Remote Controlled Missile

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Snake's Remote Controlled Missile.

Remote Controlled Missile is Solid Snake's side special move in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The move has Snake use a missile launcher, called a "Nikita", to fire a guided Nikita missile. The missile's path depends on which direction the Control Stick is tilted: not moving it lets the missile fire straight, while tilting it moves the missile in that direction, though at a much slower speed. When the missile hits something (whether it is a wall or an opponent), it explodes, dealing moderate damage to any enemies in its radius and greatly knocking them back. The missile can also be stopped prematurely by having Snake shield, which immediately stops it from moving forward and makes it plummet to the ground. It can also be damaged by other attacks, exploding if it takes too much, and its path can be altered by attacks with enough knockback. While the missile is in motion, Snake is unable to move.