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Entries with a red background indicate objects that are produced by shaking the object in the above entry, while entries with a blue background indicate objects that change depending on the style, and entries with a green background indicate objects that change depending on the theme.

Object Super Mario Bros. style Super Mario Bros. 3 style Super Mario World style New Super Mario Bros. U style Notes
Brick Block
Rotating Block
SMM-SMB-Ground-editor-Block.png SMM-SMB3-BrickBlock.png N/A SMM NSMBU Brick Block.png
N/A N/A SMM SMW Rotating Block.png N/A
? Block SMM-SMB-MysteryBlock.png SMM-SMB3-MysteryBlock.png SMM-SMW-MysteryBlock.png SMM NSMBU - Block.png
  • Shaking a ? Block with an item inside will remove said item from the ? Block
Hard Block SMM-SMB-HardBlock.png SMM-SMB3-Block.png SMM-SMW-RockBlock.png SMM NSMBU Hard Block.png
Warp Pipe SMM-SMB-PipeTop.png SMM-SMB3-PipeTop.png SMM-SMW-PipeTop.png SMM-NSMBU-WarpPipe.png
Super Mushroom
  • Shaking an unmodified Goomba will cause it to split into two Mini Goombas
Koopa Troopa
  • Shaking a Koopa Troopa causes it to alternate between the green and red variants
Piranha Plant
Fire Piranha Plant
  • If not placed on a valid object, the wing will simply fly away

Super Mario Maker 2 Mythbusters - Smashy

Playlist can be found here.

#1: Does Mario Weigh More When He is Big?

  • Seesaws cannot be slid on, even while tilted.
  • A player in their Super form weighs the same on a Seesaw as a player in their Small form.
  • Pressing Up Button or Down Button while wearing a Dry Bones Shell in lava or poison causes it to spin.
  • Hitboxes on Spike Traps are much more lenient than they were in the original game.
  • In the Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U styles, when Boom Boom shields himself upon being damaged, he hurts any player that tries to Spin Jump on him.
  • Spike Traps placed at the very top of the vertical scroll limit cannot be jumped over.
  • Items destroyed by Dotted-Line Blocks respawn if the player leaves and then returns to the area.
  • Players can no longer stand on the edges of One-Way Walls.

#2: Does Yoshi Weigh More When He Has an Item in His Mouth?

  • Bowser's fireballs can be snuffed out by jumping on them with a Dry Bones Shell.
  • Climbing in Cat form prevents the player from hitting Hidden Blocks.
  • Players can no longer destroy blocks on the side in their Big form.
  • Bob-ombs' detonation timers reset when they are carried through Clear Pipes.
  • When Yoshi carries an item in his mouth, the weight of the item is added to Yoshi's weight on a Seesaw.
  • When the player climbs a Goal Pole in their Cat form, the timer stops.
  • Bob-ombs no longer ricochet off walls when thrown.
  • In the Super Mario 3D World style, Boom Boom's damaging attacks also defeat most enemies.

#3: Does Giant Mario Weigh More Than Normal Mario?

  • While dropping carried Galoombas and Goombuds resets their reaction timer, the same cannot be said for Buzzy Beetles, Koopa Troopas, or Spinies.
  • Collapsing Snake Blocks are completely harmless.
  • A player in their Big form weighs the same on a Seesaw as a player in their Small form.
  • Ground Pounding with a Dry Bones Shell allows the player to "play dead" longer than with simple crouching.
  • Angry Suns will hurt players that try to jump on them in a Goomba's Shoe, though a Ground Pound with a big Goomba's Shoe can defeat them.
  • Unlike in the New Super Mario Bros. games, Yoshi cannot consume fireballs from a player's Fire form.
  • Buzzy Shells usually bound left if a sideways Trampoline falls on top of it; however, placing a stationary item directly above the sideways Trampoline will cause the Buzzy Shell to bound right instead.
  • Causing a Thwomp to pound a Seesaw on one side will usually cause enemies on the other side to be launched higher than normal if there is ground underneath them.

#4: Do Winged Enemies Weigh More Than Normal Enemies?

  • Only winged Boos can pass towers of Big Boos.
  • Regular Yoshi cannot consume Red Yoshi's fireballs.
  • The player cannot pick up portable items while wearing a Dry Bones Shell on ground. There is, however, a glitch allowing them to pick up portable items on the same frame that they begin wearing a Dry Bones Shell.
  • Wings contribute nothing to an object's weight on a Seesaw.
  • Yoshi is capable of spitting poison by consuming jumping Cheep Cheeps.
  • Touching a goal while "playing dead" with a Dry Bones Shell will still finish the level as normal.
  • Ground Pound Jumps are not possible to perform.
  • Running across small gaps does not count against the "no jumping" clear condition.

#5: Can You Enter a Door When Someone Lifts You?

  • Players that are picked up cannot enter Warp Doors at the height they are picked up at normally. As such, it only works with precise timing.
  • Holding another player prevents the lower player from hitting Hidden Blocks two spaces above the ground.
  • Players cannot interact with objects held by other players.
  • Some portable objects (such as P Switches) allow the player to push a Dry Bones Shell without destroying it.
  • With precise timing, the player can still Spin Jump while holding items.
  • The player does not cause a Flimsy Lift to fall when they immediately jump out of a Dry Bones Shell upon entering it.
  • By hitting a ? Block or Brick Block underneath a Twister at just the right moment, the player can coax it off a ledge.
  • Angry Suns and Moons move slower in lava and poison.

#6: Can You Jump Further When Jumping Backwards Off a Tree?

  • Flipping backwards off of a Tree nets more momentum than flipping forwards.
  • In the forest theme in the Super Mario 3D World style, the underwater variant of the music plays even when the player is only partially submerged in water.
  • Players cannot enter Warp Pipes while Piranha Creepers are placed on the sides of the pipes.
  • Enemies cannot walk on the support platforms present only in the editor mode.
  • Yoshi crouches lower in the New Super Mario Bros. U style.
  • Players under Super Star invincibility can only hold portable enemies if they were being held before the player touched the Super Star.
  • Enemies can interact with platforms placed underneath slopes.
  • A player's death animation keeps playing until they go offscreen, after which they freeze in the state they were in when another player lost track of them.

#7: Can Link's Shield Deflect Banzai Bill?

  • Link's sword cannot destroy Spike Balls.
  • Link can cancel Down Thrusts in midair.
  • Link's Dash Attack is indefinite.
  • Bowser takes more damage from Link's bombs than from Bob-ombs.
  • Koopa Clown Cars make a sinister expression when Link drops a bomb from them.
  • Link can still wear Spiny Shells, Buzzy Shells, and Dry Bones Shells.\
  • Link's bombs do not defeat enemies until they explode.
  • Once kicked, snowballs keep rolling indefinitely.
  • Snowballs never melt.
  • Snow Pokeys drop one snowball once defeated.
  • Snowballs almost always fall straight back down once thrown upwards in the Super Mario World style.
  • The maximum horizontal distance an arrow can travel is ten blocks.
  • Spike Balls chase the player in the ground theme at night.
  • The momentum granted from Dash Blocks lasts thirty-two blocks horizontally.
  • Dash Blocks count as "global" ground tiles.
  • Snow Pokeys wear different hats in certain game styles.
  • Link's shield can push stationary enemies.
  • Link's shield can defeat Banzai Bills.
  • Link has some exclusive sound effects.
  • Spike Balls thrown by Spikes in the Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 styles keep scrolling horizontally until they touch solid ground, after which they roll as normal.

#8: What Happens When 2 Links Dash Into Eachother

  • Bob-ombs and Link's bombs weigh the same on a Seesaw.
  • A player in their Link form weighs the same on a Seesaw as a player in their Small form.
  • Bowser makes a different noise when hit with Link's sword.
  • Koopa Troopas and Spinies are the only shelled enemies to be vulnerable to Link's arrows.
  • Link's arrows cannot be set on fire.
  • Legend of Zelda-specific sound effects do not stop playing if the player takes damage as Link.
  • Cheep Cheeps jumping in poison cannot melt Frozen Coins.
  • Link's bombs sprout legs and walk in the ground theme at night.
  • Link's arrows do not affect other players.
  • Link's Dash Attack can push other players.
  • Frozen Coins transform into frozen Brick Blocks (or frozen Rotating Blocks in the Super Mario World style) when a P Switch is activated.

#9: Can Link's Shield Defend Against Angry Sun

  • Frozen Brick Blocks (or frozen Rotating Blocks) can still be melted by fire-based course elements.
  • Two players in their Link forms cannot cause their arrows to collide.
  • By spinning in their Cape form, the player can enter a Warp Pipe facing backwards.
  • The player does not turn around when jumping off of a Yoshi, even while they are turning as they land.

[merchandise plug]

  • By continuously holding a bow, Link can enter a Warp Pipe facing backwards.
  • A player in the Big form can outright break Frozen Coins, even in their frozen Brick Block form.
  • Link's bombs can only be jumped on when they are placed on steep slopes.
  • Link's arrows are not affected by wind.
  • The poison that Yoshi spits out does not melt Frozen Coins.
  • Link's arrows pass right through Angry Suns.
  • Link's arrows deal the same damage to Bowser as fireballs.
  • Two players as Link cannot crush enemies with their shields.
  • Link gains weight on a Seesaw by holding a bomb.
  • Link's shield cannot defend against Angry Suns.
  • Parachuting Thwomps lose their parachutes upon being hit by Link's shield.
  • Jumping on the sides of Spike Tops other than their backs defeats them instantly.
  • Link's arrows are not affected by low gravity.
  • In the sky theme at night, the player falls further while not pressing any buttons.