Super Mario Makai Teikoku no Megami

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This article is about the manga adaptation of the Super Mario Bros. film. For the film itself with the same Japanese name, see Super Mario Bros. (film).
The adaptation's cover

Super Mario Makai Teikoku no Megami (スーパーマリオ 魔界帝国の女神, "Super Mario: Goddess of the Demon World Empire") is a 34-page, one-shot manga published in Shogakukan's Monthly Corocoro Comic Summer Holiday Special in 1993. It is an adaptation of the Super Mario Bros. film (whose Japanese name is the same as the manga) made to promote the then-upcoming movie.

Differences from the film[edit]

Due to the manga's short length, much of the second half of the movie is heavily truncated or adapted out. Characters such as Lena, Bertha, Yoshi, Daniella, and Anthony Scapelli do not appear, though Lena's design is used for Daisy's mother. Iggy and Spike have expanded roles as the ones to insert the meteorite piece; they subsequently die, while in the movie they survived.

President Koopa, unlike his film counterpart, is portrayed as an ugly lizard-man with regenerative powers, who can only be permanently stopped if his head is destroyed. He also successfully turns many inhabitants of Brooklyn into monkeys as part of the invasion, while in the film he only did this to Scapelli.

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