Angry Aztec

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Donkey Kong 64 level
Angry Aztec
A birds-eye-view of an area within Angry Aztec in Donkey Kong 64, featuring a totem pole in the middle.
Entrance requirement 5 Golden Bananas
Boss Dogadon
Boss requirement 120 bananas
Trapped Kongs Tiny and Lanky
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Angry Aztec is the second level of Donkey Kong 64. It is located in the desert, and it models the ancient Aztec civilization, including some Egyptian inspiration. Kongs must have at least five Golden Bananas for B. Locker to allow them in. Most of the area is engulfed in quicksand, which damages the Kongs. Lanky Kong and Tiny Kong are held captive in separate temples and become playable once freed by Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. It is the first level to have Candy's Music Shop, and by extension, Music Pads and the use of instruments.

In this level, Diddy Kong can practice his Rocketbarrel Boost skills with the Buzzard. Donkey Kong can free a Llama, who later assists the Kongs in his temple by cooling the lava with his spit. There is also the Beetle who Tiny races down a large slide. The level's boss is Dogadon, who is fought by Diddy Kong. A notable area in this level is the five-door temple in which the Kroc resides. A large, spinning totem appears in the center of the one of the outdoor areas.


First tunnel[edit]

This is the entrance of the level. There is a 1 pad, and two sand pits with vines. There are also two rooms in the tunnel. The first one is for Donkey, which contains his Kasplat and Donkey Barrels, while the second one is for Chunky, which contains a puzzle where he puts vases in their correct spots.

First central area[edit]

This is the first overworld area. It has a grass field in the center with a dirt pile and a Tag Barrel. Candy's Music Shop is located around the grass field. There is a llama cage where the llama can be freed, and a domed temple where Tiny is imprisoned. Diddy's Kasplat is located at the top of the dome. The 1 and 2 pads are located here.

Second tunnel[edit]

There are three sections of the tunnel. At the end of the first section, there is Tiny's Kasplat, a Chunky Barrel, and Cranky's Lab, and a 3 pad. At the end of the second section, there is a cage with a Bonus Barrel inside it.

Second central area[edit]

This is the largest area of the level. It contains the Llama's Temple where Lanky Kong is jailed, the Temple with Five Doors, and a temple where Tiny races a beetle. Funky's Store and Snide's H.Q. are in the back of the area. There is a totem at the center of the area, where Diddy can use Rocketbarrel Boost to free the Buzzard or open the Temple with Five Doors.

Llama's Temple[edit]

Llama's Temple outside

The Llama's Temple,[1][2] or Llama Temple,[3][4][5] is located east of the entrance to the second central area. Lanky Kong's cage is located under the water here. Outside the temple is a Donkey Pad. Completing the Baboon Blast course frees the llama from his cage. Once this has been done, the llama will return to the temple and Target Switches will appear on it. Shooting one of these switches opens the temple's front door, allowing the Kongs to enter. Donkey Kong can use his Bongo Blast to wake the llama and have him cool the hot water inside the temple, allowing DK to reach Lanky Kong's cage. Other notable areas inside the temple are a room in which Lanky Kong can play a memory game with monkey heads and a room with lava accessible only by shrinking Tiny Kong or using the temple's second Bananaport Pad.

Temple with Five Doors[edit]

Meiro no Shinden outside

The Temple with Five Doors,[6] also known as the Five-Doored Temple,[7] is located near Funky's Store. At first, the temple's interiors are inaccessible. Diddy must Simian Slam a switch on the temple's roof to activate the totem pole in the center, then feed the totem pole peanuts to spawn Target Switches over the temple's doors. Each of its five passages requires a different Kong's weapon to enter and leads to a Golden Banana. However, once the Golden Banana has been obtained, Kroc takes aim at the player and says, "Get out!" At this point a timer appears and the player must race back to entrance before the timer hits 0. If the timer runs out, Kroc fires his weapon and cause the player to lose a slice of their health meter for each shot.

A glitch exists where, apparently, the switches are not loaded into memory right away, so every time the Kongs enter Angry Aztec and pass by the "loading seam" for the second main area (which starts roughly where the big boulder in the nearby cave is), the sound of the five switches spawning can be heard once Diddy Kong has unlocked them. Also, if Lanky and Chunky Kong need to re-enter their rooms in the temple for any reason after getting their Golden Bananas, Kroc attacks them again. Lanky and Chunky Kong are the only two Kongs that have Bonus Barrels in their temple mazes instead of being given a Golden Banana outright.

Third tunnel[edit]

The smallest area of the level, it contains a Bonus Barrel, and when complete, a 5 pad appears. The tunnel is almost entirely in quicksand. It is only accessible after Donkey presses a switch in the Llama's Temple.


Golden Banana locations[edit]

  • Donkey Kong
    1. Deep in the level, DK can go to his pad in front of the Llama's Temple. Once he has beaten the Barrel Blast Challenge, the Llama towards the beginning of the level will be freed and a Golden Banana will surface.
    2. Once the llama has been freed, DK can use the Music Pad in the Llama's Temple to have the llama cool the lava with his spit. Once the lava is cooled, DK can swim through it to reach Lanky's cage and free him for a Golden Banana.
    3. Pressing a switch in the Llama's Temple will open the door to a cave that is surrounded by quicksand. Once Donkey Kong has turned into Strong Kong via the DK Barrel, he can run through the quicksand to a Bonus Barrel and get a Golden Banana.
    4. In the Temple with Five Doors, DK can blast the door with the coconut switch to go through a maze of switches and enemies. Once through successfully, DK can claim the Golden Banana.
    5. DK's Kasplat is behind the door with the two Coconut Switches in the tunnel leading to the semi-main Aztec area. He will need to be Strong Kong to get to him, free quicksand is apparent at every corner.
  • Diddy Kong
    1. Diddy can go into the first temple that appears in the area and Simian Slam the Diddy switch inside. Some tongues from monkey statues will extend. Diddy will climb the tongues to an alcove, but the player must be quick, as the tongues will then go back inside the statues and Diddy must do this all over again. Once he uses his Peanut Popgun to shoot a switch on the other side of the room, another monkey statue tongue will extend for a limited time. Once Diddy has crossed the tongue and uses his Electric Guitar on the Music Pad, a ray of light will come from the ceiling and melt the ice. Diddy will swim his way to Tiny's jail cell and free her with his Chimpy Charge (he must spell out "KONG" by charging into each letter after charging into the Diddy Switch). Once she's free, he can snag his Golden Banana.
    2. Once Diddy chimpy Charges four gongs in front of the leveled temple in the main area, Diddy can blast up top and snag the Golden Banana by using a Diddy Barrel when the temple rises from the depths.
    3. In the Temple with Five Doors, Diddy can shoot the peanut switch above one of its doors. Once in, he can make his way in deep inside and snag the Golden Banana.
    4. Diddy can rocket through the sun emblem above the giant totem pole three times. Once Diddy has done so, he has also freed the dopey Buzzard. Diddy must follow the Buzzard and make it through its various rings to get a Golden Banana.
    5. Diddy's Kasplat is at the rooftop of the first temple in the level. Diddy can fly up to the rooftop using his Diddy Barrel located at a nearby palm tree and snag the blueprint.
  • Lanky Kong
    1. Atop a raised platform at the end of the aquatic tunnel inside the first temple, Lanky can Simian Slam a Lanky switch. Once the switch is slammed, a Buzzard will appear so Lanky can shoot it with his grape shooter. Once the Buzzard is shot a few times, the Golden Banana it's carrying will fall into Lanky's lap. After collecting the banana, the water level will lower, granting access to the Battle Arena Pad.
    2. Once Lanky's grape shot his way into the Llama's Temple, he can OrangStand up the two curved necks of the lizard statues to a Bonus Game for a Golden Banana.
    3. In the Llama's Temple, Lanky can slam a Lanky switch to open a door to a monkey head memory game. By shooting the corresponding monkey with the same voice, Lanky can earn a Golden Banana once all the monkey head statues are matched.
    4. In the Temple with Five Doors, he can make his way through, battling various enemies, and win a Bonus Game in a Bonus Barrel for a Golden Banana.
    5. Lanky's Kasplat is in a room in the Llama's Temple whose entrance is too small for him. Tiny can shrink and activate the Bananaporter 2 in that temple so Lanky can zip over in there and get his blueprint.
  • Tiny Kong
    1. In the first temple, Tiny can use a Tiny Barrel to shrink and swim into a tiny hole. She will fight a load of Klaptraps for her Golden Banana
    2. By Lanky's Kasplat, Tiny can easily shrink into a small hole in the Llama's Temple and activate a few switches to make some platforms appear over the lava, then she can use them to reach a Golden Banana.
    3. By shrinking and playing her sax, Tiny can get Squawks to fly her over the tall temple Diddy surfaced to race a beetle and collect 50 coins to get a Golden Banana.
    4. In the Temple with Five Doors, she has to go in a small hole in a small room where a Banana Fairy is and she can easily travel through enemies to collect the Golden Banana.
    5. Tiny's Kasplat is homed right in front of Cranky's alcove. She can collect the blueprint and hand it to Snide.
  • Chunky Kong
    1. Chunky can lift various large vases behind the pineapple door in the starting cave to place in their correct spots. Once done a Golden Banana will appear.
    2. Chunky can play his triangle on the triangle pad in the first temple. By doing so, leads to a twirling room with Klaptraps. After defeating them, a Golden Banana will appear.
    3. Chunky can go into the alley way outside Cranky's alcove and get the Chunky barrel. Once mammoth, Chunky can lift the giant bolder in the hall and place it on the stone table down the hall to free a Bonus Barrel. Chunky can play and win a Golden Banana.
    4. In the Temple with Five Doors he can go through enemies to get to a Bonus Game. Once won, he can win a Golden Banana.
    5. Chunky's Kasplat can be found in the Temple with Five Doors. He can return the blueprint to Snide and get a Golden Banana.





Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アステカンウインド
Asutekan Uindo
Aztecan Wind
French Aztec à sec Dry Aztec
German Azteken Arena Aztec Arena
Italian Aztechi Furiosi Furious Aztecs
Spanish Azteca Airado Enraged Aztec


  • The name of this level is a reference to the ancient Aztec civilization, and many aspects of the level are taken from their culture. However, the level's llamas are taken from Incan civilization, a civilization in the same time period as the Aztecs that raised them, and the inclusion of a scarab beetle is a reference to Ancient Egypt, who believed the scarab was holy.
  • The main theme for the level is based on an unused track in Banjo-Kazooie, also while it was known as Project Dream. The music track was named "Lost 1" by the composer of both Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64, Grant Kirkhope.[8] "Lost 1" would also be reused in Banjo-Tooie as the theme of Mayahem Temple with the sections from Angry Aztec excised.
  • After the player frees the Buzzard held captive outside Snide's HQ, completes its challenge and receives its Golden Banana, it will fly away. If the player revisits Angry Aztec later, it will appear inside its cell again, with no way of freeing it.


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