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Not to be confused with Banana Queen.
Banana Fairy Princess
Species Banana Fairy
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
“Thanks once again. Banana Fairy Kingdom is eternally grateful to you and your friends.”
Banana Fairy Princess, Donkey Kong 64

The Banana Fairy Princess[1], also known as the Banana Fairy[2], Banana Fairy Queen[3], Fairy Queen[4][5] or Mrs. Fairy[6], is a non-playable character in Donkey Kong 64. As her name suggests, she is the ruler of the Banana Fairies, resembling a standard one but also being noticeably larger. She lives inside the giant fairy head of Banana Fairy Island.

The only Kong who can meet the Banana Fairy Princess is Tiny, as the entrance of the Fairy Head is only large enough for her to access by using her Mini-Monkey ability. Inside, she finds the Banana Fairy Princess crying, who claims that a large tremor (presumably from K. Lumsy) scared away all the Banana Fairies. The Princess asks Tiny to help the other Kongs in recovering the Banana Fairies, and provides them with the Banana Fairy's Camera and ten rolls of Banana Camera Film to help in doing so. She also gives the Kongs the Super Slam, a shockwave ability that instant defeats most enemies and unearths 5-Banana Coins from DK Dirt Piles.

After every Banana Fairy is recovered, Tiny can revisit the Banana Fairy Princess for a unique Golden Banana with a Rareware logo sticker on it.

The Mermaid from Gloomy Galleon and the Banana Fairy Princess have the same crying sound.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Italian Principessa delle Fate Banana
Banana Fairies' Princess
Spanish Princesa Hada Banana[7]
Princess Banana Fairy


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