Marc Graue

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Marc Graue
Marc Graue.jpg
Born December 12, 1953
Occupation at Nintendo Voice actor for Mario, Luigi, and Bowser in Hotel Mario
“Considering Hotel Mario was released in 1994, I’m thrilled to see it take on a new life as a parody of itself on YouTube…or anything else you can think of! I don’t think the Academy will be calling me anytime soon, and I really dont feel it was “My Finest Moment As A Thespian”….but, hey! We had a lot of fun…. AND someone is still listening!!!.”
Marc Graue

Marc Graue is a voice actor who portrayed Mario, Luigi and Bowser in Hotel Mario. He is also a video game and television voice actor based in California. Works he voiced in include World of Warcraft, Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Ratchet & Clank "Future" trilogy (the third part of which also featured Charles Martinet in a major role).