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Toad, the most common party host

The Party Host[citation needed] is a character that hosts a Mario Party game. Which character it is depends on whatever game is being played. The party host has many different jobs. They tell players what mode of game they are in, host the actual party, give out stars and tell beginners how to play. The party host of one game is rarely the host of another game. Some games even have multiple hosts (depending on what game mode is being played and what the board is).

List of Hosts[edit]


  • Mario Party DS and Mario Party: Star Rush do not have a party host, as only an unknown voice greets the player when they receive their star.
  • Although Bowser is shown to be the host of some of his boards, he is not considered an actual party host.
  • Brighton and Twila are the only hosts who don't have voices; their mouths would just move. They are voiced in the Japanese version, however.