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This is Lemonface's own home page! I like video games, and Mario happens to be a series of video games, so naturally I like Mario games. Feel free to browse my page... just don't carouse!

Mario Games I Have Owned

I have owned many Mario games in my past. As a matter of fact, one of the first games I remember playing was a Mario game: Super Mario Bros. 3 on NES. I don't remember much about it back then... I don't even know if I played it; I may have just watched it! I remember that weird raccoon suit. That's actually all I remember about it. Many years later though, I borrowed it on Game Boy Advance and it totally refreshed my memory. There is one game that I do actually remember playing: Super Mario 64, perhaps the one of the most famous Mario games of all time! I bought it just recently on the DS, and it had many great additions to it (although I think that they could have crammed Waluigi in there as a playable character). I probably just bored you to death so I'll cut the jibber-jabber.

Mario Games I've Owned in the Past

Mario Games I Currently Own

My Favorite Mario Games

Favorite Characters

In a period of over two decades, it would appear to the commoner that the Mario series does not have an end to its protagonists, antagonists, and other people and species...the commoner would be CORRECT! To narrow them all down to your favorites would be very difficult. I, however, have managed to do so!

Favorite Protagonists

  • Luigi: A shy and less popular character than his older brother makes Luigi somewhat "looked over". I think Luigi has a very important role as the younger brother: Would Mario have made it through half of his missions if not for Luigi? Would Mario have drowned in an Antarctic flood when he was missing if not for Luigi? Would Mario have ever escaped that haunted mansion if not for Luigi? Even in paper form, Luigi was off helping to rescue Princess Eclair. And Luigi plays a great asset (although he is also an enemy) in Super Paper Mario.
  • Yoshi (kid) (as seen in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door): A young baby Yoshi which you rescued from its horrible Southern Fried Egg Dog of Tastiness fate. It's small, comes in many different colors (of which blue, orange, and black are my favorites), carries you across small gaps, and is cocky! The little Yoshi rats out anything it doesn't approve of, and hates the bad guys. I love this little dude's attitude! Plus you can name it whatever you want (which is really gnarly)!
  • Goombella: A sassy character who speaks her mind. "Bald guys just don't do it for me" was something she said about a Bald Cleft that had me rolling around laughing. She mocks and hates bad guys, so she has a lot of common traits with the Yoshi (kid). That's probably why I like her.
  • Mario: Of course I have to have to most famous name in video game history on my list! Mario is almost always the hero and almost always has to rescue Princess Peach. His greatest foe (who he always seems to beat) is Bowser. I could go on and on about the great Mario, but what would be the point? Who doesn't already know about the one and only Mario?

Favorite Antagonists

  • Waluigi: Waluigi is perhaps one of the coolest protagonists of all time (especially in the Mario series). "Why" you may ask? Waluigi is Luigi to the maximum degree: ultra skinny and ultra tall, but he is ultra wicked! He has a menacing "Wah hah hah!" laugh, he is greedy and selfish much like Wario. He is a great addition to the Mario series and it upsetting that he isn't in more main games; I think he should have been in Super Mario 64 DS, in some Wario games, and maybe he should have his own game where he is the main player (that would be cool!)
  • Doopliss: Doopliss is a rather weak enemy, so he copies people's traits to attack. He's a rather poor antagonist, but he's clumsy and wisecracking so he can be funny at times. He does horrible at Mario impersonations, which can be quite funny to watch, let alone when he teams up with the Shadow Sirens and becomes the most inferior of the three!
  • Lord Crump: Lord Crump is a persistent foe who is constantly attacking Mario for one thing: Crystal Stars. He is Sir Grodus' crony, but does rather poor at his job of overtaking Mario and friends. He has a distinct laugh (though it can not be heard) and is kind of stupid. Perhaps his constant failure is what makes him a interesting foe to fight time and time again.
  • Bowser: Now if I didn't forget Mario as a favorite protagonist, did you really think I would forget Bowser as a favorite antagonist? Bowser is just as stupid as the next enemy, but is nonetheless Mario's greatest foe. Bowser has many sons and is king of the Koopas. He has many lackies, but always seems to be beaten one way or another. He has very rarely allied with Mario, but has always seemed to help him when he was in need. Bowser is the greatest video game foe of all time!

Game Ratings

Here are the ratings I give the Mario games I have played in the past. Feel free to use them to convince yourself to buy a Mario game or not!

Game Rating The Good The Bad
Super Mario Bros. 3 7.7 (Good) Lots of long levels; lots of upgrades to help out in any situation; Luigi is a playable character for the whole game; Toad houses come in handy sometimes. Typical story: Bowser kidnaps Peach...which is pretty much expected in a Mario game; Bosses are slightly repetitive; Nothing really unlockable, which pretty much means when you beat the game, you beat the game.
Super Mario 64 8.3 (Great) Loads of levels that require skill and thinking; great graphics that revolutionized gameplay (especially in the Mario series); Old enemies come back with new twists; Cannons are a pretty cool way to travel; Different caps makes gameplay interesting; Plenty of secret places and levels. Not a whole lot of bosses; Mario is the ONLY playable character which gives the game sort of a "lonely" feeling; some quests are boring and repetative.
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe 9.3 (Superb) LOADS of unlockables; World map comes in handy to keep track of where you're at; Mario and Luigi can be switched as players at any time; Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is unlockable as well as races with Boo; Loads of rewards and other cool trophies; Awesome challenges like the Yoshi Egg search and the Red Coin hunt. Though there is a lot of gameplay, once everything has been played, that's it; graphics are still the same, as well as the story; has yet to be re-released on another handheld (like the DS).
Mario Party Advance 4.7 (Poor) Lots of missions require constant character change which keeps things going; Lots of stories; Lots of minigames. Minigames are pretty lame; Only four people are playable; Nothing like the regular Mario Party series; Gameplay becomes dull after a while; Mushroom count is a pill; Bowser battles are pathetic; Once the game is beaten, it is likely you will not return to it (if you even bother to finish it).
Mario Kart: Super Circuit 6.9 (Fair) Fairly good selection of characters; Good selection of courses; Victory makes you happy; Variation (rain and dry) is good to keep you on your toes. Character selection is somewhat lacking; Trying to grab all the coins on the road to get a good rating is a real pill; If you get behind in the race, there are hardly any items to help you get back in the lead; No interesting unlockables or gameplay modes make the game very short-lived.
Classic NES Series: Super Mario Bros. 6.5 (Fair) It's the classic version from the NES; Sleep Mode is nice when you're on a roll, but need to take a break; Two-player mode is kind of nice. It's the classic version from the NES...and that's it; Duck Hunt isn't even an unlockable; You can't erase game data, so if you don't like Buzzy Beetles in place of Goombas, you're pretty much "in a pickle"; The game that's on the cover is all there is...nothing more, nothing less...thank God.
Luigi's Mansion 8.6 (Great) Luigi's own game, so that's cool for a change; It's kind of an homage to "Ghostbusters", so kudos there; Lots of different ghosts, semi-bosses, and bosses to keep things always on the move; Money and jewels are hidden everywhere, so it takes quite a while to completely finish and beat the game; The Shy Guy comes back as a ghost; long gameplay can have you at it for a while; hidden rooms, items, and ghosts are fun to find; E. Gadd can be funny at times... as well as Luigi. Nothing much changes after the game's been beaten; Gold Frames can be very hard to get with certain ghosts' attacks; Boos with high HP are a pill to catch when they go from room to room, especially when you have to go a long way just to go to the next room.
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! 8.8 (Great) Probably the best console Mario Kart game; Great soundtrack; Good choice of weapons; Two characters per kart means you can have twice the special items on a completely different kart; Courses are great with traps, obstacles, and shortcuts; A few cool references to previous Mario games; The best character/kart selection of any Mario Kart game. After a while, courses become second nature driving; Third person only angle can be difficult for some people's driving perspective; And, as weird as this may sound, the computers seem to somewhat "cheat" on higher difficulties (like bombs will throw you into reverse, while it won't with the computer players).
Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour 8.8 (Great) Great graphics; Great selection of characters, plus star characters seem like an entire new set of unlockable characters; Courses are intricate and require a lot of thought to plan the right shot; Character reactions to winning or losing can be quite hilarious to watch; You get to choose what difficulty the computer is set at when you play against one. The wind, rain, and flying obstacles are a pill to make the right shot; A lot courses are tricky and wind up giving you triple bogeys and whatnot; Button configuration can be difficult to time and hit right.
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 9.9 (Superb) Smooth graphics makes it look like you're playing a cartoon; Great character cast and cameo cast; Wide variety of enemies keeps you guessing on the attacks; Even though you play as Mario for the entire game, you can disguise yourself as Luigi, Wario, or Waluigi and play as them for as long as you'd like; Enemies can use items and badges against you as an equal balance of fairness; The sidekicks are mostly funny; Quite a few enemies are funny and fun to battle; Amazing soundtrack keeps the beat and feeling of music going while you battle; The first chapter is a good way to be brought into the world of Paper Mario, while the final chapter is highly difficult and no laughing matter; When you beat the game, you can keep going and fighting to reach the highest level of 99; Recipes are pretty cool to help you in your travels; Hotels, item shops, and save points are at the perfect amount so you're not overwhelmed, but not too stressed about dying and losing data; The Pit of 100 Trials is definitely a good challenge for the addicted gamer; Good selection of badges can have attacks against enemies to the extreme; Hidden passages and items has you looking everywhere for all the goodies; Great story line (it's not the typical Bowser steals Peach stuff); Bowser and Peach being playable characters is a load of fun; Gameplay is addicting; Long, but not too long; The four Pianta Parlor minigames are pretty fun to take a break with; The Trouble Center is always good to turn to for extra coins and goodies (not to mention the addition of Ms. Mowz to your party; The Happy Lucky Lottery is a good way to earn extras. No save points in the Pit of 100 Trials!
Mario Party 4 6.5 (Fair) Mario Party is always a classic multiplayer Mario game; Interesting boards; Nice minigames; Interesting on-board activities. Stars are very hard to come by; Orbs are hard to retrieve; Minigames are slightly confusing.
Mario Party 5 6.8 (Fair) Boards are colorful and intricate; Minigames are pretty cool; Single player is a bit better than the last; More Characters to play as. Capsules are a pill (no pun intended) to get, 'cause you can't pick what one you want, it just randomly gives it to you; A lot of Koopa Kids in single player mode; Donkey Kong is no longer a playable character; Story is boring and sissy.
Mario Party 7 7.9 (Good) Boards are real cool; Story is better; More interesting ways to get stars; Boards have lots of cool activities; More fun minigames; Great amount of playable characters; Points are cool to trade in on prizes. The Mic is a pain in the butt to get to work; Some boards have too many Bowser Spaces; The Koopa Kid is REALLY annoying; Bowser minigames are hard and don't always let you win.
Super Mario 64 DS 9.2 (Superb) More Power Stars to collect means more gameplay; More characters to play as makes gameplay more fun; Different power-ups are awesome; A few more boss battles to improve the challenge; Lots of enemies to kick around like a sack of potatoes; Rabbits are a challenge to catch; The great abundance of minigames means even more gameplay; Minigames are fun. Once it's over, all that's left is to fly around the Castle Grounds and play with the Castle Cannon; Waluigi isn't a playable character; Even after defeating Bowser for the final time, he never really leaves the castle...does the game ever actually end?
Super Princess Peach 8.1 (Great) A classic Mario feel in a DS game; Peach is finally the main character and has to rescue everyone; Classic 2D side-scrolling levels makes it cool and retro; The vibes on the touch screen help to shake things up a bit; Lots of classic enemies plus new ones equals a big challenge. Gameplay ends fairly quickly...even with the extra levels; The minigames are pretty lame; The puzzles are all too easy; The shop can empty out quickly.
Mario Party DS 9.4 (Superb) Mario Party on the DS; Single-card download, which means a lot more for your money; Creative Boards; Cool items and hexes; More than one item can be purchased at once; Story mode makes sense; No Bowser Minigames; Boss battles in Story Mode are a cool additive and a small challenge; All of the DS' features are utilized in the minigames, which means an extremely large variety of challenges; A fairly wide selection of characters; SO much better than the GBA version; No Koopa Kid spaces or anything to do with the little brat; Interesting story; An altogether great game. Only five boards; Items and hexes cannot be sold; A game 20 turns or over in multiplayer mode can drain your DS extremely quickly, depending on your screen's brightness (which isn't necessarily the game's fault); The computerized opponents cheat just as bad as ever.
Donkey Kong Country 8.5 (Great) A drastic change from the arcade Donkey Kong is great for an interesting turn on gameplay; A fairly long platformer; Lots of different enemies to keep things exciting; Lots of little animal buddies to help you in your travels; Good graphics for a 16-bit (it has a good 3D look to it); Save option makes gameplay a lot easier and isn't too common for older games. Nothing unlockable; The game is loads of fun, but once it's beat, it's over.
Donkey Kong Land 7.2 (Good) Good graphics for the original Game Boy; Very reminiscent of Donkey Kong Country, so the gameplay is good; Good chunk of levels for a Game Boy game; When played on the Game Boy Color you can change the color scheme to whatever you like (blue was always my favorite). Gameplay is very similar to Donkey Kong Country, so the two games can be easily confused; Gameplay is very short for a Donkey Kong game; Bosses are weak and easily defeated; Enemies like Zingers cannot not be killed normally, so they can be a pain when placed in certain places as obstacles; Some levels are considerably harder than the boss battles that follow them in that world.
DK: King of Swing 5.8 (Mediocre) An interesting spin on Donkey Kong gameplay; Levels are intricately designed so that gameplay is very different; Boss battles are unique and tough; Playing the entire game as Diddy Kong is pretty cool; Extra unlockable gameplay means more time for fun. Levels are overtly difficult, right from the start; The constant switch between the L and R buttons can give your fingers cramps; Enemies are very difficult to defeat; The game is very short; You have to play the entire game twice just to actually have it beat; The unlockable gameplay is lame and very repetative...not to mention how difficult it is to play against three computerized players.
Animal Crossing 7.7 (Good) The Sims is taken to an interesting level; Gameplay is very interesting; Loads to do; Lots of people to meet; Plenty of things to find, catch, and collect; Good soundtrack; Plenty of goals to reach; Cheat codes for practically anything in the game; You can make an island for your town; There are plenty of NES games to obtain and play; You can travel between to towns on the train. Once everything has been done, there's nothing much left to do; Though there is a wide soundtrack, the hourly music change is constantly repetitive; E-Reader compatibility is stupid since the E-Reader is no longer around (plus, certain things can only be obtained through this lame device); You lose a town member every time you travel; Redd charges way too much for his items; Saharah is a major rip-off; Wendell is a pill to get all the wallpapers from; Joan charges way too much for her turnips; A lot of villagers are mean; You can only travel over to your island via the Game Boy Advance, not the DS or any other Game Boy; The post office rewards are far to difficult to achieve; Only one player can play at a time.
Animal Crossing: Wild World 9.7 (Superb) Animal Crossing is reborn in an amazingly better version on the DS; Loads more to do (fish, bugs, fossils, clothes, furniture, etc.); Hybrid flowers can be created via the talents of a creative gardener; Characters are much nicer; More special characters; Shrunk is a great addition to the game since you can express emotions; Townsfolk give you pictures of themselves when you become close to them; There are more townsfolk in the game; More tools means more activities; Wi-fi and DS to DS communication improve gameplay a million-fold; Players from other towns can visit your town and vise-versa so you can play games, have contests, instant message, and do loads other things together; You can wear costumes, hats, glasses, and other accessories; The furniture selection has improved quite a bit; There are more town activities (like La-di-day and the Flea Market); The Flea Market is a great addition so you can sell all your old stuff for a profit(especially when it comes to fish and bugs), plus you can buy other villagers' stuff; The house is a lot bigger; You make interest on your bank account; You can donate to the town of Boondox to spread the love and joy; Drawers and dressers hold ninety items total as opposed to three each in the last game; The observatory is great; You can make constellations; You can drink coffee at the cafe; K.K. has more songs; And did I mention the DS to DS connetions? No cheat codes whatsoever; You can only hold four emotions; Maintaining your town is a lot more difficult; No island; Not very many holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are completely gone); And there are no NES games at all.

Game Cheats and Such

Even though I have mentioned a lot of Mario games, I have cheats for only a selected few. Don't get upset with me! I'll have more cheats soon! Until then, use what I've got!

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe for Game Boy Color

Unlockable How to Unlock
Goomba Picture Stomp on a Goomba
Koopa Troopa Picture Kill a Koopa Troopa or a Koopa Paratroopa
Piranha Plant Picture Kill a Piranha Plant
Blooper Picture Kill a Blooper
Cheep Cheep Picture Kill a Cheep Cheep
Hammer Bros. Picture Kill a pair of Hammer Bros.
Lakitu Picture Kill a Lakitu
Spiny Picture Kill a Spiny or a Spiny Egg
Bullet Bill Picture Stomp on a Bullet Bill
Bowser Picture 1 Defeat Bowser with Fireballs on level 1-4
Bowser Picture 2 Defeat Bowser with Fireballs on level 2-4
Bowser Picture 3 Defeat Bowser with Fireballs on level 3-4
Bowser Picture 4 Defeat Bowser with Fireballs on level 4-4
Mario Bros. Picture 1 Defeat Bowser with Fireballs on level 5-4
Mario Bros. Picture 2 Defeat Bowser with Fireballs on level 6-4
Mario Bros. Picture 3 Defeat Bowser with Fireballs on level 7-4
Mario Bros. Picture 4 Defeat Bowser with Fireballs on level 8-4
Princess Peach Picture Beat the original 1985 game mode
1-Up Mushroom Picture Find a 1-Up Mushroom anywhere in the original 1985 game mode
Mushroom Picture Find a Mushroom anywhere in the original 1985 game mode
Fire Flower Picture Find a Fire Flower anywhere in the original 1985 game mode
Starman Picture Find a Star anywhere in the original 1985 game mode
Beanstalk Picture Find a Beanstalk, climb it, and enter its bonus stage anywhere in the original 1985 game mode
Vs. Mode Picture Link up and play Vs. Mode
Trading Picture Link up and trade high scores
Red Coin Medal Find all 5 Red Coins in all 32 levels of Challenge mode
Yoshi Egg Medal Find the Yoshi Egg in all 32 levels of Challenge mode
Score Medal Beat the high score in all 32 levels of Challenge mode
Peach Medal Beat the entire game of Challenge mode
Toad Medal Fill up the Challenge mode Score Meter
Yoshi Medal Beat the entire game of Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
Mario Medal Beat the original 1985 game mode
Bowser Medal Beat the original 1985 game mode for a 2nd time
You Vs. Boo Race Mode Get 100,000 points in the original 1985 game mode
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Get 300,000 points in the original 1985 game mode
Play as Luigi Press SELECT while in the map screen

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! for Gamecube

Unlockable How to Unlock
Green Fire Win the Mushroom Cup 50cc
Bloom Coach Win the Flower Cup 50cc
Para Wing Win the Star Cup 50cc
Bullet Blaster Win the Special Cup 50cc
Rattle Buggy Win the Mushroom Cup 100cc
Waluigi Racer Win the Flower Cup 100cc
Special Cup Win the Star Cup 100cc
Toad, Toadette, and the Toad Kart Win the Special Cup 100cc
Luigi's Mansion Battle Mode Course Win the Mushroom Cup 150cc
Turbo Birdo Win the Flower Cup 150cc
Barrel Train Win the Star Cup 150cc
All Cup Tour Win the Special Cup 150cc
Mirror Mode (150cc in reverse) Win the All Cup Tour 150cc
Toadette Kart Win the Mushroom Cup in Mirror Mode
Tilt-A-Kart Battle Mode Course Win the Flower Cup in Mirror Mode
Petey Piranha, King Boo, and the Piranha Pipes Win the Star Cup in Mirror Mode
Boo Pipes Win the Special Cup in Mirror Mode
Parade Kart Win the All Cup Tour in Mirror Mode
Alternate "Press Start" Screen and Alternate "Thanks for Playing!" Screen Get Gold in all races

In Time Trial Mode, beat the following times to race against the staff's ghosts.

Course Ghost Time to Beat
Luigi Circuit 1:29:00
Peach Beach 1:23:00
Baby Park 1:14:00
Dry Dry Desert 1:53:00
Mushroom Bridge 1:34:00
Mario Circuit 1:44:00
Daisy Cruiser 1:55:00
Waluigi Stadium 2:02:00
Sherbet Land 1:28:00
Mushroom City 1:53:00
Yoshi Circuit 2:02:00
DK Mountain 2:15:00
Wario Colosseum 2:24:00
Dino Dino Jungle 2:03:00
Bowser's Castle 2:47:00
Rainbow Road 3:19:00

This is a little game I made. It's called "Lead-Foot-It for First". What you have to do is start a certain set time behind the other racers. For instance: You may have to wait 30 seconds before starting; what you're doing is giving your opponents a head start. You then have to beat them in the race by placing first. In order to perform this correctly, you must be proficient in drifting, a skilled weapon-user, know shortcuts, and of course, be the best driver. NOTE: This is not a required part of the game; it is merely a form of alternate entertainment I have created for the game.

Course Mode Time to Start At
Luigi Circuit 50cc 25 sec
Peach Beach 50cc 26 sec
Baby Park 50cc 20 sec
Dry Dry Desert 50cc 34 sec
Mushroom Bridge 50cc 21 sec
Mario Circuit 50cc 27 sec
Daisy Cruiser 50cc 30 sec
Waluigi Stadium 50cc 31 sec
Sherbet Land 50cc 34 sec
Mushroom City 50cc 28 sec
Yoshi Circuit 50cc 50 sec
DK Mountain 50cc 30 sec
Wario Colosseum 50cc 45 sec
Dino Dino Jungle 50cc 40 sec
Bowser's Castle 50cc 44 sec
Rainbow Road 50cc 60 sec
Luigi Circuit 100cc 18 sec
Peach Beach 100cc 16 sec
Baby Park 100cc 15 sec
Dry Dry Desert 100cc 25 sec
Mushroom Bridge 100cc 15 sec
Mario Circuit 100cc 20 sec
Daisy Cruiser 100cc 20 sec
Waluigi Stadium 100cc 25 sec
Sherbet Land 100cc 21 sec
Mushroom City 100cc 20 sec
Yoshi Circuit 100cc 32 sec
DK Mountain 100cc 23 sec
Wario Colosseum 100cc 31 sec
Dino Dino Jungle 100cc 24 sec
Bowser's Castle 100cc 25 sec
Rainbow Road 100cc 37 sec
Luigi Circuit 150cc 11 sec
Peach Beach 150cc 10 sec
Baby Park 150cc 9 sec
Dry Dry Desert 150cc 14 sec
Mushroom Bridge 150cc 10 sec
Mario Circuit 150cc 13 sec
Daisy Cruiser 150cc 14 sec
Waluigi Stadium 150cc 16 sec
Sherbet Land 150cc 12 sec
Mushroom City 150cc 12 sec
Yoshi Circuit 150cc 21 sec
DK Mountain 150cc 11 sec
Wario Colosseum 150cc 23 sec
Dino Dino Jungle 150cc 17 sec
Bowser's Castle 150cc 18 sec
Rainbow Road 150cc 23 sec
Luigi Circuit Mirror 13 sec
Peach Beach Mirror 11 sec
Baby Park Mirror 9 sec
Dry Dry Desert Mirror 15 sec
Mushroom Bridge Mirror 12 sec
Mario Circuit Mirror 15 sec
Daisy Cruiser Mirror 17 sec
Waluigi Stadium Mirror 18 sec
Sherbet Land Mirror 15 sec
Mushroom City Mirror 13 sec
Yoshi Circuit Mirror 23 sec
DK Mountain Mirror 14 sec
Wario Colosseum Mirror 20 sec
Dino Dino Jungle Mirror 18 sec
Bowser's Castle Mirror 20 sec
Rainbow Road Mirror 21 sec

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour for Gamecube

Unlockable How to Unlock
Boo Earn 50 Best Badges
Bowser Jr. In the Birdie Challenge, complete the front 9, back 9, and all 18 succesfully
Petey Piranha Complete all side games (with the exception of the Birdie Challenge) on beginner, intermediate, and expert
Shadow Mario Complete every level in Ring Shot mode with the same character
Star Koopa Troopa Beat Koopa Troopa when he invites you to a challenge
Star Peach Beat Peach when she invites you to a challenge
Star Luigi Beat Luigi when he invites you to a challenge
Star Diddy Kong Beat Diddy Kong when he invites you to a challenge
Star Yoshi Beat Yoshi when he invites you to a challenge
Star Birdo Beat Birdo when she invites you to a challenge
Star Waluigi Beat Waluigi when he invites you to a challenge
Star Wario Beat Wario when he invites you to a challenge
Star Daisy Beat Daisy when she invites you to a challenge
Star Mario Beat Mario when he invites you to a challenge
Star Donkey Kong Beat Donkey Kong when he invites you to a challenge
Star Bowser Beat Bowser when he invites you to a challenge
Star Boo Unlock Boo
Star Bowser Jr. Unlock Bowser Jr.
Star Shadow Mario Unlock Shadow Mario
Star Petey Piranha Unlock Petey Piranha
Cheep Cheep Falls Win Lakitu Valley
Shifting Sands Win Cheep Cheep Falls
Blooper Bay Win Shifting Sands
Peach's Castle Grounds Win Blooper Bay
Bowser Badlands Win Peach's Castle Grounds
Star Tournament Win all the courses in the regular Tournament mode
Intermediate level Side Games Beat Beginner level Side Games
Expert level Side Games Beat Intermediate level Side Games
Changeable greens in each course Win that course in Star Tournament mode
Simulation Line on/off Win all courses in Star Tournament mode

For each of these passwords, be sure to hold Z and Start at the title screen to go to the password screen/hole-in-one screen.

Password Effect
0EKW5G7U Camp Hyrule Tournament
9L3L9KHR Bowser Badlands Tour
ELBUT3PX Peach's Castle Grounds Tour
CEUFPXJ1 Target Tour Tournament
BJGQBULZ Hollywood Video Tour
2GPL67PN Bowser Jr.'s Jumbo Tourney
GGAA241H Super Mario Open
UN7N84JN K-Zone Cup (Lakitu Valley)
T53534K2 TV Hits Tour (Shifting Sands)
RNLEGM2M Nintendo Australia Open (Blooper Bay)
36NH7XNG Nintendo Official Magazine (UK) Competition
Character Yards Star Yards Impact Control Spin Shot Height Shot Path
Mario 212 280 10/20 5/20 14/20 High Straight
Luigi 206 240 16/20 10/20 6/20 Low Left
Peach 203 235 13/20 12/20 5/20 Medium Straight
Daisy 213 270 10/20 6/20 13/20 High Right
Yoshi 208 250 13/20 9/20 9/20 Medium Straight
Birdo 209 255 12/20 8/20 11/20 High Left
Wario 210 265 11/20 7/20 9/20 Very Low Far Left
Waluigi 209 260 13/20 9/20 12/20 Medium Right
Donkey Kong 215 285 10/20 5/20 12/20 Low Far Left
Diddy Kong 207 245 13/20 9/20 7/20 High Right
Bowser 217 290 8/20 4/20 15/20 Medium Far Right
Bowser Jr. 211 268 6-11/20 7/20 9/20 Low Straight
Koopa Troopa 200 230 14/20 14/20 7/20 Medium Right
Shadow Mario 212 275 5-10/20 6/20 6/20 Low Left
Boo 208 253 7-12/20 9/20 7/20 Medium Far Right
Petey Piranha 220 300 4-9/20 6/20 9/20 Very High Straight

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door for Gamecube

Unlockable How to Unlock
Warp Pipe to Petalburg Defeat Blooper (Boss of the Prologue)
Diamond Star Defeat Hooktail (Boss of Chapter 1)
Emerald Star Defeat Magnus von Grapple (Boss of Chapter 2)
Gold Star Defeat Macho Grubba (Boss of Chapter 3)
Ruby Star Defeat Doopliss for the second time (Boss of Chapter 4)
Sapphire Star Defeat Cortez (Boss of Chapter 5)
Garnet Star Defeat Smorg and find the Garnet Star's hiding spot in Poshley Sanctum
Crystal Star Defeat Magnus von Grapple 2.0
Rescue Princess Peach Defeat the Shadow Queen (Boss of Chapter 8/Final Boss)
Return Postage Badge Defeat Bonetail (Boss of the Pit of 100 Trials)
Item Effect
Dried Shroom +1HP
Mushroom +5HP
Super Shroom +10HP
Ultra Shroom +50HP
Slow Shroom Slowly refills HP
Life Shroom Revives you or a party member; +10HP
Volt Shroom Any enemy that makes direct contact with you loses 1HP
Honey Syrup +5FP
Maple Syrup +10FP
Jammin' Jelly +50FP
Gradual Syrup Slowly refills FP
Tasty Tonic Cures poison and other ailments
Dizzy Dial Temporarily makes enemies less apt to hit you
Fire Flower -3HP to all enemies
Fright Mask Scares away some enemies from battle
HP Drain Takes 5HP from an enemy and adds it to your HP
Mini Mr. Mini Temporarily decreases an enemy's attack by 2
Mr. Softener Temporarily decreases an enemy's defense by 2
POW Block -2HP to all ground-bound enemies
Ruin Powder Temporarily makes enemies traitorous
Sleepy Sheep Temporarily puts enemies to sleep; the may awake!
Spite Pouch Contact damage is temporarily returned by half to the attacker
Stopwatch Temporarily immobilizes enemies
Earth Quake -5HP to all ground-bound enemies
Ice Storm -3HP to all enemies; they may become temorarily frozen in ice
Shooting Star -6HP to all enemies
Thunder Bolt -5HP to one enemy
Thunder Rage -5HP to all enemies
Boo's Sheet Temporarily makes you invisible; attacks against you will miss
Courage Shell Temporarily increases your defense by 2
Point Swap Swaps you and your partner's HP if possible
Power Punch Temporarily increases your attack by 2
Repel Cape Temporarily makes you dodgy; enemies will be more apt to miss you
Mystery It may be any of the previously mentioned items. Surprise!!
Super Luigi Volumes 1-5 Read about Paper Luigi's adventures!
Item Where it's Found How to Get Effect
Cake Mix Rougeport West Purchase from Pianta Parlor for six Piantas. +1HP (Best when used in cooking)
Horsetail Petal Meadows Hit a Candy Cane (one of the last on the 2nd screen) 10 times (it will sink if it is the correct one). It will then spit out a Horsetail. +3HP
Turtley Leaf Petalburg Shake the plants in Mayor Kroop's garden. +3FP
Dried Bouquet Petalburg Give Bulbulber a Hot Dog (and a Mousse Cake the 1st time around). He will give you a Dried Bouquet +1HP (Used to make Space Food).
Mystic Egg The Great Tree Play Petuni's game correctly. She'll give you a Mystic Egg. +5HP
Hot Dog Glitzville Buy from Hoggle's hot dog stand for 10 coins. +5HP +5FP
Hot Sauce Glitzville Buy from Ratooey Businessman for 10 coins. (NOTE: You must first complete his task at the Trouble Center). Charges your attack by 1
Peachy Peach Twilight Town Spend the night at the hotel. It will be on the table the next morning. +1HP +2FP
Golden Leaf Creepy Steeple Whack the tree in Creepy Steeple's backyard. First, you must use the "paper-thin" entrance by the switch to get to the tree. +10FP
Whacka Bump Keelhaul Key Harm the Whacka by the port of Keelhaul Key. He'll leave behind a Whacka Bump. (NOTE: Whacka will eventually go away, so be sparing!) +25HP +25FP
Keel Mango Keelhaul Key Whack the correct tree on the 1st screen in the jungle. The Keel Mango will fall down. +5HP
Coconut Keelhaul Key Take a pipe into the background; hit the tree to grab the coconut. +5HP
Fresh Pasta Poshley Heights Purchase from the pasta cart outside the hotel for 50 coins. +10HP +5FP

The following is a list of Zess T.'s cooked recipes and their effects.

Item Effect
Choco Cake +5HP +15FP
Coco Candy +15HP +3FP
Coconut Bomb -6HP to one enemy
Couple's Cake Slowly fills you and your partners HP
Courage Meal -4HP to one enemy
Egg Bomb -6HP to one enemy
Electro Pop +15HP
Fire Pop +20HP
Fresh Juice +5HP; cures poison
Fried Egg +10HP
Fried Shroom a.k.a. Shroom Fry +6HP +2FP
Fruit Parfait +10HP +2FP
Healthy Salad +15FP; cures poison
Heartful Cake +20FP; decreases your defense
Honey Candy +20FP
Honey Shroom +5HP +5FP
Honey Super +10HP +5FP
Honey Ultra +50HP +5FP
Icicle Pop +10HP
Ink Pasta +10HP +30FP
Inky Sauce +30FP
Jelly Candy +64FP
Jelly Shroom +5HP +50FP
Jelly Super +10HP +50FP
Jelly Ultra +50HP +50FP
Koopa Bun +15FP
Koopasta +7HP +7FP
Koopa Tea +7FP
Love Pudding Makes you electrified, invisible, or dizzy
Mango Delight +10HP +3FP
Maple Shroom +5HP +10FP
Maple Super +10HP +10FP
Maple Ultra +50HP +10FP
Meteor Meal +7HP; it slowly fills HP after that
Mistake +1HP +1FP
Mousse Cake +15FP
Omelette Meal +5HP +5FP
Peach Tart Makes you electrified, dodgy, or sleepy
Poison Shroom Poisons you
Shroom Broth Slowly fills HP
Shroom Cake a.k.a Sweet Shroom +10HP +10FP
Shroom Crepe +30HP +20FP
Shroom Roast +15HP +5FP
Shroom Steak +30HP +10FP
Snow Bunny +15HP; freezes you
Space Food +5HP
Spaghetti +6HP +3FP
Spicy Pasta +10HP +10FP
Spicy Soup +4HP +4FP
Trial Stew Knocks your HP and FP down to 1
Zess Cookie +15HP +15FP
Zess Deluxe +40HP +40FP
Zess Dinner +10HP +10FP
Zess Dynamite -7HP to all enemies
Zess Frappe +20HP
Zess Special +20HP +20FP
Zess Tea +20FP

The following is a list of all the enemies in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It consists of their all of their stats.

Enemy HP Attack Defense Special Attack Location
Goomba 2 1 0 None Various
Paragoomba 2 1 0 None Various
Spiky Goomba 2 2 0 None Various
Hyper Goomba 8 2 0 Charge (+6) Twilight Trail
Hyper Paragoomba 8 2 0 Charge (+6) Twilight Trail
Hyper Spiky Goomba 8 3 0 Charge (+6) Twilight Trail
Gloomba 7 3 0 None Pit of 100 Trials
Paragloomba 7 3 0 None Pit of 100 Trials
Spiky Gloomba 7 4 0 None Pit of 100 Trials
Koopa Troopa 4 2 1 (0 when on back) None Petal Meadows; Hooktail Castle
Koopa Paratroopa 4 2 1 (0 when on back) None Hooktail Castle
KP Koopa 4 2 1 (0 when on back) None Glitzville
KP Paratroopa 4 2 1 (0 when on back) None Glitzville
Shady Koopa 8 3 1 (0 when on back) Back Attack (6 x 2) Glitzville
Shady Paratroopa 8 3 1 (0 when on back) Back Attack (6 x 2) Glitzville
Dark Koopa 8 4 2 (0 when on back) None Pit of 100 Trials
Dark Paratroopa 8 4 2 (0 when on back) None Pit of 100 Trials
Fuzzy 3 1 0 None Shhwonk Fortress
Gold Fuzzy 10 1 0 Call Fuzzy Horde Shhwonk Fortress
Green Fuzzy 5 3 0 Multiply Keelhaul Key
Flower Fuzzy 6 3 0 Shockwave (3) Keelhaul Key
Spinia 3 1 0 None Rogueport Sewers
Spania 3 1 0 None Rogueport Sewers
Spunia 12 7 2 None Pit of 100 Trials
Buzzy Beetle 5 3 4 None Creepy Steeple
Spike Top 5 3 4 None Creepy Steeple
Parabuzzy 5 3 4 None Pirate's Grotto
Spiky Parabuzzy 5 3 4 None Riverside Station
Red Spike Top 5 3 5 None Glitzville
Ember 8 3 0 Burn Keelhaul Key; Pirate's Grotto
Lava Bubble 6 4 0 Burn Pirate's Grotto
Phantom Ember 10 5 0 Burn Palace of Shadow
Pale Piranha 4 2 0 None Boggly Woods
Putrid Piranha 8 3 0 Poison Keelhaul Key
Frost Piranha 10 5 0 Freeze Fahr Outpost
Piranha Plant 15 9 0 None Pit of 100 Trials
Dark Puff 3 2 0 Twin-Strike Lightning (2 x 2); Zap Tap (1) Boggly Woods
Ruff Puff 7 4 0 Twin-Strike Lightning (2 x 2); Zap Tap (1) Riverside Station
Ice Puff 9 4 0 Freeze x 2; Ice Tap (1) Fahr Outpost
Poison Puff 15 8 0 Poison x 2; Poison Tap (1) Pit of 100 Trials
Red Chomp 6 5 3 None Glitzville
Chain Chomp 7 6 5 None Palace of Shadow
Bandit 5 2 0 Coin Steal Glitzville
Big Bandit 8 3 0 Item Steal; Coin Steal Glitzville
Badge Bandit 12 5 0 Badge Steal; Item Steal; Coin Steal Pit of 100 Trials
Swooper 6 3 0 None Creepy Steeple
Swoopula 9 4 0 None Palace of Shadow
Swampire 20 6 0 None Pit of 100 Trials
Dull Bones 1 2 1 Rebuild Hooktail Castle
Red Bones 5 3 1 Rebuild; Revive Hooktail Castle
Dry Bones 8 5 2 Rebuild; Revive Palace of Shadow
Dark Bones 20 5 2 Rebuild; Revive Palace of Shadow
Dark Wizzerd 10 5 2 Various Magic Palace of Shadow
Wizzerd 10 6 3 Various Magic Pit of 100 Trials
Elite Wizzerd 12 8 5 Various Magic Pit of 100 Trials
Bristle 2 1 4 None Petal Meadows
Dark Bristle 8 8 4 None Pit of 100 Trials
Bob-omb 4 2 1 Explode (5) Glitzville
Bulky Bob-omb 6 2 1 Explode (8 x 2) Pirate's Grotto
Bob-ulk 10 4 2 Explode (16 x 2) Pit of 100 Trials
Bald Cleft 2 1 2 None Petal Meadows
Cleft 2 2 2 None Boggly Woods
Hyper Bald Cleft 3 2 3 Charge (+6) Glitzville
Hyper Cleft 4 3 3 Charge (+6) Twilight Trail
Moon Cleft 6 5 5 None The Moon
Iron Cleft (Red Boots) 6 4 ?? None Glitzville
Iron Cleft (Green Boots) 6 4 ?? None Glitzville
Boo 7 3 0 Invisible Creepy Steeple
Dark Boo 8 5 0 Invisible Poshley Sanctum
Atomic Boo 40 4 0 Confuse; Immobilize; Invisible Creepy Steeple
Pider 5 2 0 Triple Spit (1 x 3) The Great Tree
Arantula 16 8 0 Triple Spit (5 x 3) Pit of 100 Trials
Bill Blaster 5 0 2 None Pirate's Grotto
Bullet Bill 2 4 1 None Pirate's Grotto
Bombshell Bill Blaster 10 0 4 None Palace of Shadow
Bombshell Bill 3 6 2 None Palace of Shadow
Blooper 12 1 0 Ink (1 x 2) Rougeport Sewers
Yux 3 2 0 None The Great Tree
Z-Yux 7 4 0 None The Moon
X-Yux 10 3 1 Immobilize; Freakout (3 x 8) X-Naut Fortress
Mini-Yux 1 0 0 None The Great Tree
Mini-Z-Yux 2 0 0 None The Moon
Mini-X-Yux 1 0 0 None X-Naut Fortress
Smorg 50 5 1 Pinch (10 x 2) Excess Express
Magikoopa 7 4 0 Various Magic Rogueport Sewers
Red Magikoopa 7 4 0 Various Magic Glitzville
White Magikoopa 7 4 0 Various Magic Glitzville
Green Magikoopa 7 4 0 Various Magic; Broom Ride Glitzville
Kammy Koopa 50 5 0 Various Magic; Brooom Ride Palace of Shadow
Pokey 4 3 0 Call for Back-up Glitzville
Poison Pokey 8 4 0 Poison; Call for Back-up Riverside Station
Magnus von Grapple 30 2 1 X-Fist (5); Earthquake (2 x 2) The Great Tree
Magnus von Grapple 2.0 70 6 2 Flying X (6 x 2); X-Punch (9); Machine Gun (3 x 10) X-Naut Fortress
X-Naut 4 3 0 Huge Various
X-Naut PhD 9 4 0 Various Chemicals X-Naut Fortress
Elite X-Naut 10 5 1 Huge; HP Plus; Dodgy X-Naut Fortress
Lord Crump 5/30 1/3 0 None Various
Sir Grodus 50 7 1 Various Magic Palace of Shadow
Grodus X 3 4 0 None Palace of Shadow
Koopatrol 6 4 2 Charge (+2); Call for Back-up Rogueport Sewers
Dark Koopatrol 25 5 2 Charge (+5); Call for Back-up Glitzville
Gus 20 3 0 Spear Throw (3) Rogueport
Dark Craw 20 6 0 Spear Throw (6) Glitzville
Hooktail 20 5 1 Trick (0 or 5) Hooktail Castle
Gloomtail 80 8 2 Poison; Charge (+7); Megabreath (15) Palace of Shadow
Bonetail 200 8 2 Various Severely Dangerous Magic Pit of 100 Trials
Spiny 3 3 3 Solid Glitzville
Lakitu 5 2 0 Sharp Trap (1); Egg Hatch Glitzville
Sky Blue Spiny 6 6 4 Solid; Charge (+4) Pit of 100 Trials
Dark Lakitu 13 5 0 Sharp Trap (1); Egg Hatch; Charge (+5) Pit of 100 Trials
Amazy Dayzee 20 20 1 Sleep (20) Twilight Trail
Crazee Dayzee 7 2 0 Sleep (2) Twilight Trail
Macho Grubba 60 4 0 Various "Macho" Upgrades Glitzville
Rawk Hawk 40 3 1 (is really 0) Air Attack (4); Super Slide (6); Falling Hazard (1 x 12) Glitzville
Cortez 20 (technically 60) 4 1 Charge (+4); Revive; Haunted Weapons (4 x 4); Poison Pirate's Grotto
Doopliss 40 4/6 0 Doppelganger Various
Vivian 10 1 0 Burn Boggly Woods
Marilyn 12/40 2/7 0 Charge (+2)/(+7) Various
Beldam 9/30 1/5 0 Various Magic Various
Shadow Queen 150 7 1 Various Severely Dangerous Magic Palace of Shadow
Hammer Bro 7 4 1 Triple Hammer (2 x 3) Various
Fire Bro 7 4 1 Burn; Flame Frenzy (2 x 8) Glitzville
Boomerang Bro 7 2 x 4 1 Triple Boomerang (2 x 12) Glitzville
Bowser 30/70 3/7 1/2 Ground Pound (3)/(7); Burn; Poison Various

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the player gets the Yoshi (kid) as a party member. One aggravating thing is that he comes in seven different colors, but most players will be likely to get a Green Yoshi. The problem is how long the player owns the Egg before it hatches; this is what determines the color of the Yoshi. Below is a list of how to get the color you want.

Yoshi Color Time Limit
Green Yoshi 0-6 minutes of owner time
Red Yoshi 6-9 minutes of owner time
Blue Yoshi 9-11 minutes of owner time
Orange Yoshi 11-15 minutes of owner time
Pink Yoshi 15-18 minutes of owner time
Black Yoshi 18-19 minutes of owner time
White Yoshi a.k.a. Cyan Yoshi 19-20 minutes of owner time
The color cycle then repeats with the same time limits added on to the 20 minutes
File:Yoshi kids.PNG
All color Yoshis (except for green) are seen here.


As you would imagine each Mario game is different with quite a few similarities as well. Below I will list the difficulties for each section (and sub-section) of certain Mario games. The difficulties go from 1 to 10.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Cool Future Mario Game Ideas

I have thought of a couple of cool ideas for future Mario games. You may find them stupid, but hey, it's my page.

Paper Mario DS

Why not?

Paper Wario

There's Super Mario World and there's Wario World. There's Mario Land and there's Wario Land. If there's a Paper Mario then shouldn't there be a "Paper Wario"? I think it would be a cool concept. It'd be kind of ironic too: An obese dude in paper form! Waluigi could be like a partner or member of Wario's party, too!

Rhythm Games

Since there's a Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, I don't see why there couldn't be "Karaoke Revolution: Mario Mix" or "Guitar Hero: Mario Mix". It'd be funny to see and play, but it would fit into the theme, don't you think?

Waluigi on Wii

It could be a game where Waluigi is the main character to play as. I don't know what it would be about, but it could be called "Waluwiigi" or something.

Cool Images and Stuff

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Thanks for checking out my page! I hope you found it both useful and funny. Please feel free to come back again, 'cause I'll be making some changes soon. So, bye!