Waddle Dee Toss

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Waddle Dee Toss.

Waddle Dee Toss is King Dedede's side special move in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. When used, King Dedede pulls out a Waddle Dee and throws it forward to damage opponents. After it is tossed, the Waddle Dee remains on the stage for some time, walking around and jumping when an opponent is nearby to damage them. They can also block any oncoming attacks. Occasionally, Dedede may also toss a Waddle Doo, a Gordo, or an item. The Waddle Doo behaves similarly to the Waddle Dee, but it inflicts more damage on the initial toss and instead of jumping performs its beam attack, which also deals more damage than the Waddle Dee's jump. The Gordo is the most powerful and the most rare, but once thrown it bounces once before disappearing when it touches the ground again, and can be reflected back at Dedede.