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This is a list of quotes from the game Mario Party 8; they are listed alphabetically by character.

Big Top[edit]

  • "Calling all winners! Calling all losers! We've got a shake up coming!"
  • "Weeeee! I'm feeling light-headed! Everyone! Hustle for bonus coins!"
  • "My ears! Hurty-hurt! Too much talk! Not enough results!"
  • "News flash!!! Incoming! Bonus Stars! Three kinds on the way!!!"
  • "Ahem!! Something! Caught in throat! Hack! Hack! It's..."
  • "Hold on!"


  • "Get ready for a reversal, ya crooks! Let's do the crime warp again! Bwahaha!" - in Bowser's Warped Orbit
  • "You call yourself a henchman? You're a STENCHMAN!" - to Blooper or Hammer Bro
  • "Now go make mayhem!!"- the last phrase Bowser says when a player lands on a Bowser Space at Bowser's Warped Orbit
  • "How would you like it if I used my fire breath on you?! You would get HOT!!!"
  • "Bua ha ha ha! I'm here! With Bowser on the scene, you're a one-way trip to pain!" in Shy Guy's Perplex Express


  • "Mario Party 8! Whee!"
  • "Yeah, Luigi wins!"
  • "Come on, Let's-a go."
  • "Oh, boooo!"
  • "Yes! Luigi won!"
  • "I'm ready!" (Also says this in Mario Party 9)
  • "Yeah! We're the Superstars!"
  • "Yeah! I'm the Superstar!"


  • "Mario Party 8!"
  • "Come on!"
  • "Oh, no." (if he lost a battle on Star Battle Arena after another opponent won.)
  • "Boo!"
  • "Okey Dokey!!"
  • "Yah-hah! I got a star!"
  • "Yeah, Mario is the winner!"
  • "Hoo-hoo! Mario's the winner!"
  • "I'm-a the Superstar!"
  • "We're the Superstars!"
  • "I'm-a gonna win!"
  • "Oh nohohoho! (cries)"

MC Ballyhoo[edit]

  • "Welcome to the Star Carnival!!"
  • "Hungry Piranha Plants! Deep-rooted secrets! Paths that branch off to danger! You'll tangle with all that and more in DK's Treetop Temple!"
  • "Treasure on the far isle! Pirates on the prowl! Blasting cannons! It's time to run the gauntlet in Goomba's Booty Boardwalk!"
  • "One mischievous monarch! Two terrifying pitfalls! And a billion ways to go mad! You'll find it all behind that door! Deranging! Rearranging! It's King Boo's Haunted Hideaway!"
  • "Who's at the wheel?! How long is this train?! Are you ahead...or behind?! Welcome aboard the Perplex Express! Where are we going? Insane! And at the speed of crazy!"
  • "Crueler than pirates! Scarier than ghosts! Riskier than a runaway train! In Koopa's Tycoon Town, you'll play an unbelievably dangerous game! Real estate! Dominate the town!"
  • "Beyond space! Beyond time! And beyond decency! We're in the blackest hole of all. Bowser's Warped Orbit! It's seriously sick and twisted!"
  • "This is a Blue Space. Land on one to get a little pocket change. You'll get 3 coins."
  • "This is a Red Space. Try not to land on one. You'll lose 3 coins!"
  • "Now here's a big mystery! The Green Space! Land on one to unleash a special event!"
  • "Here's a great spot to land on! The Lucky Space! It sends you down a secret path!"
  • "Now this is a DK Space. Land on it and Donkey Kong will show up and do something good for you!"
  • "But then all DK Spaces will turn into Bowser Spaces! Which is bad luck for the next one to stop on such spots! Bowser only brings misfortune!"
  • "You're no sucker! Smart players don't rely on luck! They change their fate with Candy! Eat Candy before you hit your Dice Block to trigger one of many effects!"
  • "Will you trade 20 coins for a star?"
  • "On to the race to the Star Space! Where can it be? I'm crazed with anticipation!"
  • "Challenge Minigame for (character)!"
  • "Too bad! You failed the challenge! So no dart toss for you, (character)!"
  • "Take the challenge another time!"
  • "YES! Hold the show! We've only got 5 turns left!"
  • "Let's look at the standings!"
  • "Now we head into the final five! Anything could happen! Especially since it's time for..."
  • "Can losers become winners? Let's find out!"
  • "Now let's give you all a run for your money!"
  • "I'll plop coin bags onto red spaces and 1 coin onto all other spaces!"
  • "Anything can happen during these final 5 turns!"
  • "That shook things up!"
  • "Feeding time! The Piranha Plant snacked on 10 coins!"
  • "Welcome to the finale! Hope that you all had a blast!"
  • "I'm delighted to see that you all made it here in one place!"
  • "Well said, hat! Whadda bud, always covering me! Yes! Let's get to those results!"
  • "Yes, we can't name the winner yet! We need to find out who gets Bonus Stars!"
  • "You may have chased Stars earlier! But these Bonus Stars come to you! Each counts toward your Star total!"
  • "What kind of Bonus Star will be the first to appear?"
  • "Now for the second Bonus Star. What kind will it be?!"
  • "And now for the last Bonus Star! The final Bonus Star is..."
  • "That's the last of the Bonus Stars!"
  • "And now we finally name the winner!"
  • "The ultimate victor is... (character)! What a triumph!!"
  • "The ultimate victor is... it's (first character) and (second character), a.k.a., (team name)!"
  • "Spit it out! Whoa, I getcha! It's a tie! Equal Stars and coins!"
  • "Well then! There's only one solution! Bring on the Dice Blocks!"
  • "The player who bashes out the highest number wins! 'Nuff said! Hit those blocks!"
  • "Okay! One more time! And the ultimate victor is... (character)! What a triumph!!"
  • "Hope you had fun! Here, take a/(number) Carnival Card(s)!"
  • "Foul deed! Magic meddling! The car positions have changed!"
  • "Oh, but your wrist strap on tight? Make sure it is!"
  • "Mirror, mirror, in the hall! Who's the unfairest of us all? No answer..."
  • "Only (number) coins? Some of you cheaped out!"
  • "King Boo's used his makeover mojo to alter the manor...and the path to the star! Here we go again!"
  • "Now, which minigame will decide who gets all these coins?"
  • "Okay, bring your best game! A pile of (number) coins is at stake!"
  • "We have a victor! I'll dole out coins based on the result!"
  • "Not quite yet, hat! Let's smash this game into overtime!"
  • "A little help can go a long way!"
  • "Now, let's see you all do your best!"
  • "NO! Please stop the duel! You've gone 30 turns with no winner! I'm amazed at your endurance..."
  • "But really, you must stop! This may go on for years! Let's settle this another time!"
  • "Try again?"
  • "Progress saved up to this point. You can resume your quest to become the Superstar at a later time." (if the losing player selects "No".)
  • "Oh, didn't work out, hmmm? Well, better luck next time!" (if the losing player selects "Yes".)
  • "Now that was the best Star Battle that I've ever seen! What a finish!"
  • "Thanks to some super moves, (character) has won back the Star Rod!"
  • "Now that's a real Superstar! Who can doubt that (character) is worthy of the Star Rod!"
  • "Let's announce it once and for all! Who wins this Star Rod? And a year's supply of Candy?"
  • "It's (character)! Let's hear it for our Superstar! My hat's off to you!!!"
  • "That wraps up Crown Showdown!"
  • "How can this be?"
  • "We've got multiple players in first place!"
  • "So we'll decide who reigns supreme by hitting the Dice Blocks."
  • "Highest number wins! Okay, bash these blocks!"
  • "A-ha! The match has been decided!"
  • "This showdown's winner?"
  • "All hail (character)!"

Minigame Announcer[edit]

  • "Start!"
  • "Go!"
  • "Finish!"
  • "New Record!"
  • "Tie!"
  • "Draw!" (Japanese version only)
  • "Battle (number)!"

Princess Daisy[edit]

  • "Mario Party 8!"
  • "We're all superstars!"
  • "That's Right!"
  • "Here comes Daisy!"
  • "I'm the winner!"
  • "Got it!" (Also says this in Mario Party 9)
  • "Sweet!"
  • "Neat-o!"
  • "You know it!"
  • "I am the winner! *blows kiss"
  • "I'm a Superstar! *blows kiss"

Princess Peach[edit]

  • "Mario Party 8!"
  • "I am the Princess!"
  • "Oh, peachy!"
  • "Go Peach, umph!"
  • "Oh terrible."
  • "Excellent."
  • "I'm a Superstar."
  • "I did it!"


  • "Mario Party 8!"
  • "Toad, Won!"
  • "I'm the best!"
  • "Yeah, I won!"
  • "Yahoo, yeah!"
  • "I'm the Superstar!"
  • "We're all Superstars!"


  • "Mario Party 8!"
  • "Toadette's the winner!"
  • "Yippee, yeah!"
  • "Yowsers!"
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Yeah, I did it!"
  • "I'm a Superstar!"
  • "We're all Superstars!"


  • "Mario Party 8!"
  • "Mine, mine, mine!"
  • "Waluigi, winner!"
  • "I'm ruined!"
  • "Waluigi number one!"
  • "Wonderful!"
  • "I'm a de Superstar!"


  • "Mario Party 8!"
  • "Hahaha! Take that, losers!"
  • "Wario time!"
  • "*raspberry* Excuse me."
  • "Wario's the winner!"
  • "I'm a de Superstar."


  • "You think Whomp dumb? Whomp has fancy degree in tollbooth economics. 10 coins or go away!"
  • "Whomp no let you through! Maybe 10 coins will make Whomp open up!"
  • "Whomp likes way you think. Go."