Troff 'N' Scoff

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Troff 'N' Scoff
The first time entering the Troff 'N' Scoff location in Donkey Kong 64.
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
Greater location DK Isles
Inhabitants Troff, Scoff

Troff 'N' Scoff is a location found in every world of Donkey Kong 64 except Hideout Helm. As the name suggests, it features Troff and Scoff, who act as the gatekeepers to fighting each world boss. To enter the location, the Kongs must enter a portal depicting a headshot of both characters.


Donkey Kong explores the Troff 'N' Scoff location.

Troff 'N' Scoff takes place inside an enclosed, symmetrical room with a large door leading to the world boss. There are two platforms: Troff is standing on the left one and Scoff is standing on the right one. A Tag Barrel floats to the left of the entry portal. A large panel depicting Scoff's head is located directly south of the entrance. It is surrounded by five smaller panels that each depict an icon of a Kong's head (or a question mark if a Kong has not been rescued yet). The panels are optional as they display the total number of Bananas that each Kong has in the current world.

The large door is locked by a silver lock, which is out of Troff's reach. As a result, the Kongs must stand on a Banana Pad, where they must feed a certain number of Bananas to Scoff to increase his weight. The remaining number to feed him is displayed on the large boss door, and it decreases by a number for each Banana fed to him. After the Kong feeds all of their Bananas, Scoff belches and then jumps on his platform, which somehow elevates Troff's platform. If the door number says zero, Scoff becomes large enough to elevate Troff to the lock, allowing him to unlock it. By doing so, the boss door cycles between the head icons of the five Kongs before stopping on the one who must fight the boss. The door opens but only the depicted Kong can enter; if the other four Kongs attempt to enter, the door shuts on them.

After obtaining the Boss Key and defeating the boss, the Kongs exit back into the world from the Troff 'N' Scoff portal, which then vanishes.


Jungle Japes[edit]

  • On a raised platform in the main area near Lanky's cave
  • Inside a room in the first tunnel that Diddy has to open
  • In the storm area cave near Chunky's switch and banana fairy (requires DK, as Rambi has to destroy the gate first)

Angry Aztec[edit]

  • At the back of the maze temple
  • Near the first 5 pad and a Donkey barrel
  • Near Cranky and the 3 pad
  • Near Funky and the 4 pad
  • Near Candy and the 1 pad

Frantic Factory[edit]

  • In the testing room
  • In the storage room
  • In the R&D
  • In the upper part of the production room
  • In the DK Arcade room

Gloomy Galleon[edit]

  • Behind the Enguarde gate (requires Lanky, as Enguarde has to destroy the gate first)
  • Bottom of the lighthouse area
  • In the main cave near Tiny's Kasplat
  • Behind the side shipwreck
  • Near Funky and the music pads

Fungi Forest[edit]

  • Near Snide's HQ (day only)
  • At the back of the barns (night only)
  • In the Funky area (night only)
  • In the tree area
  • At the top of the giant mushroom

Crystal Caves[edit]

  • Near Snide's HQ (requires Chunky to destroy ice wall)
  • Near Donkey's rotating cabin (requires Diddy's Rocketbarrel Boost)
  • Near Lanky's lodge (requires Lanky's Baboon Balloon or Diddy's Rocketbarrel Boost)
  • In the room opposite Cranky (requires Chunky to destroy ice wall)

Creepy Castle[edit]

  • Near Funky in the catacombs
  • Near Candy in the dungeons
  • Near the 2 pad partway up
  • Near the 4 pad near the top
  • Near the catacombs entrance


Each world requires a different number of Bananas to be fed to Scoff. Jungle Japes is the only world with a minimum of one Kong needed to feed Scoff. In Worlds 2 and 3, the minimum number of Kongs is two; worlds 4 and 5 require at least three Kongs to feed their bananas, and Worlds 6 and 7 require at least four.

World Bananas Kong
Jungle Japes 60 Bananas Donkey Kong
Angry Aztec 120 Bananas Diddy Kong
Frantic Factory 200 Bananas Tiny Kong
Gloomy Galleon 250 Bananas Lanky Kong
Fungi Forest 300 Bananas Chunky Kong
Crystal Caves 350 Bananas Donkey Kong
Creepy Castle 400 Bananas All (Lanky Kong enters the boss arena, then when he falls, the player becomes Tiny Kong, followed by Chunky Kong, Donkey Kong, then Diddy Kong.)