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This is the list of profiles and statistics for Luigi.

Super Mario series[edit]

Super Mario Bros.[edit]

  • Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console manual bio: "Mario's twin brother. Luigi helps his brother on his grand adventure."

Super Mario Bros. 2[edit]

  • Wii Virtual Console manual bio: "Luigi can leap higher than any other character, but he descends slowly from his jumps. When carrying an item, Luigi's jump height is reduced a great deal more than Mario's."

Super Mario Advance[edit]

  • Character select screen
    • Power: 3/5
    • Speed: 3/5
    • Jump: 5/5

Super Mario 64 DS[edit]

  • Instruction booklet bio: "Luigi's major strength is his agility. However, his lack of power makes heavy lifting difficult."
    • Power: */***
    • Speed: **/***
    • Jump: ***/***

Super Mario Galaxy[edit]

  • Trading Card bio: "Just when you think Mario's heroic little brother is missing from the galaxy, he makes a surprising entrance...but when? After you collect all 120 stars, collect all the purple coins, and defeat Bowser--you get to play as Luigi! Playing as Luigi is a fun challenge because he is more athletic than his brother, and he has some new limitations too--like stopping. So, be careful around the edges and those black holes!"

New Super Mario Bros. 2[edit]

  • North American Website Bio: "Mario's tall, green-clad brother gets quite a bit of game time in this adventure, and looks pretty sharp with fox ears and tail."

New Super Mario Bros. U[edit]

  • Website Bio: "Living up to the high platforming standards set by his sibling, Luigi will get you through platforming challenges in a jiffy."

Super Mario 3D World[edit]

Website Bios

Flag of USA.png "Luigi would never let his big brother Mario go it alone. Use Luigi’s super jumping skills to hurdle high platforms."
Flag of Europe.png "Thanks to his lanky figure, Mario’s younger twin can leap higher than other characters – but watch out, as he takes longer to slow down, too. Luigi might occasionally tremble in the face of danger, but when the chips are down he always gets the job done."

Super Mario Run[edit]

  • Notebook bio: "Mario's twin brother is shy and easily scared, but that won't keep him from jumping a little higher!"

Items descriptions[edit]

  • Luigi's House: "The house where Luigi lives. Place this and Luigi will join!"
  • Luigi Topiary: "A shrub that has a stylish cut, and it looks like Luigi."
  • Classic 8-bit Small Luigi Statue: "An 8-bit statue of Luigi using classic colors to honor his past adventures."
  • Modern 8-bit Small Luigi Statue: "An 8-bit statue of Luigi using modern colors to honor his past adventures."
  • Luigi Statue: "A statue of everyone's favorite hero's brother, Luigi. This green, lanky exterior hides his true bravery."
  • Gold Luigi Statue: "A shiny golden statue of Luigi. It shines just as bright as his brother's!"

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe[edit]

  • North American website bio: "A bit anxious, but brave when he needs to be."

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 Writers Bible[edit]


Mario couldn't have a better teammate than his younger in age, but bigger in size, little brother Luigi, even though they approach their adventures with very different attitudes. Luigi always wishes Mario would take more time to weigh the risks before he leaps, swims, or flies into the unknown. But no matter how much he questions Mario's plans, Luigi always loyally follows him into the wildest dangers any Koopa could conceive. Luigi is your basic soft touch. A defender of downtrodden Mushrooms and Koopa-nabbed maidens. Naïve, trusting, and innocent, Luigi is not a bumbling fool. It's just that he's so nice and straightforward, which allows him to be sucked into a Koopa scheme, a Toad prank, or a Mario madcap plan.

Luigi's Mansion series[edit]

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon[edit]

  • Website Bios:
    • Flag of USA.png "Mario's timid brother may not have as much time in the spotlight... but he sure does know a thing or two about dealing with ghosts, even if he is clumsy and scared."
    • Flag of Europe.png "Mario's scaredy-cat brother is what you'd call an... unlikely hero. A haunted mansion is his worst nightmare - he's scared of ghosts, not to mention the dark, lightning, sudden movements, loud noises... Despite all this, he still offers to tackle Professor E. Gadd's poltergeist problem out of friendship, or maybe he's just afraid of saying no, too."

Luigi's Mansion 3[edit]

In-game bios[edit]

  • Light hotel: "Mario's younger twin brother. Considering he's won a giant mansion AND a trip to a luxery hotel is almost...scary."
  • Dark hotel: "The main character of this game and Mario's younger twin brother. He may be a bit cowardly at times, but he'll stand up against ghosts to save his friends!"

Mario Kart series[edit]

Mario Kart: Super Circuit[edit]

  • Speed: ***
  • Weight: ***
  • Bio: Like his brother, Luigi is a well-rounded driver. He has average Speed and Weight, which makes his kart very easy to keep under control.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!![edit]

Luigi's emblem
  • Partner: Mario
  • Class: Middleweight
  • Personal Kart: Green Fire
  • Special Item: Green Fireball
  • Bios
    • Instruction Booklet: He's lean, he's not so mean, and his Fireballs are green! Everybody's favorite brother is here, too!
    • Website: He may look timid, but don't underestimate Luigi. He's not afraid to knock you off your block with his deadly green fireballs.

Mario Kart DS[edit]

  • Website Stats:
    • Acceleration: **
    • Top Speed: **
    • Off- Road: **
  • Bios
    • Flag of USA.png / Manual: "Mario's younger brother Luigi is ready to race. His superb traction makes it harder for him to spin out."
    • Flag of Europe.png "Slightly faster and with better handling ability than his brother, Luigi is a dependable driver that suits the needs of many a Mario Kart fan. His number one kart, the Poltergust 4000, shouldn't be judged by its looks, as it's a mean driving machine."

Mario Kart Arcade GP 2[edit]


KartSpecLuigiMKAGP2.png KartStandLuigiMKAGP2.png

Mario Kart Wii[edit]

Luigi's complete vehicle roster.
  • Size: Medium
  • Actual Bonuses
    • Speed: +2
    • Weight: +6
  • Website Stats
    • Flag of USA.png Speed: 3.5/5
      Acceleration: 3.5/5
      Handling: 3.5/5
    • Flag of Europe.png Acceleration: 2/3
      Top Speed: 2/3
      Off-Road: 2/3
MKW Luigi Trading Card.png
  • Bios
    • Websites:
      • Flag of USA.png "Test out Luigi's superb traction with the agility of a dirt bike!"
      • Flag of Europe.png "He's not riding Mario's coattails; he's tailgating and ready to blow past his brother by kart or by bike."
    • Guide: "Luigi has cleared all the ghosts from his mansion, and part of the treasure he got has gone into a brand new circuit. Nice work!"
    • Manual (Flag of Europe.png): "He may be Mario's younger twin brother, but sibling loyalty is set aside on the race course!"
    • Trading Card: "Luigi win! Luigi Number one! Watch out for Mario's brother because he is revved up and ready to use Mini-Turbos with his custom green & blue Karts and Bikes. Don't expect Luigi to team up with anyone on the track this time however. He's done riding shotgun and gearing up for the win!"

Mario Kart 7[edit]

  • Class: Medium
  • Stat Boosts
    • Speed: 3.5
    • Acceleration: 3
    • Weight: 3.25
    • Handling: 2.75
    • Off-Road: 3.75
  • Bios:
    • Websites:
      • Flag of USA.png "Mario's brother may get the short end of the stick sometimes, but he's no slouch once in his kart."
      • Flag of Europe.png "Just like his brother Mario, Luigi is a steady and stable driver, capable of dealing with any situation."
    • Guide: "Luigi shares the same basic qualities as his brother, making him a great choice for all players."

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX[edit]

MKAGPDX Luigi artwork.jpgMKAGPDX Ice Luigi artwork.jpg

  • Weight Class: Cruiser
  • Stats
    • Speed: Gold star.pngGold star.pngGold star.png
    • Acceleration: Gold star.pngGold star.pngGold star.png
    • Handling: Gold star.pngGold star.pngGold star.png

Mario Kart 8[edit]

Luigi's emblems from Mario Kart 8
  • Class: Medium
  • Size: Medium
  • Stat Boosts
    • Ground speed: 3.75
    • Water speed: 4.25
    • Air speed: 3.75
    • Anti-gravity speed: 4
    • Acceleration: 2.5
    • Weight: 3.75
    • Ground handling: 3.25
    • Water handling: 3.25
    • Air handling: 3
    • Anti-gravity handling: 3.5
    • Traction: 3.75
    • Mini-turbo: 2.75
  • Bio: "Luigi is just like his brother, a good middle-of-the-road racer that any player can learn to use effectively. His reputed cowardice doesn’t seem to faze him on the track!"
Staff Ghost time
Course Staff Name Country Time Vehicle Combination
Body Tires Glider
Twisted Mansion Nin★Mark Netherlands 2:16.195 Mach 8 Slim Super Glider

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe[edit]

Driver statistics
Vehicle size Speed Acceleration Weight Handling Traction Mini-Turbo
Ground Water Air Anti-Gravity Ground Water Air Anti-Gravity
Medium 6 6 6 6 2 6 5 5 5 5 1 2
150cc staff ghost time
Course Staff Name Country Time Vehicle Combination
Body Tires Glider
Twisted Mansion Nin★Mark Netherlands 2:14.615 Mach 8 Slim Super Glider
200cc staff ghost times
Course Staff Name Country Time Vehicle Combination
Body Tires Glider
Sunshine Airport Nin★Sho Japan 1:45.437 Jet Bike Metal Plane Glider
Big Blue Nin★Rie Japan 1:13.516 W 25 Silver Arrow Slim Plane Glider

Mario Kart Tour[edit]


Special item MKT Icon Fire Flower.png Fire Flower
Favorite courses
(Three items per Item Box)
MKT Icon 3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon T.png
3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon T
MKT Icon DS Luigi's Mansion.png
DS Luigi's Mansion
MKT Icon DS Luigi's Mansion T.png
DS Luigi's Mansion T
MKT Icon DS Waluigi Pinball RT.png
DS Waluigi Pinball R/T
MKT Icon DK Pass T.png
DS DK Pass T
MKT Icon Ghost Valley 1.png
SNES Ghost Valley 1
MKT Icon RMX Mario Circuit 1RT.png
RMX Mario Circuit 1R/T
MKT Icon New York Minute 3R.png
New York Minute 3R
Favored courses
(Two items per Item Box)
MKT Icon DS Luigi's Mansion R.png
DS Luigi's Mansion R
MKT Icon DS Luigi's Mansion RT.png
DS Luigi's Mansion R/T*
MKT Icon DS Waluigi Pinball R.png
DS Waluigi Pinball R**
MKT Icon Paris Promenade 2.png
Paris Promenade 2
MKT Icon Paris Promenade 2T.png
Paris Promenade 2T
MKT Icon New York Minute 2R.png
New York Minute 2R
MKT Icon New York Minute 3.png
New York Minute 3

* indicates a favored course upgraded to a favorite course after reaching level 3. ** indicates a favored course upgraded to a favorite course after reaching level 6.

  • Mario Kart Tour Twitter:
    • "After losing his keys and getting lost on his way to the course, the mustachioed man in green, Luigi, is finally ready to join the race in #MarioKartTour!"[1]
    • "October was busy month for Luigi! Have you managed to get him to join your lineup of drivers? Luigi's sure to make a great addition to your collection!"[2]

Luigi (Classic)[edit]

  • Mario Kart Tour Twitter: "It's only natural that Luigi wants to mimic big bro Mario! Luigi (Classic) is here to race in his own vintage outfit. With Lucky Seven as his special #MarioKartTour item, he's in high spirits and aiming for a top score."[3]

Mario Tennis series[edit]

Mario Tennis[edit]

  • Type: All-Around
  • Instruction Booklet Bio: His height lets him hit even the balls that look like they're out of reach.

Mario Power Tennis[edit]

  • Type: All-Around
  • Offensive Power Shot: Squeaky Mallet
  • Defensive Power Shot: Poltergust Return
  • Stats:
    • Power: 6/10
    • Speed: 7/10
    • Reach: 7/10
    • Serve: 6/10
    • Lunge: 7/10
    • Control: 7/10
  • Doubles Partner: Mario
  • Bio: Luigi has better ball control than his famous sibling and is especially skilled at volleying.

Mario Tennis Open[edit]

  • Type: All-Around
  • Bio: Compared to Mario, he is a bit less powerful, but Luigi is good at ball handling. His specialty is playing up front, at the net.
  • Bio 2: Like his brother, Luigi is pretty good at everything. Although not as powerful as Mario, he has greater accuracy and is excellent at coming into the net.

Mario Tennis Aces[edit]

  • Type: All-Around
  • Trick Shots: Racket Twirl (forward), Slide (side)
  • Special Shot: Pipe Cannon

Mario Golf series[edit]

Mario Golf[edit]

Official bio translated from Japanese[4]

I'm Luigi. Apparently, I'm a supporting character this time. However you look at me, I think that I'm better at golf than Mario. But why is Mario getting the fame? It's okay! I will tell people of the production staff to make the next game "Luigi Golf GB" and make me the main character! It will sell, absolutely! ...Right?

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour[edit]

  • Distance: 206 yards
  • Star Distance: 240 yards (+34)
  • Trajectory: Fade
  • Height: Low
  • Impact: 13
  • Star Impact: 10
  • Control: 12
  • Spin: 7
  • Bio quote: "Oh dear...I've practiced, but no one will play me. Will you play against me?"

Mario Golf: World Tour[edit]

  • Trajectory: Fade
  • Height: 3.5
  • Drive: 206 yards
  • Sweet-Spot: 7.9
  • Control: 6.25
  • Star Drive: 240 yards (+34)
  • Star Sweet-Spot: 6.1
  • Star Control: 6
  • Challenge Mode Character Match course
    for star rank to be given:
    Cheep Cheep Lagoon

Mario Baseball series[edit]

Mario Superstar Baseball[edit]

  • Teams: Luigi Gentlemen, Luigi Vacuums, Luigi Mansioneers, Luigi Leapers
  • Type: Balanced
  • Starting Team Captain: Mario
  • Status: Alternative Team Captain
  • Stats:
    • Batting: 5/10
    • Pitching: 6/10
    • Fielding: 6/10
    • Running: 6/10
  • Player Profile:
    • Strong Point: Might
    • Special Talents: Wall Jump, Super Jump
    • Trajectory:
      • Field: Center
      • Height: Normal
  • Special Ball: Fireball
  • Default Batting Position: Left
  • Default Throwing Arm: Right
  • Sweet Spot: The "L" on the bat
  • Compatible Relationships: Daisy, Mario, Peach
  • Bio: "The younger Mario bro. He's a better jumper than Mario but lacks good traction. Always in Mario's shadow, Luigi tends to be low-key but is always a dark horse in athletic contests. Despite perpetually finishing second, his excellent form and green Fireball make him a force."

Mario Super Sluggers[edit]

A 5-tool player who can jump, pitch, and hit!
Luigi MSS.jpg
Pitch 6/10
Bat 6/10
Field 7/10
Run 7/10


Character Good Chemistry Bad Chemistry
Luigi Daisy, Mario, Yoshi, Green Mii Waluigi, Boo, King Boo, Dry Bones

Online Collectible Card Bio[edit]

With his trusty Tornado Ball and signature green cap, Luigi is the talented team captain of the Luigi Knights. He may not have as much confidence as his superstar brother Mario, but not everyone can be a hero, right?

Mario Strikers series[edit]

Mario Strikers Charged[edit]

Luigi's artwork from Mario Strikers Charged.


  • Movement: 6
  • Shooting: 6
  • Passing: 6
  • Defense: 6

Mario Hoops 3-on-3[edit]

  • Baller Name: Mushroom Dynamite
  • Type: All-Around
  • Special Shot: Green Fire Shot
  • Letter to Tap: L
  • Site profile: The L might as well be for "ludicrous" because that's how you'll feel after he schools you. He's big on defense and bigger with the ball. Once his Green Fire Shot gets rolling, pack your bags. You're going home.
  • Manual Bio: "Luigi leads the team to victory with solid plays that are just as sharp as his brother's."

Mario Sports Mix[edit]

Character Name Character Type Home Court Power Statistic Speed Statistic Technique Statistic
Luigi's Mansion

Mario Sports Superstars[edit]

Luigi's team emblems from Mario Sports Superstars.


Luigi-Stats-Soccer MSS.png
Type Balance




Luigi-Stats-Baseball MSS.png
Type Balance




Character - Luigi (Tennis).png
Type All-Around




Luigi-Stats-Golf MSS.png
Drive 209 yards
Trajectory Fade
Height Low


Sweet Spot

Horse Racing[edit]

Luigi-Stats-HorseRacing MSS.png
Type Balance



Mario Party series[edit]

Mario Party 4 Present Room[edit]

Luigi's spot and constellation in the Present Room.
  • Luigi's Table: This is Luigi's table. It's fashionable, but not very functional. Like Luigi!
  • Luigi's Airbike: This is Luigi's airbike. It shows you how many calories he's burned--zero!
  • Luigi's Dumbbell: This is Luigi's dumbbell. Luigi can't actually lift it. It's just for show.
  • Luigi's Chair: This is Luigi's chair. It's not very comfortable, but it sure looks neat!
  • Luigi Doll: This is a Luigi doll. He's the world's most unlikely hero, and Mario knows it!
  • Bowser Television: This is a Bowser television. It only shows infomercials. Evil!

Mario Party 5[edit]

  • Quote: Try hard a' play fair!
  • Bio: Mario's once overlooked brother is back to settle some scores, party style! Luigi's spotlight seems to finally be shining as he has gotten his own game and even gets equal billing with Mario in the new GBA game Mario and Luigi. Will things get even better soon.

Team Names[edit]

  • Mario: Mario Bros.
  • Peach: Green Eschort
  • Yoshi: Green Bros.
  • Wario: Unloving Bros.
  • Daisy: Steady Sweeties
  • Waluigi: Unlikely Bros.
  • Toad: Good Pals
  • Boo: Scare Pair
  • Koopa Kid: Friendly Enemies

Mario Party 6[edit]

New Team Names[edit]

  • Toadette: Forgotten Force

Mario Party 7[edit]

Mario Party 8[edit]

  • Website Bio: The Number-Two Bro has his sights on the Number-One spot!

Team Names[edit]

  • Mario: Mario Bros.
  • Peach: Waltzing Brawlers
  • Yoshi: Green Machine
  • Wario: Green 'n' Greedy
  • Daisy: Tango Tanglers
  • Waluigi: Lean 'n' Mean
  • Toad: Savage Sidekicks
  • Boo: Scaredy Pants
  • Toadette: Cha-Cha Chasers
  • Birdo: Samba Smashers
  • Dry Bones: Cry Bones
  • Blooper: Blooper Scoopers
  • Hammer Bro: Longtime-Foe Bros.

Mario Party DS[edit]

# Name Image Description How to Unlock
1 Luigi Luigi figure.png He may be afraid of ghosts, but he has hidden strengths that rival his brother Mario's! He's an all-around great guy and Mario's best pal! Complete Story Mode with Luigi.
3 Luigi Master MPDSBadgeLuigi.png Complete Story Mode with Luigi. This is the badge given to a player who shows pure kindness.

Team Names[edit]

  • Mario: Mario Bros.
  • Peach: Green Peaches
  • Daisy: Shy Sidekicks
  • Wario: 'Stache Clashers
  • Waluigi: Lean Meanies
  • Yoshi: Green Machines
  • Tod: Green Mushrooms
  • Site Bio: Wherever Mario goes, his bro is sure to follow - and this game is no exception!

Mario Party 9[edit]

MP9 Super Bro Minor Constellation.png
  • Site Bio: Mario's slender sibling has always been there to back up his bro in the past, but in Mario Party 9 it’s every man for himself!


  • Super Bro Minor : A constellation named after the brother of a hero. He's still pretty brave in his own right, even if he's scared of ghosts, monsters and everything.

Mario Party: Island Tour[edit]

  • Site Bio: Mario's lanky bro is always ready to roll.

Mario Party: Star Rush[edit]

Image Name Bio
MPSRCM Luigi.png Luigi
Mario's kindhearted younger bro.
"Ghosts make him nervous, but just like Mario, he can stomp Goombas that are hiding in clumps of grass."

Super Mario Party[edit]

  • Website: Taller than his brother Mario. Plus, he parts his mustache in the middle!

Fortune Street[edit]

  • Bio: Mario's brother. Though normally quiet and unassuming, he's a shrewd and powerful man.

Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

Super Smash Bros. profile[edit]

Though often hidden in his older brother Mario's shadow, Luigi is, in reality, very popular.

Taller than Mario, Luigi also jumps higher. Although he didn't appear in Super Mario 64, in Mario Kart 64 he performed to the best of his ability.

For one who seems to always be in the background, he has many fans who eagerly await his appearance.


  • Mario Bros. (NES)
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES)
  • Mario Kart 64 (N64)

Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]


# Name Image First Game/Move Description
46 Luigi
Mario Bros.
Arcade 1983
Although Mario's younger brother has always played second fiddle, Luigi finally garnered the spotlight with his very own game, Luigi's Mansion. Things are looking up for the eternal understudy; he's even picked up his own rival in Waluigi. The day he's referred to as the "lean, mean, green machine" may not be too far off.
47 Luigi [Smash]
B Button: Fireball
Smash B Button: Green Missile
Luigi has worse traction than his brother, but he's a more powerful jumper. His Fireballs aren't affected by gravity, so they fly straight horizontally. The Green Missile is similar to Pikachu's Skull Bash, but there's a 12.5% chance of a spontaneous misfire. Luigi's taunting pose inflicts minor damage.
48 Luigi [Smash]
Up & B Button: Super Jump Punch
Down & B Button: Luigi Cyclone
Smack someone with Luigi's Super Jump Punch, and if the timing is just right, it will become a Fire Jump Punch of incredible strength. However, Luigi can only jump straight up when delivering this blow, and if his aim is a bit off, he'll only do a single point of damage. The Luigi Cyclone sucks foes in and twirls them about.
272 Vacuum Luigi
Luigi's Mansion
In a strange twist of fate, Luigi wins a huge mansion in a contest he didn't even enter, and the place turns out to be haunted! After meeting a weird professor named Elvin Gadd, Luigi enters the place armed with a flashlight and a ghost-sucking vacuum cleaner. Mario's trapped somewhere in there! Can Luigi save him?

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]


# Name Image Appearance(s) Description
59 Luigi
NES Mario Bros.
GCN Luigi's Mansion
Mario's younger twin brother. He's shy and quiet and overshadowed by his sibling, but he's actually quite talented. His jumping ability surpasses Mario's, and his all- around skills let him overcome any problem. He's a bit cowardly and really afraid of ghosts. Even so, in Luigi's Mansion, he was charged with cleaning up a whole house full of spirits.
149 Paper Luigi
WII Super Paper Mario The legendary hero Mario's younger brother. He's teased by Koopas and Goombas alike and is sometimes called "green mustache guy." He goes missing after Bowser and Peach's wedding. He's known for his jumping prowess--his special move is the High Jump. It's said he has a close relationship to the masked man brainwashed by Count Bleck and known only as "Mister L."


Image Game Effect
Luigi & Baby Luigi Sticker.png Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Launch Power +5
Usable by: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser
Sticker Luigi LM.png Luigi's Mansion Launch Power +8
Sticker Luigi MLSS.png Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Launch Power +23
Usable by: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser
Sticker Luigi SPM.png Super Paper Mario [Electric] - Attack +20
Sticker MarioLuigi SS.png Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga [Flame] - Resistance +19
Usable by: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser

Snake's codec[edit]

  • Snake: That guy with the mustache...
  • Colonel: Ha. You mean the "King of Second Bananas"?
  • Snake: Hey, that's Luigi! Show him a little respect!
  • Colonel: Look at that pale skin. He's been living in his brother's shadow for too long.
  • Snake: That's a low blow, Colonel!
  • Colonel: Face it, Snake! Once a kid brother, always a kid brother!
  • Snake: Colonel, what's gotten into you?!
  • Colonel: La li lu le lo. La li lu le lo. La li lu le lo.
  • Snake: Colonel, snap out of it! Colonel!! COLONEL!!!!!!!!!

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U[edit]


Name 3DS Image Wii U Image Appears in NTSC-U Description PAL Description
Luigi LuigiTrophy3DS.png SSB4TrophyLuigi.png Arcade Mario Bros. (1983)
3DS Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (03/2013)
Luigi recently celebrated his 30th anniversary with the Year of Luigi, but all that attention just made him even more shy and awkward. In Smash Bros., Luigi takes a lot of cues from his brother in fighting style, adding flair to moves like Super Jump Punch. His taunts, however, are truly unique. With the Year of Luigi long gone now, it's up to you to prove to everyone that Mario's cowardly co-star is still awesome. He may share a lot of moves with his brother, but he still puts his own spin on things. When you Super Jump Punch a foe just right, for example, the noise he makes is epic. His taunts are pretty funny too. Try them!
Luigi recently celebrated his 30th anniversary with the Year of Luigi, but all that attention just made him even more shy and awkward. In Smash Bros. (as in life), Luigi tends to follow his brother's lead, but he adds his own flair to moves like Super Jump Punch. His taunts, however, are 100% Weegee.
Luigi (Alt.) LuigiAllStarTrophy3DS.png SSB4TrophyLuigiAlt.png Arcade Mario Bros. (1983)
3DS Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (03/2013)
Luigi may sulk when his down taunt is used, but his little dejected kick can actually hurt a nearby enemy fighter. It can even trigger a meteor smash! Notice an enemy leisurely hanging from the edge? Run over and pout on the edge—that foe will be the one with something to pout about! Luigi might look a bit sulky when you use his down taunt, but when he does it next to another fighter, it can get in a little hit - well, a "little hit" that can also sometimes be a meteor smash! Say you spot a fighter hanging off the edge of the stage. Just give them a pout and a kick with this taunt, and they'll fall to their doom.
Poltergust 5000 N/A SSB4TrophyPolgergust5000.png A ghost-sucking vacuum cleaner created by Professor E. Gadd. In Luigi's ghostly adventures, it's the only thing standing between him and complete terror. In this game, it sucks in enemies, damages them, and then fires them diagonally upward. If it's used in an area with no ceilings, you might send them soaring right off the screen! A ghost-sucking vacuum cleaner created by Professor E. Gadd. In Luigi's ghostly adventures, it's the only thing standing between him and abject terror. In this game, it sucks in enemies, damages them, then fires them diagonally upward. Use it in an area with no ceilings, and you might send them soaring right off the screen!
Luigi (With Poltergust 3000)
Luigi (With Poltergust 5000)
LuigiPoltergustTrophy3DS.png N/A N/A Luigi's trusty tool, the Poltergust 3000. This isn't your neighbor's boring, old vacuum—the Poltergust 3000 sucks up ghosts! It also can find them when they are hiding and can blow them around a room! Why doesn't every family own one of these, I wonder... Unlike your run-of-the-mill vacuum cleaner, this one sucks up...ghosts! And it doesn't just suck them up - it blows them around, draws them to you, and even helps you find them when they're hidden. Talk about convenient! No home should be without one. No Luigi should be without one, either.
Tanooki Mario & Kitsune Luigi TanookiMario&KitsuneLuigiTrophy3DS.png N/A N/A If you find a Super Leaf, Mario transforms into Tanooki Mario! His newfound tail works as a weapon and as a propeller to slow his fall. His brother, Luigi, won't turn into a Tanooki, though—he becomes Kitsune Luigi. Wouldn't want to have trouble telling the two apart, would we? When Mario uses a Super Leaf, he grows a tail and turns into Tanooki Mario, a very handy form indeed. Likewise, Luigi turns into Kitsune Luigi. Both of them can swing their tails to attack enemies, or wag their tails to slowly float down after a jump, almost like they're walking on air.
Paper Luigi PaperLuigiTrophy3DS.png N/A N/A Paper Luigi is Paper Mario's younger brother. He shows up from time to time during Paper Mario's quest for the Royal Stickers, but he doesn't stick around for long. Such a modest guy... I wonder what he's getting up to now! Paper Mario's little brother, Paper Luigi. While Mario is searching for the Royal Stickers, you might see Luigi here and there, just lounging around in the background. If you try to peel him away like a sticker, he runs off quick as a flash. What on earth are you playing at, Luigi?

Red indicates exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS version.
Blue indicates exclusive to the Wii U version.

Palutena's Guidance[edit]

  • Pit: Look! It's Luigi!
  • Viridi: Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.
  • Pit: Aw, don't say that. After all, he even had his own year.
  • Viridi: I don't remember that. Though I suppose if he's number two out of all these fighters, that's actually pretty good.
  • Pit: His attacks are no joke.
  • Viridi: You're right. Have you seen his Super Jump Punch and Green Missile? In some ways, he might even be stronger than his brother. Too bad about that unfortunate L on his forehead...
  • Pit: I'm sure that stands for winner.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]


# Name Image Game Type Class Effect How to obtain Spirit battle
Opponents Battle conditions Stage Song
25 Fox Luigi Raccoon Luigi - New Super Mario Bros 2.png Super Mario Series Support (1) Ace Easier Dodging Spirit Board Tail Luigi Hazard: Heavy Wind
  • Dangerously high winds are in effect
Mushroom Kingdom U Ground Theme - Super Mario Bros. 3
133 Luigi (Mario Tennis Aces) SSBU Luigi (Mario Tennis Aces) Spirit.png Mario Tennis Aces Support (1) Advanced Weapon Attack ↑ Spirit Board Luigi, Daisy
  • The enemy favors smash attacks
Pokémon Stadium 2 Stadium Theme - Mario Tennis Aces

Super Smash Blog bio[edit]

"He can jump higher than his brother, Mario. His Up Special, Super Jump Punch, will gain maximum damage and launching power when hitting the opponent right at the start. It truly is a "Special" move. He also uses his new Poltergust for his throw!"

Mario & Sonic series[edit]

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games[edit]


"Luigi is Mario's brother and the family resemblance is obvious. Like Mario, Luigi is an All-Around type of guy, not excelling in any one area but showing solid ability in many events in the Olympic Games."



Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games[edit]


"Luigi is the taller and younger twin brother of Mario. He has been on many adventures with Mario and now comes to Vancouver to compete in the ultimate winter competition. Using the Luigi Rocket technique on the Wii and DS or Green Fire Dash on the DS, he brings a unique advantage that he hopes will propel him to the top."


Icon Type Statistics Special Skill Emblem
Luigi (MaSOG mugshot).png All-Around
Luigi Rocket Luigi Emblem Winter Games.jpg
Icon Type Statistics Special Skill Emblem
Luigidsicon.png All-Around
Green Fire Dash Luigi Emblem Winter Games.jpg

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games[edit]

  • Bio: "Luigi is Mario's twin brother and the family resemblance is obvious. Like Mario, Luigi is an all-round guy, excelling in any one area but showing solid ability in many events in the London Olympic Games."

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games[edit]

  • Bio: "Taller and slimmer than his older brother Mario, the multi-talented Luigi is ready to show the world what he can do."

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games[edit]

Flag Description (Wii U version)[edit]

This green-capped Mario brother is easily scared, but a kind person at heart. Although he often finds himself overshadowed by his older brother, he’s actually quite skillful himself. He’s come to Rio with the goal of winning more Olympic medals than Mario, who always seems to hog all the attention.

Miis' Dialogues (Wii U version)[edit]

  • Luigi is a nice guy, but he strikes me as a bit cowardly, even though he's always on adventures with Mario. Maybe that's why I like him — he's an everyman!
  • Luigi and Mario both have some fine staches, but did you know they're not the same shape? It's true! Mario's is lumpy, while Luigi's is smooth.
  • Luigi uses a device called the Poltergust 5000 to get rid of ghosts. Let's hope that no ghosts try to crash our party here in Rio!

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020[edit]

  • Website description: "Mario's younger twin brother. He's a little timid (especially around ghosts), but is kind and just as capable as his brother."
  • Online manual: "Like Mario, his performance can be relied upon as a good all-rounder, though they each excel in different events."

Paper Mario series[edit]

Paper Mario[edit]

  • Instruction Booklet Bio: Mario's friend and younger brother almost always plays an active role in his adventures... but will he this time?

Super Paper Mario Catch Card[edit]

  • Card Type: Rare
  • Card Description: The mean green bro is here again to back up his brother. He's got a vertical jump like you wouldn't believe.
SPM Luigi Catch Card.png

Paper Mario: The Origami King[edit]

  • European website bio: "With Mario off on his quest to defeat King Olly, Luigi's determined to help his big bro! While you're off cutting streamers, Luigi goes on the hunt for the keys to Peach's Castle."
  • Collectible Treasure #50: "Mario's younger brother. Notable for his green hat, his jumping ability, and literally nothing else."

Mario & Luigi series[edit]

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga[edit]

  • Instruction Booklet Bio: The younger brother - also mustached. Is it his turn to shine?

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time[edit]

  • Instruction Booklet Bio: Mario's kind-hearted and luxuriously moustached younger brother. He's a bit clumsy, but with Baby Luigi on board, he's ready for action!

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story[edit]

  • Website Bios
    • Flag of USA.png Mario's tall younger brother is no slouch when it comes to adventuring. When he teams up with Mario, enemies of the Mushroom Kingdom start shaking in their boots.
      Distinguishing Features
      A tall lanky physique and a luxurious mustache.
    • Flag of Europe.png He’s taller than Mario, thinner than Mario and has more facial hair, but Luigi will always be the little brother. Nonetheless, he’s a vital part of the dynamic duo and, in truth, Mario would be lost without him…
  • Instruction Booklet Bio: The friendly younger brother with the luxurious mustache. Will he again play a big role as he teams up with his bro?

Initial Stats

  • HP: 30
  • SP: 9
  • POW: 16
  • DEF: 14
  • SPEED: 10
  • STACHE: 30

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team[edit]

  • Website bios:
    • Flag of USA.png When Luigi sleeps on one of the island's stone pillows, a magical portal to the Dream World appears. And in Luigi's dreams, a Dreamy Luigi teams up with Mario. With special attack and dreamy new abilities, this is Luigi as you've never seen him before.
    • Flag of Europe.png Everyone's favourite green hero only just makes it along for the ride to Pi'illo Island. Thank goodness he came though… without his fantastic ability to fall asleep at the drop of a hat, Mario wouldn't be able to visit the dream world!

Dr. Mario World[edit]

Image Abilities Attack Speed Defense
DrLuigi Idle - DrMarioWorld.gif
  • Stage mode: "Eliminates objects in an L shape."
  • Versus mode: "Prevents opponent's capsules from rotating (duration in seconds: 5/8/11/11/14)."
DMW - SpriteVS AttackBomb3.png
DMW - SpriteVS AttackBomb1.png
DMW - SpriteVS AttackBomb2.png
DMW - SpriteVS AttackBomb3.png
DMW - SpriteVS AttackBomb4.png
Stage Mode Versus Mode
Level Speed Description Speed
1 Prevents opponent's capsules from rotating (duration in seconds: 5). 81
2 Prevents opponent's capsules from rotating (duration in seconds: 8). Fills skill meter faster (low). 60
3 Prevents opponent's capsules from rotating (duration in seconds: 11). Fills skill meter faster (medium). 50
4 Prevents opponent's capsules from rotating (duration in seconds: 11). Fills skill meter faster (high). 40
5 21 Prevents opponent's capsules from rotating (duration in seconds: 14). Fills skill meter faster (high). 40

Play Nintendo[edit]

  • Ghosts and Goombas alike better not underestimate this hero. Talk about spirit! Luigi keeps his Poltergust 5000 set to “Awesome”. He may not always be at the center of the action, but when Mario needs him, Luigi jumps right into harm's way.

Kids section of Nintendo Co., Ltd. site[edit]

ニガテなものは、やっぱりオバケ。 でも、本当はマリオにまけないくらい、かなりの実力の持ち主…!?
マリオとくらべて、ちょっとだけ背がたかい。 よくみると、ヒゲのかたちもちょっとちがうんだけど…しってた?」

Mario's twin brother!
He's a bit of a coward, but has a kind personality.
His weakness is none other than ghosts. But in reality, almost like his brother Mario, he possesses considerably true power.
Like Mario, it appears Luigi was also working as a plumber.
When the two of them, Mario and Luigi, are present, they have tremendous strength!
Luigi's trademarks are his green hat and green shirt.
In comparison to Mario, Luigi's only a little bit taller. But if you take a closer look, the shape of Luigi's mustache is also a little different however... did you already know that?


  • Luigi is shy, quiet and often overshadowed by his sibling, but he's actually quite talented. His jumping ability surpasses Mario's, and his all-around skills let him overcome any problem. He's a bit cowardly and really afraid of ghosts. Even so, in the Luigi's Mansion games, he was charged with cleaning up poltergeist problems.

Mario Portal[edit]


Mario's younger twin brother. He is a bit timid,but he has a gentle personality.
As expected, he has a fear of ghosts.
However, he possesses skills that are about equal to Mario's in all ways.
When Mario and Luigi come together, they have tremendous strength!
His trademark is his green hat and shirt. Compared to Mario, he is a little bit taller.
And looking closely, his mustache is also styled slightly differently.