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A screenshot of the Gaddget selection screen

Gaddgets are miniature toys invented by Professor E. Gadd in Mario Party Advance. There are sixty-one Gaddgets. They can be earned by completing quests in Shroom City, winning Bowser's minigames, and exchanging coins for them (with the exception of the secret Gaddget, Toad Force V).

Gaddget is a portmanteau of the surname "Gadd" and the word gadget.

List of Gaddgets[edit]

Gaddget Icon Description Gaddget Icon Description
Snooze Ewes MPA Snooze Ewes Icon.png "Just count the sheep until you fall asleep! Great for insomniacs of all ages!" Porta-Gust MPA Porta Gust Icon.png "Use the + Control Pad while watching the sensor. Use it when Boo appears."
Magic Lamp MPA Magic Lamp Icon.png "If you rub it right, a genie may appear to grant your deepest wishes!" Compat-I-Com MPA Compat I Com Icon.png "Press the buttons with a friend to measure your compatibility levels!"
Power Star Power Star Icon.png "Be the envy of all your friends with this dreamy Power Star! Show it off!" Desktop Golf Desktop Golf Icon.png "Easy to learn, difficult to master! Think you can hit a hole in one?"
Shroom Slide Shroom Slide Icon.png "Set the number of players and winning slots, then guess which ones will win!" Stick to It Stick to It Icon.png "If you're feeling indecisive, use this! Put stuff on the choice spot!"
Bait 'n Wait MPA Bait n Wait Icon.png "Enjoy fishing in the comfort of your own home! Watch the bobber closely." Digitizer Digitizer Icon.png "Place your finger on the screen and take a peek at what's inside!"
Lip Sync Lip Sync Icon.png "Who said that?! Was that you? It didn't look like you, so WHO SAID THAT?!" Shroom Bloom Shroom Bloom Icon.png "Grow your own mushroom, but be careful to keep the moisture juuuuust right!"
Poochy Pal Poochy Pal Icon.png "Who needs a real dog when you've got this virtual best friend by your side?" Bull's-eye MPA Bulls Eye Icon.png "It's all in how long you hold the A Button. You get 8 darts! Good luck!"
Soil Sonar Soil Sonar Icon.png "Probe thousands of feet into the earth without even touching a shovel!" Eye Exam Eye Exam Icon.png "Stand about 7 feet back and see how well you see! Try it on your friends!"
Mini Slugger Mini Slugger Icon.png "Grab a friend! One player pitches while the other swings the bat!" Tap-Tap Sumo MPA Tap Tap Sumo Icon.png "Challenge a friend! Tap to make your wrestlers move. Last one standing wins!"
Egg Roll Egg Roll Icon.png "It's just an egg. Seems like you should be able to make it stand on end..." Shroom Drop Shroom Drop Icon.png "Turn your GBA on its side, choose a 'shroom, and take turns sliding the plates."
Morse Maker Morse Maker Icon.png "Write a message and hear it in Morse code, or use the R button to improvise!" 4-P Pinball MPA 4 P Pinball Icon.png "Play with up to three friends! Don't let 'em hit the ball into your hole!"
Snow Globe MPA Snow Globe Icon.png "Isn't it peaceful? Tilt your GBA while you play for enhanced realism!" Tile Trial Tile Trial Icon.png "Complete the puzzle by shifting the panels. How fast can you do it?"
Map Maker Map Maker Icon.png "Create your own treasure map! Hide the treasure and let your friends find it!" Attack Frog Attack Frog Icon.png "Feast on bugs with up to three friends! Press buttons to snack on bugs!"
Mini Maze Mini Maze Icon.png "No bells and whistles here! Just a good, old-fashioned labyrinth." Faux Flame Faux Flame Icon.png "This windproof flame will never let you down! Too bad it's not warmer..."
Stress Press Stress Press Icon.png "Use this little guy to work out all your stress! Squish, squish, squish!" Bomb Game Bomb Game Icon.png "Disarm the bomb, or else! Take turns cutting the bomb wires!"
Card Trick Card Trick Icon.png "Marvel as the GBA guesses the card you picked! No blindfolds needed!" Hourglass Hourglass Icon.png "These 3 hourglasses count different times. When you flip them, flip your GBA!"
Rochambeau Rochambeau Icon.png "Got no one to play with? Need to train up? Play a round with your GBA!" Egg Panic Egg Panic Icon.png "Stuff eggs into the bags with friends! Don't rip the bag, or it's all over!"
Block Punch Block Punch Icon.png "Break the block with up to four friends! Whoever hits the block last wins!" Dart Attack Dart Attack Icon.png "Hold the button until the target appears. Release to launch an arrow!"
Breeze Buddy Breeze Buddy Icon.png "Ahh... Turn your GBA into a nice, cool fan! You feel cooler just looking at it!" Chicken Race Chicken Race Icon.png "Stop before the cliff. Pick a car and hope it doesn't plummet!"
Love Me Not Love Me Not Icon.png "Pluck the petals and find your future! "She loves me... she loves me not!" Mini Bowling Mini Bowling Icon.png "Turn your GBA on its side and enjoy a few quick frames with your friends!"
Mini B-Ball Mini B-Ball Icon.png "Turn your GBA on its side and shoot some hoops! The + Control Pad is key!" Screen Clean Screen Clean Icon.png "Get your GBA screen sparkling clean! Use often for best results!"
Predictotron Predictotron Icon.png "Study your opponent's patterns and learn how to predict his every move!" Cake Maker Cake Maker Icon.png "Decorate a cake! But... try not to take a bite out of it. Trust us."
Mini Soccer Mini Soccer Icon.png "A 2-player soccer game! Aim for your opponent's goal to score." Dessert Menu Dessert Menu Icon.png "Pick a dessert from the menu. Do you see any of your favorites?"
Bead Machine Bead Machine Icon.png "String beads together to create a lovely design, 24 across and 18 high." Jewelry Case Jewelry Case Icon.png "It's a case! Full of jewelry! You can look, but don't touch!"
Castle Night Castle Night Icon.png "It's a beautiful night. If you see a falling star, make a wish! Don't blink!" Hope Chest Hope Chest Icon.png "Make a wish and close the lid with any button. Have someone you like open it!"
Pretty Poster Pretty Poster Icon.png No description is given. Sun Poster Sun Poster Icon.png No description is given.
Moon Poster Moon Poster Icon.png No description is given. Coin Poster Coin Poster Icon.png No description is given.
Heart Poster Heart Poster Icon.png No description is given. Bowser Poster Bowser Poster Icon.png No description is given.
Bowser Print Bowser Print Icon.png No description is given. Bonus Track Bonus Track Icon.png No description is given.
Passport+ Passport+ Icon.png "Buy a Passport+ to get up to 30 passports!" Credits MPA Credits Icon.png No description is given.
Toad Force V MPA Toad Force V Icon.png "Everyone in Shroom City is talking about the hot new show Toad Force V!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パーティグッズ
Pāti Guzzu
Party Goods
French Katatruc Portmanteau of "Karl Tastroff" (Elvin Gadd's French name) and "truc" (thing)
German Gidding Portmanteau of "Gidd" (Elvin Gadd's German surname) and "Ding" (thing)
Italian Stramberia Freak-ery (it's a pun on E. Gadd's Italian name, "Strambic")