in the menu. When selected, Yoshi grows a pair of wings that allow them to Flutter Jump infinitely by holding down the jump button. Yoshi also has the capacity to hold additional Hearts, allowing them to take more hits.




Name Description
YCW Baby Rhinono.png
Baby Rhinono
A small, pink Rhinono that needs the Yoshi to rebuild the bridge to join its mother.
Egg-Plant Yoshi's Crafted World.png
Plants that emit Yoshi Eggs.
YCW Poochy Sleeping.png
A canine ally who can be ridden and driven into obstacles and enemies to destroy them. He follows Yoshi.
YCW Cyan Poochy Pup.png
Poochy Pups
Three miniature Poochies, each displaying a distinct coloration. They form an objective when levels are played from the backside; they must be spotted in the background of each stage and hit with a Yoshi Egg to reveal them. After coming out of their spots, they follow Yoshi until the end of the level.
Sundream Stone.png
Sundream Stone
A sentient stone tablet that has five gems which are detached by Kamek and Baby Bowser.
Fin Blockafeller YCW.png
Robots constructed of blocks with a large nose and a flower who sit outside several worlds and send the player on side-quests. Each Blockafeller has a different appearance.
Pirate Ukirilla.png
Kong-like Ukikis that wear blue-white stripped bandannas. They serve as allies for Yoshi in their only level appearance, Bombs Away on Pirate Island. The player must rebuild their boat. If the player does so, the Uckykong will punch the ground, and cause a wind that will blow the sailing to help the Yoshi progress in the level.
YCW Fisherman Ukirilla.png
Snow Ucky Kong
A light-blue colored Uckykong with large cyan eyebrows. It fishes a Smiley Flower for Yoshi.



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New enemies are marked with an asterisk (*).

Shy Guys
Name Description
YCW Red Shy Guy.png
Shy Guys
Enemies that come in various colors. They are commonly found on Yoshi's track where they walk from side to side. Running into a Shy Guy can harm Yoshi. However, these enemies can be defeated by any attack method. Sometimes, Shy Guys hide in the background and can be defeated by throwing an egg at them, making them drop any collectible they carry.
YCW Alien Guy.png
Alien Guys*
White Shy Guys that have an antenna on their head. They first appear in Outer Orbit. There is also a variation that acts exactly the same as Knife Guys, except they hop out of spaceships and wield glowsticks.
YCW Acorn Guy.png
Donguri Heyho*
Shy Guys with an acorn-like hat on their heads. When they see Yoshi, they roll after him.
YCW Bazooka Guy.png
Bazooka Guys*
Enemies that carry bazooka-like weapons. They are completely stationary and shoot projectiles in the direction they face. The projectiles move on a straight line and can hurt Yoshi, but will self-destruct after some time. These enemies can be defeated in any way.
Fat Guys Voluminous Shy Guys that pace back and forth. They start to run when jumped on and can hurt Yoshi if they touch him. They can be defeated with an egg throw or by eating them. When eaten and swallowed, Fat Guys fill up Yoshi's egg stash. Some Fat Guys stay behind large rectangular cutouts, which they push to fall on Yoshi's path and then rise back upright. Yoshi can use these cutouts as platforms.
YCW Blue Fly Guy.png
Fly Guys
Enemies that have the capability to fly using the propellers on their heads. They fly back and forth on a straight line or swirl in formations around a platform at varying speeds, hurting Yoshi if they bump into him. They can be defeated in any manner. Sometimes, Fly Guys carry items which can be obtained by smacking them with an egg or by eating them.
Glider Guys* Enemies equipped with a glider, which allows them to float through the air. They make swoops above an area, turning around and descending a bit with each swoop. After they land, they act like normal Shy Guys. They can hurt Yoshi upon contact, but can be defeated with any attack.
Juggling Guys* Shy Guys in red and black jester attire that juggle bombs.
YCW Knife Guy.png
Knife Guys*
Enemies that rush in one direction while holding a knife forward. They can hurt Yoshi if they come into contact with him. However, any attack can be used to defeat them.
YCW Ninja Guy.png
Ninja Guys*
Enemies that stay in one place while hurling an indefinite amount of shurikens in the direction they face. They only throw shurikens as long as Yoshi is located in front of them. Ninja Guys can be defeated with any attack.
Petal Guys Shy Guys that disguise themselves as piles of flowers. They then pop-up when Yoshi approaches.
Pilot Guys* Shy Guys with red pilot glasses that ride on planes.
Pirate Guys Enemies that occupy ship cutouts which move in the background. They operate cannons that fire projectiles at Yoshi's own ship. A Pirate Guy can be defeated by wrecking its ship with a cannonball.
Shy Guy Towers Tall stacks of Shy Guys. When Yoshi defeats one of the Shy Guys, the others fall until no more remain.
Spear Guys Tribal Shy Guys that hold spears and shields. They are immune to being hit from the front.
YCW Unicycle Guy.png
Unicycle Shy Guys*
Shy Guys in red and black jester attire that ride unicycles.
YCW Vampire Guy.png
Vampire Guys*
Shy Guys dressed with a black suit and a red cape which allows them to glide through the air. Once they reach the ground, they act like normal Shy Guys. Although dangerous to bump into, they can be defeated using any attack method.
Woozy Guys Shy Guys that move by doing continuous frontflips.
YCW Zombie Guy.png
Zombie Guys*
Undead relatives of Shy Guys that shuffle slowly on the ground. While usually found in the open, they can also come out of burrows on the ground. They are harmful if touched, but Yoshi can defeat them with any attack.
Zombig Guys*
Undead relatives of Fat Guys that are mostly stationary, although some are encountered walking back and forth in a staggering manner. They can be defeated by throwing an egg or eating them. Like their living counterparts, they can fill up the player's egg stash upon ingestion.
YCW Skull Guy.png
Skull Guys*
Shy Guys that run around in small dinosaur skulls, trying to ram into Yoshi. They turn around when they bump into something.
Coin Bag Heyhos*
Shy Guys that carry coin bags over their heads.
Other enemies
Name Description
YCW Bobber.png
Green enemies that sit in acorns, resembling Burts. They swing from a string, trying to hurt Yoshi.
YCW Bon-Bom.png
Blue bombs with a Tap-Tap-like face, a green spring, and a red suction cup like foot. When they see Yoshi, they jump after him and explode a few seconds later.
YCW Bushydo.png
Red samurai made out of red and blue milk bottles. They will try to attack Yoshi with their sword.
Bullet Bills Black bullets that are shot out of Bill Blasters.
Bumpties Penguin enemies that try to slide into Yoshi. Although they cannot hurt Yoshi, they can potentially knock him into the water. While Yoshi can grab a Bumpty with his tongue, he cannot eat one.
YCW Bungee Piranha.png
Bungee Piranhas
Purple Piranha Plants that stretch down from the ceiling.
YCW Killer Clown.png
Bunmawashi Dolls*
Clown-like dolls that try to attack Yoshi with an axe. They are immune to all of Yoshi's attack methods, and can easily outrun him. However, they do not like bright light, as they will be stunned temporarily upon entering such an environment. Before a Bunmawashi Doll pursues Yoshi, it will make a scary cry, which warns the player of its presence. They only appear in Be Afraid of the Dark. They can also unintentionally help Yoshi by breaking a crate with their axe.
Cheep Cheeps Small red fish that jump out of the water in an attempt to hit Yoshi.
YCW Chompagobbler.png
Blue ghost enemies that patrol certain areas of the level Haunted Maker Mansion. When they see Yoshi, they chase after him at an extremely fast speed until he goes away.
Clawdaddies Orange crab enemies, Yoshi must first lick the wool off of them and then throw an egg or Ground Pound to defeat them.
YCW Cybo.png
Blue, robotic enemies with red eyes. While they are normally helpful allies to Yoshi, Cybos can become hostile whenever an asteroid hits the space station in the level, Space Hub Hubbub. While in their hostile state, Cybos can defeat any enemies in their path, but they can also damage Yoshi during the process. An egg can temporarily stop a hostile Cybo, but it can never truly be defeated.
Fangs Small bats that flap in wavy patterns.
Fooly Flowers Enemies that mimic the appearance of a Smiley Flower, although they have a different facial expression. In some levels, Fooly Flowers rotate around a specific area during bonus challenges, hiding a Smiley Flower among them.
Flutters Flying enemies that get enraged and go after a Yoshi briefly if hit with any attack method. They cannot be defeated.
Gargantua Blarggs Huge, invincible, red monsters that live in the lava. They can be sent back into the lava with three egg hits, but only temporarily.
Goonies Flying bird enemies that travel in flocks. They flap their wings to rise, then glide to descend a bit. Yoshi can step on Goonies and use them as platforms, although this causes them to go downward under his weight.
Gusties Enemies that fly from the left or right.
Koopa Troopas Enemies that walk back and forth. Yoshi can grab them in his mouth, but cannot eat them. They only appear in the level, Many Fish in the Sea.
Li'l Marchers* Enemies that chase after Yoshi whenever he activates an alarm. They can be pushed back with eggs, and can defeat themselves by colliding with another member of their species.
Little Mousers Small purple mice-like creatures wearing bandanas. Yoshi won't take any damage if he collides with one.
Lunge Fish Gigantic green fish that jump out of the water in an attempt to eat Yoshi. They can be temporarily stunned by eggs.
YCW Poochy's Tape Trail enemy.png
Pink round creatures with curled, squirrel-like tails. They roll pink paper while walking on it. They can be stunned by all of Yoshi's attack methods, but the only way to defeat them for good is to have Poochy run into them.
Mels* Caramel enemies that move around in tower formations. They can hurt Yoshi if they bump into him; however, they can be defeated one by one by eating and turning them into eggs. Some also have tinfoils on them.
Monty Moles Mole enemies that pop out of manholes in the background. They can be hit with eggs.
Nep-Enuts The aquatic variation of Gargantua Blarggs. A single egg will temporarily send one back into the water.
Nipper Plants Petit Piranha Plants that can move on its stem.
Nipper Spores Falling seeds that grow into Nipper Plants once they land.
YCW Pinecone.png
Brown, rolling prickly creatures with angry eyes. They are found in the level Weighing Acorns.
Piranha Plants Stationary carnivorous plants that chomp at the air aggressively, waiting to bite and injure Yoshi. They can be defeated by hitting them with an egg.
Ravens Black bird enemies that circle around small moon-like platforms. They are immune to Yoshi's tongue, but can be defeated by jumping on them.
YCW Rhinono.png
Large, blue rhinos that chase Yoshi. While some of them are hostile, one Rhinono needs the Yoshi to help its Baby Rhinono by rebuilding the bridge. It then thanks the Yoshi by popping the large pink balloon that blocks the Yoshi's path.
A massive, living fossilized dinosaur that chases Yoshi, destroying everything in its path. It cannot be defeated, but Yoshi can temporarily slow it down by throwing eggs at its face.
Tap-Taps Silver, spiky enemies that walk around. They are immune to most attacks, but can be pushed back by eggs or Yoshi's tongue.
Ukikis Brown monkeys that jump around. Some throw things, like missiles and eggs. While Yoshi can grab Ukikis with his tongue, he cannot eat them.
Wall Lakitus Enemies that hide behind structures in the background. If a Yoshi comes within their line of sight, they lock in and throw Spiny Eggs. They can be defeated by throwing eggs at them.


Name Description
Yarrctopus* A pirate octopus. The player needs to knock the ship's panels on him to cause damage.
Tin-Can Condor A giant bird made from crafting equipment. The player needs to use a magnet to pull it to the floor, then Ground Pound his head when his crown falls off.
Burt the Ball A big rubber Burt. The player has to spit Bumptys back at him to knock him into the water and Ground Pound his weak point.
Spike the Piranha A giant Piranha Plant boss, similar to Naval Piranha and Big Bungee Piranha from other Yoshi games. The player needs to hit him on the head with a spiky ball to do damage.
Shogun of Skewers* A samurai made from a can. Although defenseless, Yoshi must solve his puzzles and then Ground Pound his head.
Gator Train A giant train shaped like an alligator, originally shown in the earlier trailers for the game. It is defeated by hitting the inside of its mouth with an egg when it charges the player's own train.
Mr. Geary* A gear, which the player must defeat by knocking the paper off of it with eggs.
Baby Bowser The main antagonist of the game. Phase 1 has the player throw eggs at his new robot's hands to fling into the foreground for a Ground Pound, whereas phase 2 has them use giant hammers to damage his giant form in the background.
Kamek Baby Bowser's assistant himself, who acts as a secret boss in this game. Yoshi must first fight him in a giant robot, then use his tank form to fight him while giant.

*This boss is a mini-boss and therefore does not have a Dream Gem.


Name Description
YCW Snakey.png
A gigantic snake that constantly extends. Yoshi can hit it to contract its body.
YCW Alien Squid.png
A blue alien octopus-like entity. It can be used like a springboard if Yoshi ground pounds on it. If Yoshi stays too long on it, it propels him into the air while expelling a cloud of ink.

Items and objects

Name Description
Coin The most common items in the game. They can be collected normally when found floating in the air. However, there are other means of obtaining coins, such as hitting certain Winged Clouds or stealing them from Shy Guys and Fly Guys. Yoshi Eggs will also drop coins when they hit an enemy after rebounding off a wall or a platform. Large coins worth ten regular coins, although rarer, are also common.
Blue Coin Collectibles appear when a blue Winged Timer Cloud is hit, and must all be collected within a time limit.
Red Coin Collectibles that are commonly found among regular gold coins. There are twenty scattered throughout each stage, sometimes carried by enemies.
Name Description
Acorn Owl Yoshi can carry these in his mouth. Functions as a weight.
Checkpoint Bell The checkpoint mark of a level. It resembles an upright plant with an upside-down bell with eyes for a flower. Upon passing a Checkpoint Bell, part of Yoshi's lost energy is restored and any enemies present around the area turn into Hearts.
Crafty Cat A balloon designed after a cat. It can be blown up by ground-pounding an air pump, which scares Little Mousers off a ceiling.
Egg Block Blocks that produce Yoshi Eggs when hit from the bottom. They stop giving out any more when there are six present on-screen.
Heart Small items with eyes and feet that hop around slowly. They can be collected to regain energy. They are produced by Winged Clouds, but also appear from enemies who are caught on-screen when Yoshi passes a checkpoint. Shortly after spawning, hearts start to flicker and eventually disappear, making them temporary.
Key Items that can open locked doors.
Message Block Smiling blocks which provide tips and hints.
Party Ball Round capsules hanging from the top of the screen, resembling Piranha Plants. Red ones contain objects, but blue ones do not.
Smiley Flower Smiling flowers that are often hidden in levels, with the amount varying per level. They can be collected by simply touching them, but Yoshi can also toss an egg at them. They can also be obtained by completing objectives such as searching for souvenirs and Poochy Pups.
Spring Ball Round objects with an upward arrow imprinted on them.
Winged Cloud Stationary objects that hover above the ground. They turn into an item or a formation of coins when hit with a Yoshi Egg.
Yoshi Egg Objects that Yoshi can throw at various elements in his close environment. Yoshi Eggs can be aimed with a moving cursor and thrown on both Yoshi's plane and the surrounding planes. They are able to defeat enemies, topple backdrop objects, or trigger switches and other mechanisms to change the environment. If they rebound off a surface and hit an enemy afterwards, they produce three coins. In addition, they can be thrown at coins and Smiley Flowers to collect them. Red Eggs give three Hearts to Yoshi when used to defeat an enemy, Blue Eggs give three Yoshi Eggs, and Yellow Eggs give three Coins. The items released from the Yoshi Eggs are automatically collected upon spawning.
Winged Timer Cloud Winged Clouds that display clocks on them. When hit, the perspective is flipped 180 degrees, allowing Yoshi to see elements previously located behind the camera. However, this happens for a limited time, during which Yoshi can play a minigame of aiming and throwing eggs at enemies to receive a prize. A blue variant exists as well, tasking Yoshi with either collecting some blue coins, popping balloons with eggs, or eat all on-screen apples within the time limit.



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In the same year, a game was released on Play Nintendo called Yoshi's Crafted World Trivia Quiz.

Critical reception

Yoshi's Crafted World has received generally positive reviews. Critics have praised the game's aesthetic and number of collectibles, but the difficulty and music have been criticized[3].

Release Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
Nintendo Switch Tom Marks,
7.8/10 "Yoshi’s Crafted World is an engaging and charming platformer that is absolutely worth playing, but it misses a clear opportunity to be more than that by not taking full advantage of its most clever ideas. It has enough creative collectibles to make completionists want to hunt down every last one, but I’m disappointed Crafted World didn’t challenge me more in the way its last few levels proved it could have. Of course, I still thoroughly enjoyed every adorable hour I spent with it."
Nintendo Switch Chris Carter,
7.5/10 "Most of my journey through the wonderful cardboard universe of Yoshi's Crafted World, littered with myriad ridiculous noises from Yoshi, was spent with a smile on my face. It's not the type of project that's going to set the world on fire like Tropical Freeze, but it still has more heart than most studios could ever hope to give in their lifetime."
Nintendo Switch Kallie Plagge,
8/10 "Yoshi's Crafted World is at its best when it's relaxing and pleasant. The 2D-to-3D level design keeps you curious while the go-at-your-own-pace approach keeps the pressure off and leaves you to appreciate the small, imaginative details. Its most interesting ideas never evolve past their first introductions and are frequently confined to one or two levels, but individually, those levels both reward your curiosity and your willingness to slow down and look at what's around you--and it's those simple pleasures that provide the most joy."
Compiler Platform / Score
Metacritic 79
GameRankings 79.92%


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Yoshi's Crafted World was developed by Good-Feel in collaboration with some staff for Nintendo, most of them are a follow-up from Yoshi's Woolly World. The game was directed by Masahiro Yamamoto, game design was led by Yosuke Suda, programming by Yasuhiro Masuoka, art by Ayano Otsuka, the whole game soundtrack was composed by Kazufumi Umeda, and was produced by Etsunobu Ebisu and Takashi Tezuka.


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Name in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシークラフトワールド
Yosshī Kurafuto Wārudo
Yoshi Craft World
Korean 요시 크래프트 월드[5]
Yosi Keuraepeuteu Woldeu
Yoshi Craft World
Chinese 耀西的手工世界[6]
Yàoxī de Shǒugōng Shìjiè
Yoshi's Handicraft World


  • This is the first Yoshi game with Burts to not feature them as a boss of World 1.
  • This is the first Yoshi game without the game files option at the start.
  • In an interview, the developers said the game is supposed to take place in a kindergarten class within the Mario universe.[1]
  • This game uses Unreal Engine 4.