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The following tables list the stickers that appear in Paper Mario: Sticker Star with names in different languages.

Battle stickers[edit]

# Image English French Spanish German Italian Japanese: バトルシール Chinese: 战斗贴纸 (Simplified)
戰鬥貼紙 (Traditional)
01 A sticker of the Worn-Out Jump in PMSS. Worn-Out Jump Saut miteux Saltejo Abgenutzter Sprung Salto spento ぼろジャンプ 破烂跳 (Simplified)
破舊跳 (Traditional)
02 Jump Sticker PMSS.png Jump Saut Salto Sprung Salto ジャンプ
03 The Shiny Jump Sticker Shiny Jump Saut brillant Salto brillante Glitzer-Sprung Salto lucente キラジャンプ 闪闪跳 (Simplified)
閃亮跳 (Traditional)
04 A Flashy jump sticker from PMSS. Flashy Jump Saut chatoyant Salto radiante Color-Sprung Salto iridato キラキラジャンプ 闪耀跳 (Simplified)
閃亮亮跳 (Traditional)
05 Bigshinyjump.png Big Shiny Jump Saut étincelant Gran salto brillante Großer Glitzer-Sprung Saltone lucente デカキラジャンプ 巨型闪闪跳 (Simplified)
大閃亮跳 (Traditional)
06 Megaflashjump.png Megaflash Jump Saut flamboyant Megasalto radiante Mega-Color-Sprung Salto megairidato メガキラジャンプ 巨大闪耀跳 (Simplified)
巨大閃亮亮跳 (Traditional)
07 A sticker of Iron Jump in PMSS. Iron Jump Saut de fer Salto férreo Eisensprung Ferrosalto アイアンジャンプ 钢铁跳 (Simplified)
鋼鐵跳 (Traditional)
08 Shiny Iron Jump sticker in PMSS. Shiny Iron Jump Saut de fer brillant Salto férreo brillante Glitzer-Eisensprung Ferrosalto lucente キラアイアンジャンプ 闪闪钢铁跳 (Simplified)
閃亮鋼鐵跳 (Traditional)
09 Flashyironjump.png Flashy Iron Jump Saut de fer chatoyant Salto férreo radiante Color-Eisensprung Ferrosalto iridato キラキラアイアンジャンプ 闪耀钢铁跳 (Simplified)
閃亮亮鋼鐵跳 (Traditional)
10 Bigshinyironjump.png Big Shiny Iron Jump Saut de fer étincelant Gran salto férreo brillante Großer Glitzer-Eisensprung Ferrosaltone lucente デカキラアイアンジャンプ 巨型闪闪钢铁跳 (Simplified)
大閃亮鋼鐵跳 (Traditional)
11 Megaflashironjump.png Megaflash Iron Jump Saut de fer flamboyant Megasalto férreo radiante Mega-Color-Eisensprung Ferrosalto megairidato メガキラアイアンジャンプ 巨大闪耀钢铁跳 (Simplified)
巨大閃亮亮鋼鐵跳 (Traditional)
12 Hopslipper sticker from PMSS. Hopslipper Rebond Saltufla Hüpfpuschen Balzofola ばねジャンプ 弹簧跳 (Simplified)
彈簧跳 (Traditional)
13 The Shiny Hopslipper Sticker Shiny Hopslipper Rebond brillant Saltufla brillante Glitzer-Hüpfpuschen Balzofola lucente キラばねジャンプ 闪闪弹簧跳 (Simplified)
閃亮彈簧跳 (Traditional)
14 FlashyhopslipperPMSS.png Flashy Hopslipper Rebond chatoyant Saltufla radiante Color-Hüpfpuschen Balzofola iridata キラキラばねジャンプ 闪耀弹簧跳 (Simplified)
閃亮亮彈簧跳 (Traditional)
15 BigshinyhopslipperPMSS.png Big Shiny Hopslipper Rebond étincelant Gran saltufla brillante Großer Glitzer-Hüpfpuschen Balzofolona lucente デカキラばねジャンプ 巨型闪闪弹簧跳 (Simplified)
大閃亮彈簧跳 (Traditional)
16 MegaflashhopslipperPMSS.png Megaflash Hopslipper Rebond flamboyant Megasaltufla radiante Mega-Color-Hüpfpuschen Balzofola megairidata メガキラばねジャンプ 巨大闪耀弹簧跳 (Simplified)
巨大閃亮亮彈簧跳 (Traditional)
17 Line Jump sticker in PMSS. Line Jump Multibond Salto en línea Seriensprung Multisalto つぎつぎジャンプ 轮流跳 (Simplified)
輪流跳 (Traditional)
18 Shiny Line Jump sticker in PMSS. Shiny Line Jump Multibond brillant Salto en línea brillante Glitzer-Seriensprung Multisalto lucente キラつぎつぎジャンプ 闪闪轮流跳 (Simplified)
閃亮輪流跳 (Traditional)
19 Flashylinejump.png Flashy Line Jump Multibond chatoyant Salto en línea radiante Color-Seriensprung Multisalto iridato キラキラつぎつぎジャンプ 闪耀轮流跳 (Simplified)
閃亮亮輪流跳 (Traditional)
20 Bigshinylinejump.png Big Shiny Line Jump Multibond étincelant Gran salto en línea brillante Großer Glitzer-Seriensprung Multisaltone lucente デカキラつぎつぎジャンプ 巨型闪闪轮流跳 (Simplified)
大閃亮輪流跳 (Traditional)
21 Megaflashlinejump.png Megaflash Line Jump Multibond flamboyant Megasalto en línea radiante Mega-Color-Seriensprung Multisalto megairidato メガキラつぎつぎジャンプ 巨大闪耀轮流跳 (Simplified)
巨大閃亮亮輪流跳 (Traditional)
22 Flashyclonejump.png Flashy Clone Jump Sautocopie chatoyante Salto clónico radiante Color-Klonsprung Clonosalto iridato キラキラぶんしんジャンプ 闪耀分身跳 (Simplified)
閃亮亮分身跳 (Traditional)
23 Bigshinyclonejump.png Big Shiny Clone Jump Sautocopie étincelante Gran salto clónico brillante Großer Glitzer-Klonsprung Clonosaltone lucente デカキラぶんしんジャンプ 巨型闪闪分身跳 (Simplified)
大閃亮分身跳 (Traditional)
24 Megaflashclonejump.png Megaflash Clone Jump Sautocopie flamboyante Megasalto clónico radiante Mega-Color-Klonsprung Clonosalto megairidato メガキラぶんしんジャンプ 巨大闪耀分身跳 (Simplified)
巨大閃亮亮分身跳 (Traditional)
25 Flashyinfinijump.png Flashy Infinijump Répétibond Infinisalto radiante Color-Endlossprung Infinisalto iridato キラキラむげんジャンプ 闪耀无尽跳 (Simplified)
閃亮亮無限跳 (Traditional)
26 Bigshinyinfinijump.png Big Shiny Infinijump Répétibond étincelant Gran infinisalto brillante Großer Glitzer-Endlossprung Infinisaltone lucente デカキラむげんジャンプ 巨型闪闪无尽跳 (Simplified)
大閃亮無限跳 (Traditional)
27 Megaflashinfinijump.png Megaflash Infinijump Répétibond flamboyant Megainfinisalto radiante Mega-Color-Endlossprung Infinisalto megairidato メガキラむげんジャンプ 巨大闪耀无尽跳 (Simplified)
巨大閃亮亮無限跳 (Traditional)
28 Worn Out Hammer sticker in PMSS. Worn-Out Hammer Marteau miteux Martillejo Abgenutzter Hammer Martello consunto ぼろハンマー 破烂锤子 (Simplified)
破舊槌子 (Traditional)
29 Hammer Sticker PMSS.png Hammer Marteau Martillo Hammer Martello ハンマー 锤子 (Simplified)
槌子 (Traditional)
30 A shiny hammer sticker in PMSS. Shiny Hammer Marteau brillant Martillo brillante Glitzer-Hammer Martello lucente キラハンマー 闪闪锤子 (Simplified)
閃亮槌子 (Traditional)
31 A Flashy hammer sticker in PMSS. Flashy Hammer Marteau chatoyant Martillo radiante Color-Hammer Martello iridato キラキラハンマー 闪耀锤子 (Simplified)
閃亮亮槌子 (Traditional)
32 Bigshinyhammer.png Big Shiny Hammer Marteau étincelant Gran martillo brillante Großer Glitzer-Hammer Martellone lucente デカキラハンマー 巨型闪闪锤子 (Simplified)
大閃亮槌子 (Traditional)
33 Megaflashhammer.png Megaflash Hammer Marteau flamboyant Megamartillo radiante Mega-Color-Hammer Martello megairidato メガキラハンマー 巨大闪耀锤子 (Simplified)
巨大閃亮亮槌子 (Traditional)
34 The Slaphammer Sticker in Paper Mario: Sticker Star Slaphammer Martobaffe Martichete Auahammer Schiaffo ブンブンハンマー 砰砰锤子 (Simplified)
揮揮槌子 (Traditional)
35 Shinyslaphammer.png Shiny Slaphammer Martobaffe brillant Martichete brillante Glitzer-Auahammer Schiaffo lucente キラブンブンハンマー 闪闪砰砰锤子 (Simplified)
閃亮揮揮槌子 (Traditional)
36 Flashyslaphammer.png Flashy Slaphammer Martobaffe chatoyant Martichete radiante Color-Auahammer Schiaffo iridato キラキラブンブンハンマー 闪耀砰砰锤子 (Simplified)
閃亮亮揮揮槌子 (Traditional)
37 Bigshinyslaphammer.png Big Shiny Slaphammer Martobaffe étincelant Gran martichete brillante Großer Glitzer-Auahammer Schiaffone lucente デカキラブンブンハンマー 巨型闪闪砰砰锤子 (Simplified)
大閃亮揮揮槌子 (Traditional)
38 Megaflashslaphammer.png Megaflash Slaphammer Martobaffe flamboyant Megamartichete radiante Mega-Color-Auahammer Schiaffo megairidato メガキラブンブンハンマー 巨大闪耀砰砰锤子 (Simplified)
巨大閃亮亮揮揮槌子 (Traditional)
39 Eekhammer Sticker PMSS.png Eekhammer Martocouic Marchillo Huchhammer Soffietto ピコピコハンマー 卟卟锤子 (Simplified)
BB槌子 (Traditional)
40 Shiny Eekhammer sticker from PMSS. Shiny Eekhammer Martocouic brillant Marchillo brillante Glitzer-Huchhammer Soffietto lucente キラピコピコハンマー 闪闪卟卟锤子 (Simplified)
閃亮BB槌子 (Traditional)
41 Flashyeekhammer.png Flashy Eekhammer Martocouic chatoyant Marchillo radiante Color-Huchhammer Soffietto iridato キラキラピコピコハンマー 闪耀卟卟锤子 (Simplified)
閃亮亮BB槌子 (Traditional)
42 Bigshinyeekhammer.png Big Shiny Eekhammer Martocouic étincelant Gran marchillo brillante Großer Glitzer-Huchhammer Soffiettone lucente デカキラピコピコハンマー 巨型闪闪卟卟锤子 (Simplified)
大閃亮BB槌子 (Traditional)
43 The Megaflash Eekhammer Sticker Megaflash Eekhammer Martocouic flamboyant Megamarchillo radiante Mega-Color-Huchhammer Soffietto megairidato メガキラピコピコハンマー 巨大闪耀卟卟锤子 (Simplified)
巨大閃亮亮BB槌子 (Traditional)
44 Hurlhammer sticker in PMSS. Hurlhammer Martopilon Martilito Wurfhammer Lanciartello ポイなげハンマー 丢丢锤子 (Simplified)
丟丟槌子 (Traditional)
45 Shiny Hurlhammer sticker in PMSS. Shiny Hurlhammer Martopilon brillant Martilito brillante Glitzer-Wurfhammer Lanciartello lucente キラポイなげハンマー 闪闪丢丢锤子 (Simplified)
閃亮丟丟槌子 (Traditional)
46 Flashyhurlhammer.png Flashy Hurlhammer Martopilon chatoyant Martilito radiante Color-Wurfhammer Lanciartello iridato キラキラポイなげハンマー 闪耀丢丢锤子 (Simplified)
閃亮亮丟丟槌子 (Traditional)
47 Bigshinyhurlhammer.png Big Shiny Hurlhammer Martopilon étincelant Gran martilito brillante Großer Glitzer-Wurfhammer Lanciartellone lucente デカキラポイなげハンマー 巨型闪闪丢丢锤子 (Simplified)
大閃亮丟丟槌子 (Traditional)
48 MegaflashhurlhammerPMSS.png Megaflash Hurlhammer Martopilon flamboyant Megamartilito radiante Mega-Color-Wurfhammer Lanciartello megairidato メガキラポイなげハンマー 巨大闪耀丢丢锤子 (Simplified)
巨大閃亮亮丟丟槌子 (Traditional)
49 Baahammer Sticker PMSS.png Baahammer Martododo Martillozzz Mähhammer Soporello めぇめぇハンマー 咩咩锤子 (Simplified)
咩咩槌子 (Traditional)
50 Bigshinybaahammer.png Big Shiny Baahammer Martododo étincelant Gran martillozzz brillante Großer Glitzer-Mähhammer Soporellone lucente デカキラめぇめぇハンマー 巨型闪闪咩咩锤子 (Simplified)
大閃亮咩咩槌子 (Traditional)
51 Megaflashbaahammer.png Megaflash Baahammer Martododo flamboyant Megamartillozzz radiante Mega-Color-Mähhammer Soporello megairidato メガキラめぇめぇハンマー 巨大闪耀咩咩锤子 (Simplified)
巨大閃亮亮咩咩槌子 (Traditional)
52 Burnhammer sticker in PMSS. Burnhammer Martopyro Martígneo Grillhammer Brucello しゃくねつハンマー 灼热锤子 (Simplified)
灼熱槌子 (Traditional)
53 PMSSBigShinyBurnhammer.png Big Shiny Burnhammer Martopyro étincelant Gran martígneo brillante Großer Glitzer-Grillhammer Brucellone lucente デカキラしゃくねつハンマー 巨型闪闪灼热锤子 (Simplified)
大閃亮灼熱槌子 (Traditional)
54 PMSSMegaflashBurnhammer.png Megaflash Burnhammer Martopyro flamboyant Megamartígneo radiante Mega-Color-Grillhammer Brucello megairidato メガキラしゃくねつハンマー 巨大闪耀灼热锤子 (Simplified)
巨大閃亮亮灼熱槌子 (Traditional)
55 Chillhammer sticker in PMSS. Chillhammer Martocryo Martigélido Kühlhammer Ghiaccello ごっかんハンマー 极寒锤子 (Simplified)
寒冰槌子 (Traditional)
56 BigShinyChillhammer.png Big Shiny Chillhammer Martocryo étincelant Gran martigélido brillante Großer Glitzer-Kühlhammer Ghiaccellone lucente デカキラごっかんハンマー 巨型闪闪极寒锤子 (Simplified)
大閃亮寒冰槌子 (Traditional)
57 MegaflashChillhammer.png Megaflash Chillhammer Martocryo flamboyant Megamartigélido radiante Mega-Color-Kühlhammer Ghiaccello megairidato メガキラごっかんハンマー 巨大闪耀极寒锤子 (Simplified)
巨大閃亮亮寒冰槌子 (Traditional)
58 SuperbootPMSS.png Super Boot Super botte Esquibota Superstiefel Superstivale スーパーブーツ 超级靴 (Simplified)
超級靴子 (Traditional)
59 ShinySuperBoots.png Shiny Super Boot Super botte brillante Esquibota brillante Glitzer-Superstiefel Superstivale lucente キラスーパーブーツ 闪闪超级靴 (Simplified)
閃亮超級靴子 (Traditional)
60 The Tail Sticker Tail Queue Cola Schweif Coda しっぽ 尾巴
61 The Shiny Tail Sticker Shiny Tail Queue brillante Cola brillante Glitzer-Schweif Coda lucente キラしっぽ 闪闪尾巴 (Simplified)
閃亮尾巴 (Traditional)
62 Frog Suit Sticker PMSS.png Frog Suit Grenouflage Traje de rana Frosch-Anzug Costume rana カエルスーツ 青蛙服 (Simplified)
青蛙裝 (Traditional)
63 ShinyfrogsuitPMSS.png Shiny Frog Suit Grenouflage brillant Traje de rana brillante Glitzer-Frosch-Anzug Costume rana lucente キラカエルスーツ 闪闪青蛙服 (Simplified)
閃亮青蛙裝 (Traditional)
64 Spike Helmet sticker from PMSS. Spike Helmet Kaskipik Cascopincho Pickelhelm Spinelmo トゲぼうし 钉刺帽 (Simplified)
尖刺帽子 (Traditional)
65 ShinyspikehelmetPMSS.png Shiny Spike Helmet Kaskipik brillant Cascopincho brillante Glitzer-Pickelhelm Spinelmo lucente キラトゲぼうし 闪闪钉刺帽 (Simplified)
閃亮尖刺帽子 (Traditional)
66 FlashyspikehelmetPMSS.png Flashy Spike Helmet Kaskipik chatoyant Cascopincho radiante Color-Pickelhelm Spinelmo iridato キラキラトゲぼうし 闪耀钉刺帽 (Simplified)
閃亮亮尖刺帽子 (Traditional)
67 Fire Flower Sticker PMSS.png Fire Flower Fleur de feu Flor de fuego Feuerblume Fiore di fuoco ファイアフラワー 火之花
68 Shiny Fire Flower sticker from PMSS. Shiny Fire Flower Fleur de feu brillante Flor de fuego brillante Glitzer-Feuerblume Fiore di fuoco lucente キラファイアフラワー 闪闪火之花 (Simplified)
閃亮火之花 (Traditional)
69 FlashyFFPMSS.png Flashy Fire Flower Fleur de feu chatoyante Flor de fuego radiante Color-Feuerblume Fiore di fuoco iridato キラキラファイアフラワー 闪耀火之花 (Simplified)
閃亮亮火之花 (Traditional)
70 Ice Flower sticker Ice Flower Fleur de glace Flor de hielo Eisblume Fiore di ghiaccio アイスフラワー 冰之花
71 ShinyIceFlowerPMSS.png Shiny Ice Flower Fleur de glace brillante Flor de hielo brillante Glitzer-Eisblume Fiore di ghiaccio lucente キラアイスフラワー 闪闪冰之花 (Simplified)
閃亮冰之花 (Traditional)
72 FlashyIceFlowerPMSS.png Flashy Ice Flower Fleur de glace chatoyante Flor de hielo radiante Color-Eisblume Fiore di ghiaccio iridato キラキラアイスフラワー 闪耀冰之花 (Simplified)
閃亮亮冰之花 (Traditional)
73 POW Block Sticker PMSS.png POW Block Bloc POW Bloque POW POW-Block Blocco POW POWブロック 力量块 (Simplified)
POW磚塊 (Traditional)
74 ShinyPOWblockPMSS.png Shiny POW Block Bloc POW brillant Bloque POW brillante Glitzer-POW-Block Blocco POW lucente キラPOWブロック 闪闪力量块 (Simplified)
閃亮POW磚塊 (Traditional)
75 FlashyPOWBlockPMSS.png Flashy POW Block Bloc POW chatoyant Bloque POW radiante Color-POW-Block Blocco POW iridato キラキラPOWブロック 闪耀力量块 (Simplified)
閃亮亮POW磚塊 (Traditional)
76 Shell Sticker PMSS.png Shell Carapace Caparazón Panzer Guscio コウラ 龟壳 (Simplified)
龜殼 (Traditional)
77 ShinyShellPMSS.png Shiny Shell Carapace brillante Caparazón brillante Glitzer-Panzer Guscio lucente キラコウラ 闪闪龟壳 (Simplified)
閃亮龜殼 (Traditional)
78 FlashyShellPMSS.png Flashy Shell Carapace chatoyante Caparazón radiante Color-Panzer Guscio iridato キラキラコウラ 闪耀龟壳 (Simplified)
閃亮亮龜殼 (Traditional)
79 Mushroom sticker in PMSS. Mushroom Champignon Champiñón Pilz Fungo キノコ 蘑菇
80 The Shiny Mushroom Sticker Shiny Mushroom Champignon brillant Champiñón brillante Glitzer-Pilz Fungo lucente キラキノコ 闪闪蘑菇 (Simplified)
閃亮蘑菇 (Traditional)
81 The Flashy Mushroom Sticker Flashy Mushroom Champignon chatoyant Champiñón radiante Color-Pilz Fungo iridato キラキラキノコ 闪耀蘑菇 (Simplified)
閃亮亮蘑菇 (Traditional)
82 Big1UPPMSS.png Big 1UP Champi 1UP Gran champiñón vida Großer 1-UP-Pilz Fungo 1-Up gigante デカ1UPキノコ 巨型加命蘑菇 (Simplified)
大1UP蘑菇 (Traditional)
83 The Big Shiny 1UP Sticker from Paper Mario: Sticker Star Big Shiny 1UP Champi 1UP étincelant Gran champiñón vida brillante Großer Glitzer-1-UP-Pilz Fungo 1-Up lucente gigante デカキラ1UPキノコ 巨型闪闪加命蘑菇 (Simplified)
大閃亮1UP蘑菇 (Traditional)
84 Poison Mushroom sticker from Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Poison Mushroom Champi poison Champiñón venenoso Giftpilz Fungo avvelenato どくキノコ 毒蘑菇
85 Leaf sticker in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Leaf Feuille Hoja Blatt Foglia はっぱ 叶子 (Simplified)
葉子 (Traditional)
86 Shinyleaf.png Shiny Leaf Feuille brillante Hoja brillante Glitzer-Blatt Foglia lucente キラはっぱ 闪闪叶子 (Simplified)
閃亮葉子 (Traditional)
87 Secret Door sticker in PMSS. Secret Door Porte secrète Puerta secreta Geheimtür Porta segreta ひみつドア 秘密门 (Simplified)
秘密門 (Traditional)
88 SnowballPMSS.png Snowball Boule de neige Bola de nieve Schneeball Palla di neve ゆきだま 雪球
89 SpikeballPMSS.png Spike Ball Boule Spikante Bola de pinchos Pieksball Palla acuminata シューリンガン 殊力钢 (Simplified)
殊力鋼 (Traditional)
90 BarrelPMSS.png Barrel Tonneau Barril Fass Barile タル 木桶
91 The Wrench Sticker Wrench Clé à molette Llave inglesa Schraubenschlüssel Chiave meccanica スパナ 扳手
92 BonePMSS.png Bone Os Hueso Knochen Osso ホネ 骨头 (Simplified)
骨頭 (Traditional)
93 BoomerangPMSS.png Boomerang Boomerang Bumerán Bumerang Boomerang ブーメラン 飞旋镖 (Simplified)
回力標 (Traditional)
94 Bomb sticker in PMSS. Bomb Bombe Bomba Bombe Bomba ばくだん 炸弹 (Simplified)
炸彈 (Traditional)
95 Sombrero Sticker PMSS.png Sombrero Sombrero Sombrero Sombrero Sombrero ソンブレロ 墨西哥帽
96 ThrowingstarPMSS.png Throwing Star Shuriken Estrella ninja Wurfstern Shuriken しゅりけん 飞镖 (Simplified)
手裏劍 (Traditional)

Other stickers[edit]

Image English French Spanish German Italian Japanese Chinese
Sandal Sticker PMSS.png Sandal (NOA)
Flip-Flop (NOE)
Sandale Chancla Latsche Sandalo サンダル 沙滩鞋 (Simplified)
沙灘鞋 (Traditional)
Shiny Sandal (NOA)
Shiny Flip-Flop (NOE)
Sandale brillant Chancla brillante Glitzer-Latsche Sandalo lucente キラサンダル 闪闪沙滩鞋 (Simplified)
閃亮沙灘鞋 (Traditional)
Flashy Sandal (NOA)
Flashy Flip-Flop (NOE)
Sandale chatoyant Chancla radiante Color-Latsche Sandalo iridato キラキラサンダル 闪耀沙滩鞋 (Simplified)
閃亮亮沙灘鞋 (Traditional)
Artwork of Kersti from Paper Mario: Sticker Star Kersti Collette Tina Kersti Corinne ルーシー 智贴贴 (Simplified)
紙貼貼 (Traditional)


# Image English: Things French: Trucs Spanish: Cosas German: Dingse Italian: Oggetti Japanese: モノ Chinese: 物品
01 The Sewing Scissors Sticker Sewing Scissors (NOA)
Sewing Clippers (NOE)
Ciseaux japonais Tijeras exóticas Nähschere Forbici da cucito いときりばさみ 燕尾剪 (Simplified)
線剪 (Traditional)
02 HairshearsPMSS.png Hair Shears (NOA)
Barber's Scissors (NOE)
Ciseaux de coiffure Tijeras de peluquero Haarschere Forbici per capelli さんぱつばさみ 理发剪 (Simplified)
美髮剪刀 (Traditional)
03 The Scissors Sticker Scissors Ciseaux Tijeras Schere Forbici はさみ 剪刀
04 TailorshearsPMSS.png Tailor Shears (NOA)
Tailor's Shears (NOE)
Ciseaux de tailleur Tijeras de sastre Schneiderschere Forbici da sarto たちばさみ 裁缝剪 (Simplified)
裁布剪刀 (Traditional)
05 BellowsPMSS.png Bellows Soufflet Fuelle Blasebalg Mantice ふいご 手风箱 (Simplified)
風箱 (Traditional)
06 PaperfanPMSS.png Paper Fan Éventail Paipay Papierfächer Ventaglio di carta うちわ 扇子 (Simplified)
圓扇 (Traditional)
07 The Fan Sticker Fan Ventilateur Ventilador Ventilator Ventilatore せんぷうき 电风扇 (Simplified)
電風扇 (Traditional)
08 MinivacuumPMSS.png Mini Vacuum Petit aspirateur Aspirador de mano Mini-Staubsauger Mini aspirapolvere ハンディそうじき 手持吸尘器 (Simplified)
手持式吸塵器 (Traditional)
09 UprightvacuumPMSS.png Upright Vacuum Aspirateur balai Aspiradora de pie Bürststaubsauger Aspirapolvere verticale たてがたそうじき 立式吸尘器 (Simplified)
直立式吸塵器 (Traditional)
10 The Vacuum Sticker Vacuum Aspirateur Aspiradora Staubsauger Aspirapolvere そうじき 吸尘器 (Simplified)
吸塵器 (Traditional)
11 The Watering Can Sticker Watering Can Arrosoir Regadera Gießkanne Annaffiatoio じょうろ 喷壶 (Simplified)
灑水壺 (Traditional)
12 The Faucet Sticker from Paper Mario: Sticker Star Faucet (NOA)
Tap (NOE)
Robinet Grifo Wasserhahn Rubinetto じゃぐち 水龙头 (Simplified)
水龍頭 (Traditional)
13 TeapotPMSS.png Teapot (NOA)
Kettle (NOE)
Théière Tetera Teekanne Teiera やかん 水壶 (Simplified)
水壺 (Traditional)
14 The Trumpet Sticker Trumpet Trompette Trompeta Trompete Tromba トランペット 小号 (Simplified)
小喇叭 (Traditional)
15 ViolinPMSS.png Violin Violon Violín Violine Violino バイオリン 小提琴
16 GuitarPMSS.png Guitar Guitare Guitarra Gitarre Chitarra ギター 吉他
17 NewspaperPMSS.png Newspaper Journal Periódico Zeitung Quotidiano しんぶんし 报纸 (Simplified)
報紙 (Traditional)
18 ToybatPMSS.png Toy Bat Fausse batte Bate de juguete Spielzeugschläger Mazza giocattolo おもちゃのバット 玩具球棒
19 The Bat Sticker Bat (NOA)
Baseball Bat (NOE)
Batte de baseball Bate Baseballschläger Mazza da baseball バット 球棒
20 SquarecanPMSS.png Square Can Conteneur Lata Kanister Barattolo いっとかん 一斗罐 (Simplified)
沙拉油桶 (Traditional)
21 BasinPMSS.png Basin Bassine Molde Becken Bacinella タライ 铁盆 (Simplified)
鐵盆 (Traditional)
22 DrumPMSS.png Drum Baril Bidón Tonne Bidone ドラムかん 油桶 (Simplified)
汽油桶 (Traditional)
23 LightbulbPMSS.png Lightbulb (NOA)
Light Bulb (NOE)
Ampoule Bombilla Glühbirne Lampadina でんきゅう 灯泡 (Simplified)
電燈泡 (Traditional)
24 FlashlightPMSS.png Flashlight (NOA)
Torch (NOE)
Lampe de poche Linterna Taschenlampe Torcia elettrica でんとう 手电筒 (Simplified)
手電筒 (Traditional)
25 SearchlightPMSS.png Searchlight Projecteur Foco Scheinwerfer Riflettore サーチライト 探照灯 (Simplified)
探照燈 (Traditional)
26 WatchbatteryPMSS.png Watch Battery Pile bouton Pila de reloj Knopfzelle Batteria da orologio ボタンでんち 纽扣电池 (Simplified)
鈕扣電池 (Traditional)
27 DcellbatteryPMSS.png D-Cell Battery Pile standard Pila Monobatterie Pila たん1でんち 1号电池 (Simplified)
1號電池 (Traditional)
28 CarbatteryPMSS.png Car Battery Batterie auto Batería de coche Autobatterie Batteria d'auto くるまバッテリー 汽车电池 (Simplified)
電瓶 (Traditional)
29 BillardballsPMSS.png Billiard Ball (NOA)
Pool Ball (NOE)
Boule de billard Bola de billar Billardkugel Palla da biliardo ビリヤードのたま 台球 (Simplified)
撞球 (Traditional)
30 CurlingstonePMSS.png Curling Stone Pierre de curling Piedra de curling Curling-Stein Stone per curling カーリング 冰壶 (Simplified)
冰壺 (Traditional)
31 The Bowling Ball sticker from Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Bowling Ball Boule de bowling Bola de bolos Bowlingkugel Palla da bowling ボウリングのたま 保龄球 (Simplified)
保齡球 (Traditional)
32 TrophyPMSS.png Trophy Trophée Trofeo Pokal Trofeo トロフィー 奖杯 (Simplified)
獎盃 (Traditional)
33 The Cell Phone Sticker Cell Phone (NOA)
Mobile Phone (NOE)
Téléphone Teléfono móvil Mobiltelefon Telefonino けいたいでんわ 手机 (Simplified)
手機 (Traditional)
34 JackhammerPMSS.png Jackhammer (NOA)
Pneumatic Drill (NOE)
Marteau-piqueur Martillo neumático Presslufthammer Martello pneumatico さくがんき 凿岩机 (Simplified)
鑿岩機 (Traditional)
35 RadiatorPMSS.png Radiator Radiateur Radiador Heizkörper Radiatore オイルヒーター 油汀取暖器 (Simplified)
煤油暖爐 (Traditional)
36 HairdryerPMSS.png Hair Dryer (NOA)
Hairdryer (NOE)
Sèche-cheveux Secador Fön Asciugacapelli ドライヤー 吹风机 (Simplified)
吹風機 (Traditional)
37 OvenPMSS.png Oven Four Horno Ofen Forno オーブン 烤箱
38 MagnifyinglassPMSS.png Magnifying Glass Loupe Lupa Lupe Lente d'ingrandimento むしめがね 放大镜 (Simplified)
放大鏡 (Traditional)
39 MatchesPMSS.png Matches Allumettes Cerillas Streichhölzer Fiammiferi マッチ 火柴
40 LighterPMSS.png Lighter Briquet Mechero Feuerzeug Accendino ライター 打火机 (Simplified)
打火機 (Traditional)
41 ShavedicePMSS.png Shaved Ice Coupe glacée Helado escarchado Sirupeis Granita かきごおり 沙冰 (Simplified)
刨冰 (Traditional)
42 AirconditionerPMSS.png Air Conditioner Climatiseur Aire acondicionado Klimaanlage Condizionatore エアコン 空调 (Simplified)
冷氣機 (Traditional)
43 The Refrigerator Sticker Refrigerator (NOA)
Fridge (NOE)
Réfrigérateur Frigorífico Kühlschrank Frigorifero れいぞうこ 冰箱
44 SodaPMSS.png Soda (NOA)
Fizzy Drink (NOE)
Soda Refresco Limonade Bibita gassata ジュース 苏打水 (Simplified)
汽水 (Traditional)
45 SquirtgunPMSS.png Squirt Gun (NOA)
Water Pistol (NOE)
Pistolet à eau Pistola de agua Wasserpistole Pistola ad acqua みずでっぽう 水枪 (Simplified)
水槍 (Traditional)
46 The Rubber Ducky Sticker Rubber Ducky Canard en plastique Patito de goma Quietscheente Paperella アヒルちゃん 小鸭鸭 (Simplified)
小鴨鴨 (Traditional)
47 PowderpuffPMSS.png Powder Puff Houppette à poudre Aplicador de polvos Puderquaste Piumino per cipria パフ 粉扑 (Simplified)
粉撲 (Traditional)
48 The Sponge Sticker Sponge Éponge Estropajo Schwamm Spugna スポンジ 海绵 (Simplified)
海綿 (Traditional)
49 Car Sponge Sticker PMSS.png Car Sponge Grosse éponge Esponja Autoschwamm Spugna per auto くるまのスポンジ 汽车清洁海绵 (Simplified)
洗車海綿 (Traditional)
50 PillowPMSS.png Pillow Oreiller Almohada Kissen Cuscino まくら 枕头 (Simplified)
枕頭 (Traditional)
51 BedPMSS.png Bed Lit Cama Bett Letto ベッド
52 LuxuriousbedPMSS.png Luxurious Bed (NOA)
Four-Poster Bed (NOE)
Lit à baldaquin Cama con dosel Himmelbett Letto a baldacchino ごうかなベッド 豪华床 (Simplified)
公主床 (Traditional)
53 TapePMSS.png Tape Ruban adhésif Papel celo Klebeband Nastro adesivo セロファンテープ 透明胶带 (Simplified)
透明膠帶 (Traditional)
54 ThumbtackPMSS.png Thumbtack (NOA)
Drawing Pin (NOE)
Épingle de bureau Chincheta Reißzwecke Puntina がびょう 图钉 (Simplified)
圖釘 (Traditional)
55 The Stapler Sticker Stapler Agrafeuse Grapadora Tacker Spillatrice ホッチキス 订书机 (Simplified)
釘書機 (Traditional)
56 The Fishhook Sticker Fishhook (NOA)
Fish Hook (NOE)
Hameçon Anzuelo Angelhaken Amo da pesca つりばり 鱼钩 (Simplified)
魚鉤 (Traditional)
57 BalloonPMSS.png Balloon Ballon Globo Ballon Palloncino ふうせん 气球 (Simplified)
氣球 (Traditional)
58 The Pocket Watch sticker Pocket Watch Montre de gousset Reloj de bolsillo Taschenuhr Orologio da tasca かいちゅうどけい 怀表 (Simplified)
懷錶 (Traditional)
59 The Cat-o-Luck Sticker Cat-o-Luck Chat du bonheur Gato de la suerte Glückskatze Gatto portafortuna まねきねこ 招财猫 (Simplified)
招財貓 (Traditional)
60 The High Heel Sticker High Heel Talon haut Zapato de tacón Stöckelschuh Scarpa a stiletto ハイヒール 高跟鞋
61 GoatPMSS.png Goat Chèvre Cabra Ziege Capra やぎ 山羊
62 TurkeyPMSS.png Turkey Dinde Pavo Truthahn Tacchino しちめんちょう 火鸡 (Simplified)
火雞 (Traditional)
63 The Cake Sticker Cake Gâteau Pastel Torte Torta ケーキ 蛋糕
64 BoomboxPMSS.png Boom Box (NOA)
Stereo (NOE)
Radiocassette Radiocasete Gettoblaster Stereo portatile ラジカセ 立体声收录机 (Simplified)
收錄音機 (Traditional)


Image English: Scraps French: Récup' Spanish: Recortes German: Schnipsel Italian: Ritagli Japanese: マップピース Chinese: 地图纸片 (Simplified)
地圖碎片 (Traditional)
WoodenbridgePMSS.png Wooden Bridge Pont de bois Puente de madera Holzbrücke Ponte di legno 木の橋 木桥 (Simplified)
木橋 (Traditional)
DecalburgfountainPMSS.png Decalburg Fountain Fontaine de Décalbourg Fuente de Villatina Stickershovener Brunnen Fontana di Decalcopoli ラベルンタウンの噴水 贴花小镇喷泉 (Simplified)
剪紙小鎮的噴水池 (Traditional)
Comet Piece Fragment de comète Trozo de cometa Kometenteil Frammento di cometa コメットのかけら 彗星碎片
Green Warp Pipe Tuyau vert Tubería verde Grüne Röhre Tubo verde みどりの土管 绿色水管 (Simplified)
綠色水管 (Traditional)
WhitegatePMSS.png White Gate Portail blanc Verja blanca Weißes Tor Cancello bianco 白い扉 白色的门 (Simplified)
白色的門 (Traditional)
Block Switch Bloc interrupteur Bloque interruptor Schalterblock Blocco interruttore ブロックスイッチ 砖块开关 (Simplified)
磚塊開關 (Traditional)
Ship's Wheel Barre du navire Timón Schiffssteuerrad Ruota del timone 船のハンドル 船舵 (Simplified)
船的舵輪 (Traditional)
WarehousedoorPMSS.png Warehouse Door Porte de l'entrepôt Puerta del almacén Lagerhaustor Porta del deposito 倉庫の扉 仓库的门 (Simplified)
倉庫的門 (Traditional)
TabletpiecePMSS.png Tablet Piece Fragment de stèle Fragmento de mosaico Tafelstück Pezzo di tavoletta 石板のかけら 石板碎片
StoneentryPMSS.png Stone Entry Entrée de pierre Puerta de piedra Steintor Ingresso di pietra 石づくりのゲート 石头大门 (Simplified)
石頭大門 (Traditional)
TowerouterwallPMSS.png Tower Outer Wall Mur extérieur de la tour Pared exterior de la torre Turmwall Muro della torre 塔の外壁 塔的外墙 (Simplified)
塔的外牆 (Traditional)
The Tree Stump Scrap in Loop Loop River, from Paper Mario: Sticker Star.The Tree Stump Scrap in Tree Branch Trail, from Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Tree Stump Souche d'arbre Tocón Baumstumpf Ceppo d'albero 切り株 树墩 (Simplified)
樹墩 (Traditional)
BurrowdoorPMSS.png Burrow Door Porte de tanière Puerta de la gruta Höhlentür Ingresso di tana 巣穴の扉 巢穴的门 (Simplified)
巢穴的門 (Traditional)
BowsertapePMSS.png Bowser Tape Ruban adhésif Bowser Cinta Bowser Bowser-Band Nastro adesivo di Bowser クッパテープ 酷霸王纸带 (Simplified)
庫巴紙膠帶 (Traditional)
The Pipe in a Cave Scrap from Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Pipe in a Cave Tuyau dans une grotte Tubería de la cueva Höhlenröhre Tubo in una grotta 穴の中の土管 洞中的水管 (Simplified)
洞中水管 (Traditional)
Bigbookcase2PMSS.png Mansion Bookcase Bibliothèque du manoir Estantería de la mansión Villa-Bücherregal Libreria del maniero 屋敷の本棚 公馆的书架 (Simplified)
宅邸書架 (Traditional)
MansionwallPMSS.png Mansion Wall Mur du manoir Pared de la mansión Villa-Wand Muro del maniero 屋敷の壁 公馆的墙 (Simplified)
宅邸牆壁 (Traditional)
MansionsafePMSS.png Mansion Safe Coffre-fort du manoir Caja fuerte de la mansión Villa-Safe Cassaforte del maniero 屋敷の金庫 公馆的金库 (Simplified)
宅邸金庫 (Traditional)
The Mansion Door scrap from Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Mansion Door Porte du manoir Puerta de la mansión Villa-Tür Porta del maniero 屋敷の扉 公馆的门 (Simplified)
宅邸的門 (Traditional)
StewardportraitPMSS.png Steward's Portrait Portrait du majordome Retrato de mayordomo Porträt (Verwalter) Ritratto di amministratore あるじの肖像画 主人的肖像画 (Simplified)
主人的肖像畫 (Traditional)
MansiondoorPMSS.png Mansion Door Porte du manoir Puerta de la mansión Villa-Tür Porta del maniero 屋敷の扉 公馆的门 (Simplified)
宅邸的門 (Traditional)
BigbookcasePMSS.png Big Bookcase Grande bibliothèque Estantería grande Großes Bücherregal Libreria grande 屋敷の大きな本棚 公馆的大书架 (Simplified)
宅邸大書架 (Traditional)
ForebearportraitPMSS.png Forebear's Portrait Tableau ancien Retrato de antepasado Porträt (Vorbesitzer) Ritratto di predecessore ありし日の先代 往日的上一代
MinecartrailPMSS.png Mine-Cart Rail Rail Raíl para vagonetas Lorenschiene Pezzo di binario トロッコのレール 手推车轨道 (Simplified)
礦車軌道 (Traditional)
DiagonalrailPMSS.png Diagonal Rail Rail incliné Raíl diagonal Diagonale Schiene Binario diagonale ななめのレール 斜式轨道 (Simplified)
傾斜軌道 (Traditional)
MinecartexitPMSS.png Mine-Cart Exit Sortie de la mine Salida de la mina Lorenausgang Uscita della miniera トロッコの出口 手推车出口 (Simplified)
礦車出口 (Traditional)
BridgepartPMSS.png Bridge Part Morceau de pont Pieza de puente Brückenteil Parte di ponte 石橋のかけら 石桥碎片 (Simplified)
石橋碎片 (Traditional)
JunglefloodgatePMSS.png Jungle Floodgate Déversoir de la jungle Compuerta de la jungla Dschungel-Schleusentor Chiusa della giungla ジャングルの水門 丛林水闸 (Simplified)
叢林水閘 (Traditional)
RuinslopePMSS.png Ruin Slope Chemin antique Rampa de las ruinas Ruinenhang Rampa delle rovine 遺跡のスロープ 遗迹斜坡 (Simplified)
遺跡斜坡 (Traditional)
BompPMSS.png Bomp Bomp Pujón Bummp Bomp ツキダシドン 突面墩 (Simplified)
凸臉機關石 (Traditional)
Ruin Floor Sol des ruines Suelo de las ruinas Ruinenboden Pavimento delle rovine 遺跡の床 遗迹地板 (Simplified)
遺跡地板 (Traditional)
MountainholePMSS.png Mountain Hole Grotte Gruta de la montaña Felsloch Foro montano 登山道の穴 登山道的洞穴 (Simplified)
登山步道的洞穴 (Traditional)
MountainboulderPMSS.png Mountain Boulder Rocher Roca de la montaña Fels Macigno montano 登山道の岩 登山道的岩石 (Simplified)
登山步道的岩石 (Traditional)
CrackedboulderPMSS.png Cracked Boulder Rocher fissuré Roca agrietada Bruchfels Macigno infranto ひびの入った岩 有裂缝的岩石 (Simplified)
有裂縫的岩石 (Traditional)
HugemountainslabPMSS.png Huge Mountain Slab Pan de montagne Losa enorme de la montaña Riesiger Bergrücken Lastrone montano 登山道の大岩 登山道的大岩石 (Simplified)
登山步道的大岩石 (Traditional)
HiddenBowsergatePMSS.png Hidden Bowser Castle Château caché de Bowser Castillo oculto de Bowser Versteckte Bowser-Festung Castello nascosto かくれクッパ城 隐藏的酷霸王城堡 (Simplified)
隱藏的庫巴城堡 (Traditional)
BanzaibillcannonPMSS.png Banzai Bill Cannon Boum Bourrin Cañón Bill Banzai Riesenwilli-Kanone Cannone Banzai Bill マグナムキラー砲台 大弹头杀手炮台 (Simplified)
大炮彈刺客砲台 (Traditional)