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The Motor Boat

The Motor Boat, also spelled Motorboat[1], is one of four vehicles that Funky Kong leases in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. It is weakest and slowest of Funky's vehicles, as it is incapable of crossing over rocks. It is the only one readily available from the start of the game. It is a basic motor boat with a wooden design, a barrel-like seat, and life-preserver on the tip.


When Dixie visits Funky's Rentals at the very start, Funky allows her and Kiddy Kong to use the Motor Boat. It can only reach a path leading to Lake Orangatanga and Kremwood Forest and a nearby secret cave, Bounty Beach, located just to the right of Funky's Rentals.

When the Kongs obtain the Patch, they can provide it to Funky, and have him build the Hover Craft. Since the Hover Craft is capable of passing over rocks, this causes the Motor Boat becomes obsolete during the rest of the Kongs' adventure. However, the Kongs still have the option of selecting it from Funky's Rentals.

In the Game Boy Advance port, the Motor Boat is also featured in the first few of Funky Kong's minigames. The Kritters also ride around in their own black-painted Motor Boats. The player's Motor Boat is equipped with a machine gun that is used to defeat the Kritters and their Motor Boats.


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